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baseball fielding ball
baseball hitting ball
All Aspects Baseball Hitting and Fielding Camps Saturday Feb 20th
Hitting    1:00pm - 2:30pm
Fielding   2:45pm - 4:15pm

Baseball players ages 7-12 years old are encouraged to sign up for these baseball camps run by Tom Hansen (24 years experience) and Anthony Hofer (15 years experience). Plenty of drills to work on the proper mechanics of the baseball swing and proper fundamentals for fielding, catching and throwing a baseball. 

90 Min Hitting Camp $40 

90 Min Fielding Camp $40

Both Hitting and Fielding Camps $75

Baseball outfielder diving

All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy
362 East Sauk Trail
South Chicago Heights, IL 60411

All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy
Take advantage of our facility this fall and winter to keep your swing and arm in tune for your 2016 baseball or softball season. We are open 7 days a week!! Call or text 708-595-0919 to make an appointment.

Individual 30 min lesson pricing:
$25 - 30 min evaluation
$40 - 1-30 min lesson
$99 - 3-30 min lessons
$150 - 5-30 min lessons 
Individual 60 min lesson pricing:
$70 - 1-60 min lesson
$165 - 3-60 min lessons


$650/6 month

** Individual membership gets you 1 batting cage for 30 min EVERY day**

Call 708-595-0919 to book your lesson!!! 


 Girl Batter in Cage

Pricing for our batting cages:
1 cage:       $20/30 min & $30/hour     (max of 4 players)
2 cages:     $50/hour                             (team/group of 12 players)
3 cages:     $75/hour                             
4 cages:     $100/hour                           
All 5 cages $110/hour  
5 -   1 hour 2 batting cages                   $250
10 - 1 hour 2 batting cages                   $500
12 - 1 hour 2 batting cages                   $600
24 - 1 hour 2 batting cages                   $1,150
**Half due to lock in dates/times**

Book Your Winter Indoor Practices @ All Aspects Now
Is your team/organization looking for a facility this winter? Please check out our winter indoor rates below and contact us if any questions at 708-595-0919 or email today. Prime time slots will not last long!!! 

Pricing for entire 60x70 turf indoor area
Entire 60x70 turf area:                   $110/hour
Team discounted 90 min:              $125/90 min            

QFS logo
Our QFS (Quicker Faster Stronger) program will get your player or team in tip top condition along with promoting proper running mechanics, flexibility and gain the edge to be better than the competition. Bobby Mehorczyk is available for one on one sessions, small group sessions and team sessions.
One on one session:                                   $75/session
10 - one on one sessions:                          $550
6 - team/group sessions (max 12):          $720
12 - team/group sessions (max 12):        $1,320 
*** Half due at 1st session and remaining half at middle session**
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All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy

 All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy 708.595.0919
2016 All Aspects 
High School Fall Triple-A Baseball Team
Are you a 14-18 year old high school player looking to play fall baseball in 2016?
We are looking for serious Freshmen to Senior baseball players to make up this highly competitive fall team for 2016 fall season. Pitcher only are welcome to play.
ALL ASPECTS 18U Triple-A Baseball Team

             Sept 3rd - Oct 16th, 2016
               GAME DAYS:            
Saturday and Sundays 
Ho Chunk Baseball Fields in Lynwood, IL 
Bryan Milburn, Jeff Boehm and Julian Griffith 
($225 deposit ASAP, $150 Sept 1st, $100 Oct 1st) 
4 outdoor practices at Gouwens Park in South Holland, IL last 2 weeks of Aug and 8-10 indoor week night team hitting practices at All Aspects Aug-Oct. 
CONTACT INFO:  708-595-0919 
Click here to send us an email with any questions or to set up a try out. 



You're Invited to attend Saturday Feb 13th, 2016
"A Day With Amber and Tammy"
From the Chicago Bandits
FUNdamental Camp 11:30am - 1:30pm
Hitting Camp   2:00pm - 4:00pm
Attend Both camps $140
Softball players ages 8-18 will have an opportunity to work with Professional Softball players Amber Patton and Tammy Williams on Saturday Feb 13th, 2016. Email us and we can send you the registration form for securing your spot in these FUNdamental and hitting camps.
Email us at:




Tuesday, November 22
QFS - Strength and Conditioning 45 Min Sessions

Footwork-Ladder Photo.jpg

QFS ( Quicker Faster Stronger) 45 minute sessions. A NEW approach to a Quicker Faster Stronger Athlete. Our mission is to provide training techniques that enhance the development of young athletes. Our training philosophy is a building block approach. The foundation of the building block approach centers around core, strength and stability.


