AYSC: AYSC Policies & Documents

These are the current policies of AYSC

These are the current by-laws of AYSC.

By-law changes 1-18-10By-law changes 1-18-10

By-laws in PDFBy-laws in PDF

Changes to By-laws 5-20-09Changes to By-laws 5-20-09

By-law changes on 5-10-11By-law changes on 5-10-11

User Rules

These are the rules for the various youth organizations that use AYSC and any people that attend their events.

AYSC user rules in PDFAYSC user rules in PDF

Field Allocation Policy

This policy describes how the fields at AYSC are allocated to Antioch Little League, Delta Baseball League and Delta Youth Soccer League

Field Use Policy for Leagues in pdfField Use Policy for Leagues in pdf

Use policy for east soccer fieldsUse policy for east soccer fields

Field Fee Policy

There is one policy which describes how the fees are determined for the leagues that are affiliated with AYSC, Antioch Little League, Delta Baseball League and Delta Youth Soccer League and a different policy for the non affilliated groups.

Fee Policy for Affiliated Leagues in pdfFee Policy for Affiliated Leagues in pdf

Fee Policy for Non-Affiliated Groups pdfFee Policy for Non-Affiliated Groups pdf

Maintenance Policy

This policy details what maintenance of the fields can and cannot be done the groups that use it. It also clearly lists what maintenance of the fields AYSC is responsible for doing.

AYSC Maintenance Policy in PDFAYSC Maintenance Policy in PDF

Field Layout

One document is a Google Earth Aerial photo of AYSC with the baseball fields marked out and one has the new soccer fields which are used for the comp games. One has the exact locations of every base and pitching rubber on each field

Aerial photo with fields namedAerial photo with fields named

Comp Soccer fieldsComp Soccer fields

AYSC field dimensionsAYSC field dimensions

Map of the area around AYSC

This is a Google map showing the streets around AYSC. To enter the West parking lot enter of Apollo Ct. (not labelled) which is off of Wilbur Ave. To enter the East parking lot use Wymore Ave. off of E 18th St.

AYSC map of areaAYSC map of area

Incident report

Use this form if you find a safety problem at AYSC or something that needs to be repaired. This form should not be used to complain about something that is under the control of the leagues that use AYSC. After filling it out hand it in at the snack bar or put into the box at the mobile home. Be sure to fill it out completely.

Incident reportIncident report

AYSC Rain Policy

This document describes how leagues will be informed when AYSC is closed due to rain.

Rain PolicyRain Policy

AYSC Key Policy

AYSC Key PolicyAYSC Key Policy

AYSC Purchasing Policy

AYSC Purchasing PolicyAYSC Purchasing Policy

AYSC Bid Policy

Describes the proper way to handle any bid job.

AYSC Bid Policy in PDFAYSC Bid Policy in PDF

Background Check Policy

This policy describes what type of background checks board members must have done in order to insure that only responsible members of the community are on the board.

AYSC Background Policy in pdfAYSC Background Policy in pdf

Background check form PDFBackground check form PDF

AYSC Sign policy

This policy refers to advertising signs that the leagues affiliated with AYSC and that AYSC might want to sell to donors.


AYSC Emergency Plan

This describes the proper action to take in an emergency at AYSC.

AYSC Emergency PlanAYSC Emergency Plan

Energency Action PDFEnergency Action PDF


This is an itemized list of everything that AYSC owns.

Inventory in PDFInventory in PDF

AYSC Activities by month

These documents list actions that the AYSC board of directors need to take during the year.

AYSC Activities by MonthAYSC Activities by Month

DTSC Documents

This section contains the most important three documents relating to the presence of hazardous chemicals at AYSC. For all of the documents got to the DTSC EnviroStor public website: http://www.envirostor.dtsc.ca.gov/public/

You enter the city name (Antioch), then select Report for either Agricultural or Recreational Tract, lastly select Activities. Under activities you will find all the documents such as: 1. Operation & Maintenance Order/Agreement   
2. Land Use Restriction, E.T.C.

Deed restrictionsDeed restrictions

Enforceable agreementEnforceable agreement

Notice of ExemptionNotice of Exemption

Outside Vendors

This policy describes the rules pertaining to anyone selling things at AYSC

Outside vendor policyOutside vendor policy

AYSC non discrimination policy

AYSC non discrimination policyAYSC non discrimination policy

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