AYSC: Information about AYSC

The Antioch Youth Sports Complete began to be developed in 1992. The first phase of 14.5 acres was completed in 1995 with 9 baseball/softball fields. There are nine Little League size (60') bases.  This is a quality complex, we tried to do everything "right" when it was built, using quality materials. This created a facility that should last indefinitely.

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The AYSC is a 501.3c nonprofit operated by a 14 member board comprised of community volunteers.  No one who serves is paid. Our annual operating budget is approximately $38,000 with most of it going to pay for our landscape contractor (who mows the grass, edges, and fertilizes the grass areas), this runs us $2150 per month, a very good deal. This was by far the lowest bid by several thousand dollars. The remainder of our expenses are insurance (high), capital improvements and other maintenance and repairs.

Our revenues are derived from the four leagues who play there. They pay an annual fee (flat) plus a player surcharge (necessary) which in total brings in about $28,000 annually. We have a mobile home (donated) on the property used as an office and meeting room for the leagues and the AYSC board of directors. It can no longer be rented out due to deed restrictions.

Our snack bar operates during the league season proving an inflow of income and finally we have a couple of fund-raisers during the year to round out our income flow.
Our volunteer board is comprised of very active community individuals: at large members (10) plus one representative from each of the four main leagues: Antioch Little East, Antioch Little League West, Delta Baseball League and Delta Youth Soccer.

We had been leasing (20 year lease, at $1.00 per year) the original 14.5 acres since 1991 from a local company. We purchased the entire property (47.5 acres in October of 2004 and began to development the new property for soccer fields in late 2004.  The purchase was make possible by a $1,300,000 grant from the Mirant Corporation made possible through the efforts of Antioch Mayor Don Freitas. The property was purchased from
Temple Inland at a greatly reduced price of ten cents on the dollar. Almost all of the grant went to purchase the entire parcel.  We have a project manager who finished the first (14.5 acre) phase, (Dave Johnson). Dave is overseeing the development similarly to when the first phase was built. We have gone back to many of the original companies (located through out Northern California) to help us again. The difference is that during the first building phase we had almost no money, but he economy was much better. 

Now with the economy so slow business donations of equipment, labor and materials will not be as easy. However, based on our success with the first-phase, and our efforts of already contacting several of the major players from before (being able to compensate them more than last time), we have found them eager to help. Where they can help the most is during their slow season (rainy periods) which is coming up shortly. We started grading in early November of 2004 after completing our design plans with the help of the city of Antioch’s Engineering Department..

We have excellent support and communication with the entire Antioch City Council and the city staff. They have acted as our engineering department. They helped to prepare our grading and drainage plans. We will also have been able to save significant amounts of money on "hook up" costs for utilities through the efforts of the GWF Corporation in early 2005. This donation saved us $50-75,000.

The entire new soccer complex is a joint development project with the community as a whole. With everyone's efforts, we estimate that by building the project ourselves (versus the city of Antioch), the total cost will be between 1/4 and 1/3 of what the it would cost to construct it as a city project. 

We will be building the project in several phases, as funds become available. The first phase is: Grading of entire property including a road (gravel) and parking (gravel), installation of water, sewer, drainage system and electrical; then installation of irrigation system will allow us to hydroseed (grass) the entire soccer complex in to playing areas in the Spring of 2006 if all goes well. Based of this time line, grass should be playable by the fall (Nov. 1st., 2006. We will use the existing restrooms along with portable when this portion is opened. Permanent bathrooms would be added with the he snack bar annex in phase three.

Phase Three: a snack bar annex (with rest rooms and storage) for this portion of the complex including more bathrooms and a storage area for equipment. Estimated cost of phase 3 is $500,000, to be completed by the end of 2006 if funds are available.
While our plans are optimistic, we think based on the development of the original AYSC Park, that we will have enough money to finish the first two phase and finish in mid 2007.
We hare actively seeking grants from the Soccer USA building grant program through grant writers In addition we will begin our own direct fund-raising beginning January of 2006.

We have three committees established from the AYSC: 1. Construction 2. Fund-raising 3. Volunteer/Outreach (to find companies with equipment and labor) to help during final phases of development of the soccer complex.

The huge benefit of the experience derived from building the first AYSC complex: 1. The experience and knowledge based on a number of individuals from that first core group helping. 2. City of Antioch support (engineering, water, and council support). 3. Money from grants and land sales to fund all of our major remaining expenses, i.e. hydo-seeding, pathways, ramps, landscaping, a play ground and snack bar annex and protective netting around homes .

The first 14.5 acre facility was a dream come true for area youth sports and the community. Completing the second phase will be just as rewarding. We are going to pull it off again. We expect to have the new facility ready for play in late September of 2006 or early 2007.