Arizona District #6 Little League: League boundaries

Desert Foothills Little League (DFLL)
Boundaries for DFLL.
DFLL 2005-06
Desert Foothills boundaries
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Fountain Hills Little League (FHLL)
FHLL boundaries
FHLL boundary
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Fountain Hills Little League Unincoporated Area
This area is considered the "Unincoporated Area" and should help those of you whose children may attend many different schools both in Scottsdale Unified and Paradise Valley, etc.
Unincorporated area
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McDowell Mountain Little League (MMLL)
MMLL boundaries
McDowell Mountain LL  boundaries
McDowell Mountain Little League boundaries
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Mountain View Little League (MVLL)
Boundaries for MVLL
Mountain View Little League
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Scottsdale District 6 Boundaries
This is a map of the Scottsdale Unified School District. Our leagues are tied directly to elementary school boundaries. Leagues associated with each school are marked on the list.
District map
Boundary map for Scottsdale Little Leagues
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  Scottsdale, Arizona Irwin Altman, District Administrator
Phone: 480-596-2998