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ASA Thunder Premier
Mike Connor
Crownsville, Maryland
  Tournament Information  

Memorial Cup 2014 and June Cup 2014

Looking for a great way to spend Memorial Day weekend or end the spring soccer season? Then come join the ASA Thunder as they host their annual Memorial Cup and June Cup.

When: Memorial Cup - May 24th and 25th

           June Cup - June 14th and 15th

Where: Crownsville, MD (Just outside Annapolis, MD)

Age: Boys and Girls U8-U12 Only (Premier and Classic Levels)

Cost: $499 for new participants who apply during the early registration period. Referee fees are included. Returning champions and previous participants listed below can play at discounted rates. If you bring multiple teams or refer other teams you will receive a $100 referral refund for each team. A detiled price breakdown can be found on the registration page.

Details: All teams are guaranteed 3 games. Games will be 7v7 (U8, U9 and U10) or 8v8 (U11 and U12).

How to Register: Click the link below and follow the onscreen instructions.

Memorial Cup - REGISTER HERE - Discount ends April 30th

June Cup - REGISTER HERE - Early registration discount ends April 30th

Tournament Rules

All games will be played to either a: win 3 points, draw 1 point, loss 0 points. In groups with an odd number of teams only a team's first three games will count towards the standings. Tie breakers will be in this order: head to head play, least goals allowed, most shutouts, goal differential, fewest disciplinary points (yellow card = 5 points, 2nd yellow = 5 points, straight red card = 10 points). Then if still tied, a coin flip by the tournament director will determine the winner. A penalty shootout will determine the winner of any playoff game that ends in a draw. Any three players from a team can be selected. After all three players have shot the team with the most goals wins. If after all three players have shot the shootout remains tied each team will send up one player until one team scores and the other team does not. The team that scores is the winner. No player can shoot a second time until all players, including the goalkeeper, have had turns. The team listed first on the schedule is considered the home team. In the case of a color conflict, the home team must change jerseys. Any player receiving a red card must sit out the following game. Teams should take the same sideline and spectators should be located on the opposite sideline.

25 minute halves (5 minute halftime)

FIFA Laws of the Game with the following changes: Games are 7v7 (U8, U9 and U10) or 8v8 (U11 and U12). In the case of a U10 team playing against a U11, then the game will be 8v8. There will be no added time at the end of each half. Substitutions may be made from midfield with the consent of the referee at the following times and is unlimited: 1) Prior to a throw-in in your favor. The opposing team may substitute as well if the team in favor is making substitutions. 2) Prior to a goal kick, by either team. 3) After a goal, by either team. 4) After an injury, by either team when the referee stops play, one for one. 5) At half time. 6) When a player receives a yellow card, the coach may substitute for that player only; the other team may not substitute.

Field Directions

Directions to Field 1: Approximate Address: 45 Community Pl. Crownsville, MD 21032

Take 32 East until it merges with 97 South. Continue on 97 South and take Exit 5 Crownsville. This will put you on 178/Generals Highway. Go about 1 mile and turn right onto Fairfield Loop Rd. Take a right at Community Pl. Follow the blue signs toward the Mary E. Moss Academy and park in the lot overlooking the field.

Directions to Field 2: Approximate Address: 15 Romig Dr. Crownsville, MD 21032

Take 32 East until it merges with 97 South. Continue on 97 South and take Exit 5 Crownsville. This will put you on 178/Generals Highway. Go 2 miles and turn right to Crownsville Rd. Go 1/2 miles and turn right after the baseball field to Marbury Dr. go 1/4 mile. At the stop sign turn left to Romig Dr go 300 yards and turn right to field.

Directions to Field 3: Approximate Address: 180 Marbury Dr. Crownsville, MD 21032

Take 32 East until it merges with 97 South. Continue on 97 South and take Exit 5 Crownsville. This will put you on 178/Generals Highway. Go 2 miles and turn right to Crownsville Rd. Go 1/2 miles and turn right after the baseball field to Marbury Dr. The soccer field is in the baseball outfield. Do not park on Marbury Dr. Continue down past the stop sign where you will see plenty of parking in the various lots.

Ice Cup 2014

Flight 1 Participants: ASA Premier '05, Chesapeake FC Sky Blue, Philadelphia Soccer Club – Blue, Philadelphia Soccer Club - White, SAC Blue Venom

Flight 1 Finalist: Chesapeake FC Sky Blue

Flight 1 Champion: SAC Blue Venom

Flight 2 Participants: ASA Ajax 04, ASA Ajax 05, Chesapeake FC Hotspurs, Davidsonville Hotspur, Washington Diplomats Blue, WSC Diplomats White 

Flight 2 Finalist: WSC Diplomats White

Flight 2 Champion: Davidsonville Hotspur

Flight 3 Participants: ASA United, BSC Black, Chesapeake FC Dynamo, Davidsonville United, Maryland Rush Academy Blue 03, Manheim Township (PA) Whitecaps, MFC Tigers, Penn United Raptors, South River Seahawks, WSC Diplomats U10

