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Tuesday, November 22
Registrations, Registrations, Registrations
Annually, in mid-November through January, the Little Leagues of AZ District 13 commence their Little League registrations.  Please click the applicable League site on my home page for registration information.  Most League sites have boundary maps/descriptions for your convenience.

If you live in an area that does not offer Little League baseball or softball, contact the adjacent Little League for information on how to organize a Little League.  Or contact me at

Since its inception, AZ District 13 has become one of the most successful AZ Little League Districts in the last 6-years.  Offering only baseball, we have over 7-State Little League championships, 4-Western Region appearances and 2-Western Region championship.

Our accomplishments are phenomenal considering we began play in just 2001 and we are the smallest Little League District in AZ.  Also consider our success is without participating in half of the available Little League tournaments - Softball.  To date, AZ 13 does not offer a softball program however we are encouraging volunteers to organize.

In contrast, all of the valley metropolitan Districts have between 10 & 21+ Leagues, have been around for many years and all of them offer a softball program.

Come join AZ District 13 Little League for a fun and meaningful experience.

Joe Diaz, AZ13, DA