AZ 13 Little League Baseball: Welcome

Wednesday, July 15
Welcome to Arizona's District 13 Little League


Updated - 2018 season!


2018 Jr's State Baseball Tournament info

  July 14-22

Tempe Diablos BB Complex

2200 W. Alameda Dr. Tempe AZ 85282

 More Info Coming Soon. 

Jr's State Bracket  

Congratulations to the 2018 District 13 Champions

8-9-10's----Ahwatukee Little League

9-10-11's---- Tempe South Little League

Majors----Chandler National South Little League

Jr's----Tempe Guadalupe Little League  


Just as a reminder: The "Standings" & "Schedules" sections are just a refrence tool for you to use.

The schedule template provided by the website host requires a home and visting team to be selected at the time of setting the schedule. As we all know - we flip for Home/Away prior to each game. So the schedule might say one thing but you could be something else. Times, locations & opponents should all be correct.

Standings are also for refrence. As stated by the district prior to the beginning of the tournement the teams advancing to the Championship round will be narrowed by the following system:

1. Best win-loss record

2. Head to Head record if the teams have the same record after pool play

3. Runs allowed/ defensive-innings played ratio used if head-to-head is tied

The tournament director calculates these NOT the formula this website template uses.

Thanks for your understanding.  

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A Note from your Tournament Director:

Great Games!

Hot Weather!

Visit our district concessions to cool off.

From Iced Cold Sodas to Shaved Ice & a variety of food items!

Look for the District Concessions Banner!!

CHECK OUT THE 'PHOTOS' tab for pictures from the tournament!  

For more photos visit Pixel Photo & Video's website at:


We are underway!

Now is a good time for a few friendly reminders:

1. It is really hot out there! Don't just remember to tell your player(s) to drink water. Family & friends need to be drinking plenty of water too!

2.  Spectators: Please remember to stay off the fences during the games.   

3. Absolutely NO flash photography.

Thanks and good luck!  

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A few more reminders

1. UMPIRES are 100% Volunteer (yep! That means they are not getting paid). They are out in the same heat we are without the option of sitting in the shade. Thank them for their time. Respect their decisions.

2. We have a new concessions vendor this year! They will have hotdogs, sausages, nachos, pretzels, popcorn and a variety of candies to choose from. They will also have waters, gatorades, soda pop and, yes, shaved ice!

They will also provide emergency ice for players, umpires & coaches.  

3. Reminder: DO NOT LEAVE THE PARKING LOT IF THERE IS ADVERSE WEATHER! Your team will need to be ready to play as soon as the storm blows over. If games get cancelled we will immediately notify the team managers and this site will be updated on the home page!  

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Please rememeber the importance of proper hydration!  

Wednesday, June 24
Junior's Schedule