Flight 3 Finalist: MFC Tigers

Flight 3 Champion: South River Seahawks

Flight 4 Participants: A3 Tigers, ASA Lionesse, Chesapeake FC Flash, Continental FC Arsenal, FC Continental Girls Celtic, FC Frederick '02 Blue, FC Frederick 02 White, FC York Elite 2003, MD Rush Academy White, Olney Freedom Orange

Flight 4 Finalist: FC Frederick 02 White

Flight 4 Champion: ASA Lionesse

November Cup 2013

Flight 1 Participants: ASA Predators, Arlington FC Arlington Blue, Barca 04 Elite, Barcelona USA MD U9, FC Arlington Black, FC USA 05, LF United, PSC Chaos, Severna Park Swarm, TCSC Union FC

Flight 1 Finalist: Barca 04 Elite

Flight 1 Champion: ASA Predators

Flight 2 Participants: Baltimore Bays Clippers, Barcelona USA MD U10, BAYS Strikers, Davidsonville Gators '03-'04, Green Hornets Arsenal, Monsignor Slade Roadrunners, PSC United, Tri-County Force Gold

Flight 2 Finalist: Baltimore Bays Clippers

Flight 2 Champion: Barcelona USA MD U10

Flight 3 Participants: ASA Rangers, Barca Black Arlington, Brooklyn Park Thunder, DAA United, MSC Academy White, PSC Rebels, SCYA Storm, TSC Borussia Dortmund

Flight 3 Finalist: MSC Academy White

Flight 3 Champion: ASA Rangers

Flight 4 Participants: Alliance SC Arsenal White, ASA Stampede, Greenbelt SA Lightning, SAC United Classic II

Flight 4 Finalist: ASA Stampede

Flight 4 Champion: SAC United Classic II

Labor Cup 2013

Flight 1 Participants: A3 Comets Blue, ASA Lionesse, Davidsonville Impact, JPYO Warriors

Flight 1 Finalist: ASA Lionesse

Flight 1 Champion: A3 Comets Blue

Flight 2 Participants: A3 Crofton Ice, DAA Gators ’03, FC CASA ‘03, Severna Park Storm

Flight 2 Finalist: A3 Crofton Ice

Flight 2 Champion: DAA Gators ’03

June Cup 2013

Flight 1 Participants: ASA Rangers, JPYO Golden Dragons, MCRC Mustangs, MSC Academy White, Severna Park Souder, Severn FireBalls, TSC QPR, VSA Heat Blue, VSA Heat Gold, WSC Diplomats

Flight 1 Finalist: Severna Park Souder

Flight 1 Champion: WSC Diplomats

Flight 2 Participants: ASA Blue Fire, ASA Thunder Premier, IFC Blue Falcons, JPYO Mavericks, MD Rush Nike ‘00, PAC Elite NAVY, Severn Phoenix, TSC Slavia

Flight 2 Finalist: MD Rush Nike ’00

Flight 2 Champion: ASA Thunder Premier

Memorial Cup 2013

Flight 1 Participants: GSP Green Hornets Sting, Mountain Road Menace, Naptown Hawks Elite, Severna Park A2 Saunders

Flight 1 Finalist: Naptown Hawks Elite

Flight 1 Champion: Mountain Road Menace

Flight 2 Participants: ASA Premier ‘01, ASA Thunder Classic, ASA Thunder Premier, Arsenal SC ‘01, Bayshore Revolution, DC White Metros, FSC Fantoms, MD Rush Nike ‘00, Severn Strikers, Woodbridge Strikers

Flight 2 Finalist: ASA Premier ‘01

Flight 2 Champion: ASA Thunder Premier

Flight 3 Participants: ASA Stampede, MOT Thunder, SAC White Lightning, St. Jane Bobcats

Flight 3 Finalist: MOT Thunder

Flight 3 Champion: SAC White Lightning

Ice Cup 2013 Girls Weekend

Participants - A3 Comets, Davidsonville Dynamite, MRS Fireballs, NSL Shamrocks, SAC White Lightning, Severna Park Strikers

Finalist - NSL Shamrocks

Champion - Severna Park Strikers

Ice Cup 2013 Boys Weekend

Participants: ASA Juventus Elite, ASA Thunder, LF United, MRM Rush ‘01, PSC Cougars, Takoma Park Spurs

Finalist: ASA Juventus Elite

Champion: ASA Thunder

November Cup 2012

Participants: Annapolis Lightning (MD), ASA Arsenal Premier (MD), Peninsula SC Cougars (MD), SCYA Storm (MD), SMU Rampage (MD), TSC Fc Köln (MD), VYS Spartan Red (VA)

Finalist: SCYA Storm

Champion: VYS Spartan Red

Columbus Cup 2012

Flight 1 Participants: ASA Thunder Premier (MD), ASA Thunder Classic (MD), FSC Blaze (MD), MOT Union Blue (DE), SAC Sidewinders (MD), SEVP Attackers (MD), SEVP Cyclones (MD), Takoma United (MD)

