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Festival 15s

Congratulations to our 15Gold team!!!

1st place in the 2014 Volleyball Festival 


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"October Sky" 2 day Clinic 

Oct: 10th (6 to 8pm) & 11th  (9am to 1 pm)

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Kingdom Courts Summer Programs

Kingdom Courts offers individual or group training for all ages and levels of play. For more details about Club Volleyball Preparatory (CVP), please visit 

AZ Sky is sending 5 teams to JO Nationals in Minneapolis and 13 Teams to AAU Volleyball Festival in Phoenix
AZ Sky is proud to send five of our talented teams to Minneapolis to compete in the Junior Olympic Nationals in June. Congratulations to 12 Gold (American Division), 14 Gold (National Division), 14N1 Way (American Division), 16 Gold (National Division) and 17 Gold (American Division) for their accomplishments this season we look forward to watching them compete with the best teams in the nation! We send 13 teams ranging in age from 12-18, to compete in AAU's Volleyball Festival held at the Phoenix Convention Center. We wish all teams the best of luck!

AZ Sky Is Proud of our Seniors!
Congratulations to all of our seniors that have committed and signed with collegiate programs. We are very proud of their accomplishments on and off the court and wish them the best of luck in all endeavors. We will honor all seniors April 23rd at 7:20 before practice. Special recognition to the following seniors:
Matisse Davis-Evergreen State College, Evanne Gellert-US Naval Academy (In Process), Chais Gentner-Phoenix College, Paige Hamilton-Yavapai College, Jaci Horwood-Olivet Nazarene University, Kalie Lyle- Western New Mexico University, Kate McCulley-Rockhurst University, Lexi Mocarski-Bluefield College, Brenna Peruch-Plymouth State University and Darby Switzer-North Park University.

AZ Sky Teams Win 2 Bids in SoCal!
AZ Sky's 14 VB Rags and 14N1 Way win JO National bids in SoCal. 14VB Rags won the USA division in three sets agains a tough Arizona Arrowhead team and 14N1 Way won the American division to secure its bid against club Epic in a two set victory. Both teams played extremely well throughout the weekend against tough competition, with several matches going to three sets. Our girls were true champions playing through adversity and fighting for every point in every match. The teamwork, leadership and determination demonstrated on the court was impressive and commendable. 12N1 Dynamite finished 2nd overall in the American division taking home medals after a grueling championship match against SF Juniors RoShambo. 13 Gold finished 10th in Bronze, in the Open division and 13N1 finished 20th overall, Bronze in the American Division.  14N2 finished 41st overall and 15N2 placed 47th. These young athletes were alot of fun to watch and truly made AZ Sky proud! Congratulations to all of our coaches and athletes-

AZ Sky's Beach Program Kicks Off in May
This season we are offering two separate programs to accommodate the goals, demands and talents of our student athletes. We will continue to offer instructional clinics and tournaments throughout the summer as well as field a Beach Team to compete in the Hermosa Beach AAU Championships in July. We encourage and welcome players of all ages and levels of play. This program will enhance court awareness, develop overall skill sets in every player and allow for cross training in the sand. Its a lot of fun for our athletes and they see results on the indoor court. Additional program information and registration forms are located on our beach link.

AZ Sky 14N1 and 12N1 are Festival Fiesta Champions!
AZ Sky teams makes their presence known at University of Phoenix, in the Festival Fiesta tournament. Congratulations to all of our coaches and athletes for exceptional play and teamwork, we are very proud of you! With 19 teams competing, AZ Sky had several teams finishing in medal rounds with two teams winning their divisions;
12N1 and 14N1. Special recognition to our top finishers:
12 Gold Insignia:3rd place, Gold, 12s Division
12N1: 1st place, Gold, 12s Division
12R1 Crush: 11th place overall, Silver, 12s Division 
13 Gold: 10th place overall, Silver, 14 Open Division
13N1: 13th place overall, Silver, 14 Club Division
14 VB Rag: 3rd place, Gold, 14 Open Division
14N1: 1st place, Gold, 14 Club Division
14N2: won Bronze, 14 Club Division
15 Gold: 2nd place, Gold, 16 Club Division
15N1: 3rd place, Gold, 16 Club Division
16 Gold: 3rd place, Gold, 16 Open Division 

AZ Sky Teams Compete Well at Fiesta MLK and Cactus Classic

Several AZ Sky teams finished in the gold brackets of their divisions and all teams competed well against top teams in the valley and talented out of state teams. Special recognition goes out to 16 Open (5th in Gold/Open Division), 16N1 (4th in Gold/Club Division), 15N2 (Tied for 7th/Club Division), 14N1 (finishing 18th out of 64 teams in 16 Club Division) and 13N1 (finishing 21st out of 64 teams in 16 Club Division) for outstanding performances. AZ Sky 14 VB Rags and 14N2 represented the club well at the Cactus Classic with VB Rags finishing 2nd in Gold and 14N2, 9th overall. Congratulations to all coaches and players for excellent play, teamwork and sportsmanship on the court.

Thanks to all Families that Participated in our December Service Project with Sunshine Acres

AZ Sky families provided Christmas gifts to 100 children at Sunshine Acres orphanage. We thank our families for their tremendous generosity and our 17and 18s teams for delivering these special gifts. We believe service is a way of life and our student athletes will continue to strive to make a difference in the lives of other children. Happy New Year to all and best wishes for 2014


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