ASE Pee Wee Baseball: ASE Team Rules

ASE Team Rules
Please have your child to practice on time, and have them 30 minutes early on game nights. This will give them time to warm up before the game starts.


Uniforms are to be worn in games only. You will need to purchase your child solid red socks and gray baseball pants. Those can be purchased at Academy or Dick’s Sporting Goods. ASE hats can be purchased from Coach Johnny for $10.


Please call Coach Young (414-7760) if your child cannot make a practice or game. Missing practices will result in decreased playing time during the games.


If unsure of a practice or game being cancelled due to weather, please call Coach Young or Goldtrap Boys/Girls Club (452-5779) for info.


Every child will get to play in each game if practice requirements are met. Games will be on Monday and Thursday.


We expect parents to encourage the kids and let us do the coaching.


If a parent has a problem, please contact Coach Young and we’ll discuss it.


Parents, please keep comments about umpires to yourselves.


Parents or siblings are not allowed in the dugout or on the field during practice or games, unless the coach asks for help.


Horseplay in the dugout, such as spitting water, fighting or talking back will not be tolerated. The child will be warned and if problem continues, the child may be asked to leave the dugout area and sit with parents.


Please write your child’s name on all of their equipment – hat, glove, helmet. Please bring them a drink for practices and games.