Flight 1 Finalist: Takoma United

Flight 1 Champion: MOT Union Blue

Flight 2 Participants: Alliance SC Lightning (MD), Alliance SC United (MD), ASA Arsenal (MD), ASA Rangers (MD), ASA United (MD), Baltimore Bays Crush (MD), Davidsonville Gators (MD), MOT United Blue (DE), PSC Bulldogs (MD), SEVP Arsenal (MD)

Flight 2 Finalist: Baltimore Bays Crush

Flight 2 Champion: ASA United

Heat Cup 2012 Girls Weekend

Participants: A3 Comets, ASA Stampede, Baltimore Bays Casa Mias, GSPAA Diamond, GSPAA Fury, GSPAA Gold, SJS Tigers, TSC Furia Roja

Finalist: Baltimore Bays Casa Mias

Champion: A3 Comets

Heat Cup 2012 (U12B)

Participants: ASA Juventus Elite, ASA S-Force, ASA Thunder Classic, ASA Thunder Premier, Maryland Rush Nike '00, Peninsula Soccer FC Ghuda

Finalist: Peninsula Soccer FC Ghuda

Champion:  Maryland Rush Nike '00

Memorial Cup 2012

Participants: ASA Cobras FC (MD), ASA Juventus (MD), ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Bayshore Revolution (MD), Bowie Bulldogs (MD), Cape St. Claire (MD), QuickFeet Soccer (MD), TSC Roma (MD)

Finalist: Bayshore Revolution

Champion: ASA Cobras FC

Ice Cup 2012 (U9B)

Participants: ASA Arsenal Premier (MD), ASA Rangers (MD), ASA United Classic (MD), Crofton Cobras (MD), DAA Ninja Bulls (MD), SAC United Gold (MD), SAC United White (MD)

Ice Cup 2012 (U10G)

Participants: Alliance Soccer Club United (MD), ASA Pride (MD), Davidsonville Dynamite (MD), JPYO Warriors (MD), OBGC Freedom (MD), South River Blue Dolphins (MD)

Finalist: Davidsonville Dynamite

Champion: OBGC Freedom

Ice Cup 2009 (U8B)

Participants: ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Bayshore United (MD), Lighthouse Strikers (PA), TSC CSKA (MD), TSC Levski (MD), TSC Lokomotiv (MD), Westminster Red Wolves (MD)

Finalist: TSC Levski

Champion: Westminster Red Wolves

Heat Cup 2009 (U9B)

Participants: Annapolis SC Nutmegs (MD), ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Bayshore United (MD), Cape St. Claire (MD), Westminster Red Wolves (MD)

Finalist: Cape St. Claire

Champion: Westminster Red Wolves

Ice Cup 2010 (U9B)

Participants: ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Baltimore Bays Blackout (MD), Bel Air Blue Devils (MD), CYA Inter Milan White (VA), Potomac Panthers (MD), Severna Park Hornets (MD)

Finalist: Baltimore Bays Blackout

Champion: Potomac Panthers

Heat Cup 2010 (U10B)

Participants: ASA S-Force (MD), ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), ASC Nutmegs (MD), Cape St. Claire (MD), Cardiff FC (MD), Crofton Titans (MD), GGB Hurricanes (MD), MOT Union Blue (DE), Severn Storm (MD), SEVP Cyclones (MD), WWSC Black Wolves (MD)

Finalist: MOT Union Blue

Champion: WWSC Black Wolves

Ice Cup 2011 (U10B)

Participants: ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Crofton Conquerors (MD), HHMS Titans (PA), Kent Island Revolution (MD), TSC Lokomotiv (MD), Waldorf Attack (MD)

Finalist: Crofton Conquerors

Champion: HHMS Titans

Heat Cup 2011 (U11B)

Participants: Annapolis SC Hotspurs (MD), Annapolis SC Nutmegs (MD), ASA S-Force (MD), ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Bel Air Blue Devils (MD), Cape St. Claire (MD), Crofton Conquerors (MD), DAA Gators (MD), SEVP Tornadoes (MD)

Finalist: Crofton Conquerors

Champion: Bel Air Blue Devils

November Cup 2011 (U9B)

Participants: ASA Arsenal Premier (MD), ASA United Classic (MD), Davidsonville Ninja Bulls (MD), Pasadena Panthers (MD), SAC United Red (MD), SCYA Sonic Storm (MD), SEVP Warriors (MD), South River Seahawks (MD), St. Jane Sharks (MD)

Finalist: Davidsonville Ninja Bulls

Champion: ASA United Classic

Ice Cup 2012 (U11B)

Participants: ASA Thunder Classic (MD), ASA Thunder Premier (MD), Bayshore Revolution (MD), Belleville Kids United (NJ), Cape St. Claire Cougars (MD), Crofton Conquerors (MD), Herndon FC Sports (VA), Jessup Mavericks (MD), LF United (MD), Severna Park Cyclones (MD), Takoma United (MD)

Finalist: Severna Park Cyclones

Champion: Belleville Kids United

ASA Thunder Premier
ASA Thunder Premier

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