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Monday, June 24
CN So Majors have a nice run at Region.

Welcome to AZ District 13's Little League site!


AZ13 encompasses the cities of Chandler, Tempe and the Ahwatukee Foothills (South Mtn. range, south to Pinal County, I-10 west to 57th Ave).

AZ13LLB, Inc. - Sharing the Little League Experience with Youth in the Communities of Chandler, Tempe & the Ahwatukee Foothills. We think you'll find this an informative, inviting site for anyone wishing to take part in the Little League experience.

The Leagues of AZ 13 LLB are dedicated to assisting our youth "develop citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well being through sports."


Our hearts go out to the families of our fallen Yarnell-19 firefighters. Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow, you are in our prayers. God bless our 1st responder heroes.

AZ District 13, LLB, Inc.


2013 State Champions:

. . Little League (the Majors): Chandler National South Little League

2013 AZ District 13 Champions:

. . 9&10s: Chandler American Little League

. . 10&11s: Ahwatukee Little League

. . Majors: Chandler National South Little League  

. . JR's: Tempe-Guadalupe Little League

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 2012 State Champions:

. . 10&11 YR Olds: AZ District 13, Chandler National North Little League 

2012 AZ District 13 Champions:

. . 9&10 YR Olds: Chandler National South Little League

. . 10&11 YR Olds: Chandler National North Little League

. . Little League (the Majors): Tempe South Little League

. . JR's Baseball:  Chandler National Little League

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A very sincere thank-you to all our AZ District 13 volunteers.

Thanks managers & coaches for your dedicated efforts. You presented a positive influence for your players.. Believe me, they'll remember their Little League experience for a very long time.

. . . to team Moms/Dads and fans.  For assisting your team with all the "little" stuff like team photos, banners, transportation, snacks, washing uniforms and watching out for one another. AND, for especially being supportive of your team and players.

. . . to all our countless volunteers like our various field prep folk who "just got after it . . ." without a hint of a complaint.

. . . It was another successful season and the kids had fun.  That's why we do this.  And. we couldn't have done it without you.

See you at the ball park.

jmdiaz, DA, AZ District 13

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A sincere expression of appreciation to the AZ Diamondbacks for their continued support of AZ Little League Baseball & Softball. The D-Backs have always cheered-on our AZ Representatives whether in San Bernadino, CA (Western Region) or at the World Series in Williamsport, PA.

Our AZ District 13 players, coaches, fans & families are eternally grateful for their support and encouragement.

THANKS! ! - AZ Diamondbacks, Arizona's team.










AZ District 13 is a long time supporter of the AZ D-back youth & coaches training opportunities.  For more information click link titled D-backs News or Links in left menu.  You can also see what's available at We guarantee you'll find something to meet your needs.


 -> AZ 13 Local League Sites (also see 'Links'):

Ahwatukee L. L.

Chandler American L. L.

Chandler National L. L. (N/S)

Tempe - Guadalupe L. L.

Tempe Rio Salado L. L.

Tempe South L. L.  

AZ State L. L. site 

 Western Region, San Bernadino, CA

-> Want to organize a Little League program within the boundaries of AZ District 13? Visit 'Little League Home, sub-link: 'affiliating with Little League' or contact Joe Diaz (602.809.5525). All AZ District 13 Little League programs adhere to Little League policies & regulations.

Check out 'My Site News' for important information on Local League Registrations, volunteer UMPIRES, L. L. Child Protection Program & other interesting topics.
> See 'My Site News' for the AZ 13 Story.

 > AZ 13 is looking for district umpires. Contact UIC Terry Gerson at for information. Also see the My Site News link, left menu.


Some interesting informational tidbits, district trivia:

Since 2001, five (5) AZ District 13 Little League teams (the Majors) have represented Arizona in Western Regional play in San Bernadino, CA.

2013 - Chandler national South Little League
2007 - Chandler national Little League
2006 - Ahwatukee Little League
2004 - Chandler National Little League

2003 - Chandler National Little League










Since 2001,three (3) AZ District 13 Little League teams have represented Little League's Western Region in World Series play in Williamsport, PA.

2007 - Chandler National Little League

2006 - Ahwatukee Little League

2003 - Chandler National Little League

More info: LLB World Series, Little League Home; Western Region & "Links" (Official Little League Schedule & Scores; and, Ahwatukee L. L. blog)


July 18, 2011, pretty cool: tournament teams warm-up during 2011 AZ 13 district tournament as 'haboob' approaches. Captured in July 18, 2011 Sports Illustrated magazine.


Ahwatukee Little League returns home Monday, Aug. 28, 2006 from the Little League World Series.

- A 'dawg' story as told by Mgr. Tom Kingery: a few years back as the then 9/10-year old All-Stars were practicing & a stray dog wandered onto the practice field. As some of the kids tried to shoo him off the field the stray thought this was fun. So, he began to 'play' by barking & running with the kids. Soon, all the kids were running after him - laughing, giggling & barking. Thus the DAWGS came to be.

- Did you Know?  Manager Tom Kingery received the 'Ed & Charlotte Fish' award as the West Region manager who best exemplifies the qualities & virtues of a Little League manager. The award is voted on by his West Region Tournament managers. Congrats to Tom, Rich & the kids - they all did an awesome job!


12-years of excellence: 

This is our 12th year of existence. Established in 2000, AZ District 13 began play in 2001. We've done OK . . . with several AZ State championships, 5-Little League Western Regional appearances and 3-Little League World Series appearances. All in 12-short years.

Our success is a direct result of the tireless efforts of our local League volunteers. We know it's about the kids ". . . building leaders and teamwork skills . . . and building character". We're always looking for volunteers to help with upcoming seasons - so, come on over, jump on the wagon & enjoy the great organization that is Little League Baseball & AZ District 13.  

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