Az Renegades: Welcome

              Welcome to the Az Renegades Fastpitch Softball Club Website


 AZ Renegades is a girls' fastpitch softball club.  Our ultimate goal is in helping them develop their skills in order to be well rounded and competitive fastpitch softball players.  Not only do we focus on pitching, hitting, fielding, and base running, we also focus on mechanics, athleticism, mentality, and sportmanship. Building a cohesive group of girls to work as one is the ultimate key to success, so teamwork is a major priority. We help mold and create complete softball players. In order to attain this goal we accept no less than 110% effort in practice and games.  Through structured practices and discipline we expect our girls to develp a "work hard" mentality, to respect each other, opposing teams, coaches, umpires, parents, and fans.  Az Renegades is not only a fastpitch softball club team, it is a family.