AYSO Region 665: Coaches

The AYSO Coach
 A coach is one of the most critical volunteer positions in the AYSO organization. Per the AYSO position description of coach: The purpose of the position of volunteer coach is  "to develop in players a positive image of themselves, their teammates, coaches, game officials, and opponents, and  provide a good role model for players. Additionally, the  coach will develop in his/her players the appropriate soccer skills as recommended in the AYSO coaching manuals." 

What a New Coach Needs to Know
As a coach, one of the first actions you will want to take is to find assistance in the form of an assistant coach and a team parent. Every person who volunteers to assist your team must complete a volunteer application and be screened. The volunteer applications are submitted to the Region's Child Volunteer Protection Advocate (CVPA) for a screening process priorto being presented to the Board for appointment.

When you make your initial telephone calls to the players on your team, be sure to give your telephone number to the families. Remind each  that shin guards are mandatory for all practices and games, as well as socks and shoes. Come to each game prepared. Lineup or game cards should be completed prior to arrival at the field. All players must be listed, regardless of whether or not they are in attendance. View a sample game card to ensure you are completing your correctly. 

Remember that you, as coach, can set the tone for the sidelines. Adhere to the Kids Zone rules, and chances are that your team's parents will as well. If you find yourself needing help of any kind, please contact your Division Coordinator, the Regional Coach Administrator or the Assistant Regional Commissioner.
All Star Drafts
All coaches in competitive divisions (U14 - U10) are obligated to participate in the All Star Drafts. Any coach not submitting their evaluation form or All Star nomination form prior to end of games on Saturday, TBD must arrive 1/2 hour early to submit forms.  This is critical to ensure all players are considered.
Reserve ths date now as it is crucial that ALL coaches participate in the draft to ensure that all deserving players are nominated and elected.
Player Evaluation Forms and All-Star Nominations are due a PRIOR to the scheduled draft times. We are committed to starting and ending on time. Contact Victor Gonzalez, the Regions' Coach Administrator or any other staff member with any questions.
Coaches interested in being considered as an All-Star coach should complete the application and return to the Information Tent on TBD.