Arizona District #6 Little League: Seniors 14-15-16 Baseball-2013

Thursday, July 18
Senior Baseball STATE Tournament: MVLL Seniors win 12 – 5 vs. Host Prescott

Again thanks to Rene Salazar for the following update: 

MVLL rode Nathan Salazar for 4 innings last night to secure a victory for MVLL 12 – 5.  MVLL used 5 pitchers to give several guys some work on the bump and manage pitching going into weekend play.  MVLL used Alec Kvamme, Louis Chavez, Trent Baze and Jonathan Fortier to keep Prescott off the bases.  MVLL had 11 hits, and scored 5 runs in the top of the 4th with a 2 run RBI from Jonathan Fortier, and base hits from Phil Leff, Trent Baze, Alec Kvamme and Max Feinberg.  MVLL was selectively aggressive at the plate earning 7 walks and 3 runs off them.  The weather was nicer last night, yet there will be several make up games today due to wet fields at Prescott HS.   Again, another top to bottom team effort last night and everyone is contributing and making a difference.  GREAT TEAM EFFORT 

MVLL will get a day off today and will head up the hill on Friday afternoon to face defending Senior State Champions Friday night against D2 – Holiday Park.  MVLL’s pitching rotation is on schedule and MVLL will give Holiday Park a good game.  Game will be at Kuebler Field in Prescott.

Wednesday, July 17
Senior Baseball STATE Tournament: MVLL D6 - 5 Tucson D12 - 1

Thank you to Rene Salazar for the following update:

MVLL Senior All Stars battled a soaked rainy day yesterday having to deal with a field repair delay, then a lightening delay on its first game of the Arizonas Senior State Tournament.  Prescott got hammered with several needed inches of rain the past few days.  MVLL Arrived at Prescott HS to see the field underwater.  The city of Prescott had to come and dry the field off causing the start time to be 1 1/2 hours later.  40 minutes into the game lightening was close, so both teams were moved to the dugouts.   The game finally ended last night at 9:30 PM.

MVLL had a great performance from NDP/MVLL player Zach Zucchini last night pitching 5 solid innings, allowing only 1 hit, and 1 ER.  MVLL played great defense and kept Tucson off the bases with solid pitching and defense.  Trent Baze and Jonathan Fortier led off to get on base, allowing Nathan Salazar to hit a 2 run double down the 3rd base line.  Tucson came back earning a walk, then a long base hit to right field, scoring their only run.  MVLL chipped away with some walks, a bunt, and aggressive running to score 3 more runs from Max Feinberg, Connor Valocchi, Jonathan Fortier.  Trent Baze came in middle relieft, and Connor Valocchi came in to close it out.   Everyone on the roster contributed, and the team is jelling nicely.MVLL will play the HOST/Prescott Little League tonight at 8:00 PM at Prescott Little League.  We anticipate a large home town crowd.  MVLL has its pitching rotation in order and is prepared to steal a victory from the home town tonight.  Stay tuned for live updates on twitter:  @MVLLALLSTARS