All Aspects Speed and Agility
QFS logo

Want to be....


All Aspects QFS (Quicker Faster Stronger) Program 

This program was designed for athletes that want to take their game to the next level and seperate themselves from the average athlete. Elite athletes work on all phasis of their training to become the best!! This program will give you an opportunity to discover how much fun training can be and why fitness is the key to preventing injuries and improving in every sport they play. Emphasis on proper warm up, multi-directional speed, acceleration, lateral movement and strength flexibility.

6:45pm - 7:30pm         Open to all ages 7-13          $20
7:30pm - 8:15pm         High School Ages 14-18       $30

9am-1pm our 45 min classes are available with an appointment. Perfect for travel teams or get a group of team mates, friends or family members and train in our QFS program. Call today for pricing and to book your Saturday session!!

Speed and Agility Tools  Footwork Ladder



Tuesday, December 1
Girls Fast Pitch Pitching Lessons & Hitting Lessons
Girls softball pitching & hitter



You're Invited to attend Sat Jan 7, 2017
"A Day With Amber and Tammy"
From the Chicago Bandits
FUNdamental Camp 11:30am - 1:30pm
Hitting Camp   2pm - 4pm
Attend Both camps $140
Softball players ages 8-18 will have an opportunity to work with Professional Softball players Amber Patton and Tammy Williams Jan 7, 2017. Email us and we can send you the registration form for securing your spot in these FUNdamental and hitting camps.
Email us at:

All Aspects Softball Instructors Katie Hannagan, BK Siedentopf and Monica Harte are available for fast pitch pitching lessons all year round. Learn from proven high school and college players. Don't be fooled by the ones who have never played the position or never accomplished anything at the position. 

 If interested in girls fast pitch softball lesson please contact All Aspects @ 708.595.0919 or email All Aspects for availability.   


All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy Girls Softball Coaching Staff
Winter Girls Fast Pitch Lessons with Coach BK Siedentopf
Sundays, Mondays & Tuesdays
Winter Girls Fast Pitch Lessons with Monica Harte
 Saturdays by appointment
Sundays by appointment
Call 708-595-0919 to book your lessons with BK or Monica !!!
30 min Lesssons are 1 for $40, 3 for $99 or 5 for $150
60 min Lessons are 1 for $70 or 3 for $165 

Katie Hannagan will be avaialble for lessons only when back from her head coaching duties at University of Finlandia in the Upper Pennisula of MI. Please call to see when she'll be home for lessons 708-595-0919.  

All Aspects Baseball and Softball Academy
                362 East Sauk Trail
                South Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411

baseball batter hitting ball
Tuesday, December 1
Boys Individual Hitting Lessons
baseball bunting
Get off the couch and stop playing video games and let's hit some baseballs !! 
I don't believe in sitting behind a pitching machine and feeding baseballs to a machine to be a "hitting lesson". I use no pitching machines !!! Players will train the essential mechanics to become a well balanced hitter. Seeing the ball properly, stance, load, stride and swing/bat speed. Learn how to "drive the ball"....Not just hit the ball. If any pitching is done, it will be from one of the instructors not a machine.
Reserve an individual lesson by emailing or calling for availability.
Email or call 708-595-0919
I've been getting a lot of emails lately from coaches and parents
looking to correct common hitting problems.

So today, I'm going to share 4 of the most costly
mistakes... and exactly how to fix 'em.

#4 - Poor eyesight.

In many cases, struggling hitters simply have trouble
tracking the ball because their eyesight is poor.

Does the athlete wear glasses off the field? If so, can
he have some sport goggles or shatterproof glasses made
to play baseball in?

#3 - Swinging too hard.

If your hitter looks off-balance and out of control in
the finish phase of the swing, he's probably swinging
too hard.

Teach him to swing through the ball with a smooth,
controlled stroke.

#2 - No "2-strike approach"

Many youth and high school hitters fail to make an
adjustment for 2-strike situations.

An easy way to increase your chances of making contact
when the pitcher has the advantage is to choke up
2 inches on the bat.

