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Thursday, October 10
Important tryout info

***Please make sure when players come for tryouts they have all required info or they will not be allowed to tryout. ***  Tryout times are listed below.

Everyone must have:

  • $10 tryout fee
  • their USAV tryout membership completed online at www.iavbreg.org.  There will be a tryout membership with cost.  If you intend to tryout elsewhere also you need to use the $15 method.  If you only plan to tryout for APEX, please use the $10.  DO NOT USE THE FULL MEMBERSHIP FOR TRYOUTS.  If you do not make a team, the region will not refund a full membership.  If you played last year, your USAV membership is still active and you only  need to bring a copy of your membership card with the active dates.
  • copy of registration confirmation (we will not be keeping this).  If you played last year a copy of the membership card is fine.
  • medical release forms as found on the Iowa Region website (http://www.iavbreg.org/files/7913/7780/2187/2014_Player_Medical_Release_w_ClubTeam_WITHOUT_Notary_Rev_20130801.pdf).  If these aren't brought the player will not be allowed to try out

You must register with the Iowa region as a tryout member.  If you register as a full junior member and don't make a team, you will not get a refund.  The region will be offering NO REFUNDS this year.  If you plan to attend no other tryouts, you can set the club affiliation to QC-APEX by 10 a.m. Oct 27 and won't need to bring the registration confirmation (though it's a good idea anyway, in case it is set to something else by mistake).

Parents are NOT allowed to watch.  We will have a waiting room if you wish to stay as the time is an estimation.  Some kids are made nervous by their parents and this is to help the kids focus on the instructions they are given instead of their parents on the sidelines.

Anyone from Iowa wishing to participate in tryouts, must contact Ryan for an alternative tryout date.  Illinois players governed by the IHSA ARE allowed to tryout even if their school season is not complete as per IHSA Athletic ByLaw 3.102 (http://www.ihsa.org/documents/forms/2013-14/Section%203.pdf) that states players can attend tryouts provided there is no instruction given at this tryout.  Since we are looking only for a demonstration of skills we are adhering to the IHSA rules fully.

Thursday, October 10
Tentative tryout date set
The tentative date for all tryouts will be October 27, 2013.  This is pending school approval.  Once approved, I will post the schedules by age.  If you are unable to attend your specific age time period, you can attend another, but need to contact Ryan ahead of time as testing is different by age.

Sunday, November 3
2013-14 Teams being named

The tryouts process requires that I notify the players of an invitation, they accept, and then I can post the results on this page.  The Iowa Region requires that I give until November 6 at 4 pm for anyone 14U and younger and Nov 20 for anyone 15U and older invited to either accept or decline.  I appreciate that everyone is anxious to find out.  Please watch the email address that was given to us at the tryouts for more info.  I completely understand that there are many of you that have not played the travelling volleyball before and are unsure of the process. Please give me your patience to get through my paperwork and extend my invitations.  Teams will be posted here on this page as players accept the positions.  I will update this as I receive the confirmation of the players joining our club.  As there are quite a few new players to the club, I apologize for any misspelling of names.

As a reference, not all invites are sent at the same time.  Also, invites are not sent in the order of their finish in our tryout rankings so please don't think if you weren't invited before others had accepted that you were at the bottom of the list. As of right now, no team is complete. 


Lila Bussert

Mattison Drobney

Nicole Falk

Mattie Francis

Ashley Garber

Erin Guardia

Sadie Johnson

Carley Klavon

Emily Pobanz 


Kennady Ebenroth

Caitlin Gilmore 

Elisabeth Grafft

Hannah Johnson

Allison Kopatich

Hannah Laufenberg

Anna McAvoy

Kaitlyn McKeag

Jordyn Sierens


Grace Burmahl

Dani Clary

Jenna Decker

Caroline Ferguson

Jurnie Hinde

Haillie Miller 

Ava Monson

Brooke VanHoutte

Katie Young


Jaci Bergles

Halie Clark

Shelby Clary

Madison Femali

Kayleigh Kruger

Stephanie Swanson

McKinsey Walters

Monday, October 21
Tryout times announced

All times will be held on October 27, 2013.  They are at the Athletic Facility located on the north side of the Geneseo High School.  Make sure you bring ALL required paperwork listed above for the tryout or you won't be allowed to tryout.  Tryout times are as follows:

17U/18U or 11th and 12th graders 3:30 to 6:00 pm

15U/16U or 9th/10th graders 2:30 to 4:30 pm

13U/14U or 7th/8th graders 1:30 to 3:30 pm

12U or 6th graders and anyone younger 1:00 to 2:30 pm

Anyone needing directions to our facility must contact Ryan Rasmussen at elcoachoras@msn.com and a copy will be emailed to you. You need only tell where you are coming from.

Saturday, December 10
APEX calendar is now open
To see our calendar, you need to click on the "Club Volleyball 2012-13" link above and follow the instructions located there.

Thursday, January 9
Practice rescheduled
As if we haven't had enough adjustments to our practice schedule due to weather, our practices have been adjusted again.  The Geneseo High School has had to move us off of two of the courts for a make up basketball game for the freshmen boys.  As the 14s have a tourney this weekend, they will have the one court we are allowed.  The Silvis school district has graciously allowed to to have a practice for the remaining teams on Sunday.  Please see the calendar for your team's schedule.