Fall baseball: Welcome

Welcome to Fall Ball 2016

Final Team Count needs to be emailed by July 18th to Leauber@yahoo.com

Fees are 100$ per organization and 75$ per team

cutoff dates:

Biddy can't turn 11 before 5/1/17

Midget can't turn 13 before 5/1/17

Knee-Hi cant turn 16 before 7/9/17

Majors can't turn 19 before 4/1/17


Roster Meeting will be 7/24/16 at Howertown Park

Biddy 7pm

Midget 720pm

Knee-Hi 740pm

Majors 8pm

Need 1 form for each team in division and 1 extra for Jake

All forms are the same and in handouts

Will have final numbers on by 7/20 so everyone knows how many forms to print