This shortens the swing and improves the chances of
putting the ball into play.

And the #1 hitting problem is...

(drumroll please...)

#1 - Bat too heavy!

Many young hitters have a tendency to use too much bat,
causing them to pull off the ball with the front side.
Resereve a individual lesson by emailing or calling for availability.
Email or call 708-595-0919


batter hitting baseball

Catcher Lessons available for boys & girls
catcher image

Learn the proper technique's to play the catcher position from any of our 4 catcher instructors. Sam Antkiewicz, Julian Griffith, Bryan Milburn or Vanna Lowe. Having a good pitcher is important. Having a catcher that can block balls in the dirt, give a good target, throw out base runners and block the plate on throws to the plate is just as important. This class is open to girl softball players too !!

Lessons will be available for $45 per 45 min session upon request. Having your own equipment is encouraged, but not necessary. Beginners are welcome to attend this class.  Contact All Aspects at or call 708-595-0919



Look for our fall and winter Catcher Camps for boys and girls ages 7 - 18.   Cost is $50. Baseball and Softball players are encouraged to sign up!!  Call/Text 708-595-0919 to sign up. 

Strong Arm Program

hand holding baseball

The Strong Arm Program was developed to help build proper mechanics of throwing and work on building a strong arm. Only way to build velocity is to throw !!! Drills to help avoid injuries for the 2016 season. This program will help infielders, outfielders, catchers and pitchers. 

Throwing a baseball/softball is a fundamental skill critical to success in the game of baseball/softball. Whether pitcher or position player, throwing requires development like any other skill. A baseball/softball player needs to have a strong, well-conditioned and healthy arm. Unfortunately, most baseball/softball players neglect their arms or just take them for granted.

Each Strong Arm Session is 1 hour @ $60.

10 Lesson Package $550


** Require half deposit at 1st lesson and remaining half at middle lesson.



Email or call 708-595-0919 to book a session.




Tuesday, December 1
Individual, Group Lessons & Coaches Clinics
baseball hitter


All Aspects Baseball and Softball instructors are available for individual boys and girls 30 minute and 1 hour lessons for pitching and hitting lessons upon request. Week nights and weekends are available.  Outdoor lessons are available during the summer months. Call 708-595-0919 for details.


All Aspect instructors are available to come to your town and put on hitting or fielding clinics as well as coaches clinics.

Please contact All Aspects at to arrange an individual, group lesson or clinic in your town/league.





girl hitting pitch

Thursday, April 26
Total Control Sports Products
TCS Weighted Ball

TCB Ball

Develop Strength and Drive thru the Hitting Zone with this ultimate hitting aid.

The TCB Ball is a MUST HAVE for the serious Fastpitch or Baseball hitter and their teams. Designed to develop maximum strength and drive through the hitting zone.

TCB Ball is 3.2 inches in diameter and weighs 425 grams. The TCB ball can be used for both Fastpitch Softball or Baseball. The TCB BALL is used for both front and side toss. The optimum use is when the front toss method is used. With its weighted design, start out slowly with 3 to 6 solid hits and increase to maximum of 18 to 24 in one hitting session.

TCB Ball Item ID: TCB-Y-425-82

6-TCB-06L-82        $59.99 plus shipping

12-TCB-12L-82      $99.99 plus shipping



TCB Hole Ball 8.0


The TCB "HOLE" Balls are a MUST HAVE for the serious Fastpitch or Baseball hitter and their teams. The only wiffle style ball designed to last...Made from the same base material as the TCB Ball and GUARANTEED FOR 1 FULL YEAR FROM ANY BREAKAGE.

Hits better, throws better with the same flight as ordinary plastic balls.
Weighs approximately 80 grams

TCB "HOLE" Ball is approximately size is 3.2 inches diameter. and is ultimate replacement of hard plastic wiffle balls. The optimum use is when the front toss method is used.

Standard HOLE Ball Item ID: TCB-YH-80

12-TCB-12L-74       $40.99 plus shipping

24-TCB-24L-74       $75.99 pluis shipping

Please send an email if you wish to purchase some Total Control Sport weighted training balls or whiffle style balls.

Both products are available @ All Aspects. Stop in to see these products and purchase. Call 708-595-0919 if any questions. We are an approved TCS dealer.


TCS Whiffle Ball