Tuesday, August 25

1. A emphasis upon the Acceleration Phase vs Preperation or follow through.

This phase is the critical key to altering performance.

2. A emphasis upon Principles  over styles or personal preference.

We don't add elements that are irrelevant, less important, or add to uncomfortability factor....we allow the player to concentrate on elements that will have the greatest impact on change and performance.

3. A emphasis upon Guided Discovery  vs command / demand. 

The player gains awareness of what he/she is doing NOW and learns how their outcome is connected to their process...probably for the first time in their young career.

4. Student is the BOSS - and placed in charge of the learning environment.

The ALL ASPECTS system forces each player to take responsibility for and control of their own mechanics and performance, speeding up change.

5. ALL ASPECTS is a Sanctuary. 

The player is in an ideal learning environment that encourages risk, growth, trial, experimentation, challenge, discovery, team work & trust.

6. A emphasis upon Effective vs Efficient.

The player will take part in drills that will get maximum impact & enjoyment from the minimum amount of training.

7. Homework & Progress Reports (Total Integration)

The player and parent take part in a completely integrated system that optimizes performance & sustains growth. 

8. We ask you to except nothing on faith - A emphasis upon Outside Proof.

The player and parent will have every piece proven to them. They decide for themselves what is the truth and what is fiction.

9. Long Term vs Quick Fix.

The player isn't fooled or side tracked by the lure of a quick fix.

10. ALL ASPECTS System is Always Evolving  Constant & never ending improvement.

The player and parent take part in a system that is dedicated to constant & never ending improvement. The player gets the benefit of the most updated progressive training methods.