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Arizona District 14 Little League
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 Arizona District 14 Little League: 2018 Arizona State 9-11 BB Tournament
 Arizona District 14 Little League

Monday, June 13
Reminders At Tournament Games




At Tournament Games



 No Flash Photography

 No Talking to Players/Managers/Coaches in the Dugouts


Wednesday, June 27
2018 Arizona State 9-11 BB Game Information Updates and Schedule Revisions Will be Posted HERE

Fans; Schedule Posted 6/27/18 @ 11:41AM.

Click on the above hyperlink and you will go to the Arizona 9-11 State Tournament Schedule. The Latest Schedule update is 6/4/18. This should match the date in the title of the actual bracket 6/4/18.

Be advised the tournament is scheduled to start on July 14, 2018, with games at 5:45PM... 

AND, be prepared the schedule May/include Sunday games.

 Information on GAME SCHEDULE CHANGES Due to Rain etc. Will Be Posted Here...We will date and time stamp all information posted...Check for updated information often...You will need to check here first if there is to be a revision of the playing schedule

Any information on updated schedules will posted here…



medallion 2018
2018 All Star Tournament Medallion
Tuesday, July 10
The 2018 AZ State 9-11 BB Participating Leagues


The 2018 State 9-11 BB Tournament Participating Leagues:

The Schedule on the Tournament Schedule Web Page has been revised to include the participating league names. Just click on the hyperlink in the previous section. For your convenience, the ability to download the schedule as a PDF has been added.

The league info will appear next to your district number on the schedule posted on our tournament schedule web page once we have all the league names. Or on the first night of the tournament, whichever one occurs first.

If at all possible, on Saturday, if all the teams that are playing the late games could come and join the early game teams, we can to 1 opening ceremony and presentation of the player participating pins. If you are going to be there email us, or check in at the score table. D14 staff should have shirts on with with the D14 Logo.

Same goes for Monday for the teams that have the bye's on Saturday.

Opening is @ 5:15PM for the early games, 15 minutes before the late games should that be necessary. 

The 9-11 Participating State BB Teams are as follows: 

AZ - 1 - West Flagstaff LL

AZ - 2 - Goodyear LL

AZ - 3 - Cactus Foothills South LL

AZ - 5 - Canyon View LL

AZ - 6 - McCormick Ranch LL

AZ - 7 - Red Mountain LL

AZ - 8 - Sierra Vista LL

AZ - 9 - Kingman LL

AZ - 10 - Prescott LL

AZ - 11 - Mt Graham LL

AZ - 12 - Rincon LL

AZ - 13 - Tempe South LL

AZ - 14 - Queen Creek LL

Wednesday, June 27
AZ State 9 - 11 Baseball Manager_Coach Info


There will be no manager/coaches meeting before the start of the tournament...

We expect that having reached the state tournament, y'all know the rules and each adult will be a great example of fair play and sportsmanship for all the players participating in the should not and we will not accept anything less...

Should you have any questions on any local ground rules that may exist please check the previous section on tournament ground rules or email the question to Arizona 14...

Any ground rules regarding a playing facility will be covered at the plate meeting...

Team manager, please report to the field at least 30 minutes before your scheduled game...the team manager will go to the scorekeeping area, with your line-up cards, where we will do the coin toss to determine home/visitor...The home team occupies the 3rd base dugout...the only exception to this, is if there should be a double header...

Blank Scorecards will be available at the scorer's table...we use a standard format...

For you first game, we will be doing player recognition just before the be available and in place about 15 minutes before the actual start of the game... 

Please turn in you affidavit with supporting info at the scorer's table at the first game, the "book" will be checked during the game.

Here is an example of a line up card properly filled out... the example is for demonstration only...i.e. display the players last name and not confuse substitution rules with regular season...REMEMBER that tournament substitution rules APPLY....i.e. starter and their substitutes are in the SAME spot in the line-up...

NOTE: ALWAYS use the last name....

Batting Order Example
Line UP Card Example

Texting Service Available

Arizona 14 is offering a texting/email service to all participating team managers...

We can text team managers any updates on field conditions and/or schedule changes that may affect games. This has worked well the last several years we have been doing it, including several state tournaments.

We will need the following info...

Manager's Name...

Team Name (Include your District #)...

Cell Phone number...please remember you need to have texting service...

Please email the info to 


Arizona 14

Sunday, June 3
2018 9-11 Arizona State Baseball Tournament Location
Click on the above hyperlink for more info on the Fiesta Sports complex.

Fiesta Sports Complex
Fiesta Sports Complex

Sunday, June 3
Things to do in Mesa Arizona
Click on the above Hyperlink for info on what to in in Mesa Arizona. This is the website of Visit Mesa Organization and is a comprehensive website for info on Mesa, Arizona.

Tournament Ground Rules

Please download and read the is designed to supplement LL rules...

Handout: Ground Rules

Please take note section on the section your players being properly equipped...failure to follow the rules on approve equipment will subject the team manager to ejection...

Also review the information of the use of illegal bats and the penalties associated with their use in the game...

Does your team uniforms have the LL patch? It is required for All Stars.

The Schedule is subject to change...please check your schedule before you leave for your game.

 Arizona District 14 Little League  
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