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 Arizona District 14 Little League: AZ 14 News
 Arizona District 14 Little League

Friday, June 23
Congratulations to the Following League All Star Champions - 2018


All Stars

8-10 BB - Gilbert National LL

9-11 BB - Queen Creek LL

Little League (Major) BB - Queen Creek LL 

Junior BB - N/A

Senior BB -  N/A


All Stars

8-10 SB - Queen Creek Heat SB LL

9-11 SB - Queen Creek Heat SB LL

Little League (Major) SB -  Queen Creek Heat SB LL

Junior SB - Queen Creek Heat SB LL

Senior SB - N/A

Wednesday, July 1
Adult Rules for Kids Sports



Adult Rules for Kids Sports

 Make it Fun

 Set a Good Example

 Cheer for Everyone



Tuesday, May 6
An Open Letter from a Little Leaguer


Dear Mom and Pop,          

I hope you won't get mad at me for writing this letter, but you always said never to keep anything back that I want to bring out in the open.   So here goes. 

Remember the other night when my Little League team was playing and both of you were sitting in the bleachers?  Well, Mom and Dad, I hope you will not get mad at me, but you kind of embarrassed me.  Remember when I went after that ground ball near second base and I booted it?  Well, Mom, I could hear you clear out in the infield yelling at the shortstop for getting in my way.  Shucks, it was not the shortstop's fault.  I just booted the ball.  It was my fault. 

And remember the time I struck out with the tying run at third base?  Pop, you should not have cursed the umpire.  I was swinging the bat.  I missed the first two pitches as far as from here to the corner grocery store.  And the third pitch was a beautiful curveball.  I stepped in the bucket and the ball broke right over the plate.  It was not the ump's fault.  The pitcher just fooled me that is all. 

But what really got me, Mom and Dad, was what happened after the game.  Gosh, you should not have jumped our coach for pulling me out of the game.  He is a pretty good baseball man, and he knew what he was doing.  Besides, he is just a volunteer, helping us kids because he loves sports. 

And then neither one of you spoke to me the whole way home. I guess you were pretty sore at me for striking out with the tying run on base.  I did not mean to strike out.  And I did not mean to boot that ball over by second base.  I guess I am just a lousy ball player.  But I love to play Little League Ball.  It is a lot of fun being with the other kids and learning how to compete as a real good sport.

But Gosh, Mom and Dad, how can I learn to be a good sport if you do not show me a good example.  And anyhow, I thought I was playing Little League Ball for fun, and to have a good time. I did not know you were going to take it so seriously. 

Your loving son,


 PS  I hope you’re not mad at me, I love you both

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