Thursday, April 26
Jared Comia 9 yrs old
Hey Bryan,

I wanted to forward some pics of Jared debut at the mound. He looked great, some control issues (4 walks) but defense did not help him out too. But his mechanics stood out and the velocity of the ball was great. His coaches said what a difference and progress he has shown in just a short amount of time.

I do plan on keeping up his lessons with you (Pitching vs. Strong arm???), just gotta get things in order as far as schedule. I will see you tomorrow and hopefully iron things out. You have done wonders for him, and he used every bit of the lessons.

Kind regards,
Dennis Comia

Thursday, April 26
Luke and Josh Dragevich

Coach Bryan,

I'm so glad I started Luke and Josh early with lessons this winter. The hard work they have put in has showed in their first games of the 2012 season. Josh hit his first homerun ever over the fence with the first pitch he saw the other night for his in house team. Then went 2 for 3 and pitched 3 shutout innings for his travel team. Luke hit a triple to knock in 3 runs in his teams 4-2 win. Thanks for working with my boys and giving them the confidence to be the best they can be.


Thursday, April 26
Jake Mullens

Hi Coach,

 Wanted to update you on Jake's practice game Saturday. He threw 37 pitches in 3 innings (threw strikes-alot of foul balls) and hit 2 doubles. Thanks again for working with Jake on his pitching and hitting this winter. Our season starts this Saturday and feel Jake is ready and confident thanks to you.

 Tom Mullens

Friday, March 12
Faith Mischka
The reason for my email is that Faith is LOVING Len.  He is doing great with her and she really feels like he is helping her a lot.  He is probably the best coach she has had yet.  We are so very happy with him, and would like to continue lessons with him.

Tell Len he is AWESOME for us, and we will see him Wednesday.


Friday, March 12
Amber Carlin

I just wanted to tell you that I am very happy with the service you gave me.  Her coach/teacher is a really nice man and Amber has learned a lot.  Thank you so much for making this a really nice experience and I believe Amber will really excel this year in Softball.  If I can find anyone who wants lessons, I will surely direct them your way.

Thanks again, it has been a pleasure.

Wendy Carlin


Wednesday, February 3
Keith Jarosz
Hey Bryan thanks for that hook up on the bat!! I ordered it last night. $79 including shipping!!!! Lil Keith is going to be so surprised!!! And I also wanted to thank you for all the help with Lil Keith!! It is truly appreciated and Keith is doing sooooo much better!! Thanks again and see you Monday!!

Thursday, August 6
Max Jellenewski
    Thanks for working with Max. My wife told me she hadn't seen some of the drills you used in other camps or practices Max has attended. We will be sending him to you for instruction in the future. 
    Believe me we will be doing what we can to keep him under your instruction. Max really Loves baseball and we want to provide him with every opportunity to go as far as he can with it.
                                        Thanks Again!

Friday, May 29
Alan Duncan
Alan is really enjoying baseball and is doing well. He usually gets at least one hit every game and his fielding is good. His favorite part of practice is the pop-up catching contest. Terry sees some potential for him to pitch. He has the power, but tends to have a little bit of a side arm throw.

Doing the clinics before the season really helped.

Jean Duncan

Monday, May 18
Andrew Yock

Hi Bryan!
Just wanted to say thanks for the help that you have given Andrew.  He plays for the Crete Red Sox (Pinto).  The skills that Andrew has learned in your clinics has been invaluable.  His batting, fielding and pitching has improved greatly.  Win or lose the game Andrew has learned to love the game of baseball even more than when he had started because he has been given additional fundamental tools to play the game that I did not know how to give him and continue to reinforce.  He has much more confidence when he walks out on the field, up on the mound and up to the plate.

Thanks for everything!

John Yock

Thursday, May 14
Jake Mullens

Hey coach ,

Hope your season is going fine. Jake is always practicing what you tought him, he asks when is the next time he is going to see you. You tought him well. His catching has improved so much and he is one of our pitchers on the team. Sorry have not been in touch it has been a busy season. Hope your family is doing fine look forward to setting up some practices with you. Thanks again for all you did...... good luck.

 Tom Mullen

Tuesday, May 12
Tyrus Johnson

They moved Tyrus from the 8 to the 3 hole yesterday. He went 2 for 3 yesterday with an RBI and SB against the A's. Made contact all 3 at bats and actually drove one for a hit. Think he's getting leveling out that swing, timing and keeping his head in there. They also have him pitching. So we are both Happy Campers..can see his improvement from last year. Slowly but surely..Thanks Coach!!  

 Charles Johnson        

Monday, May 11
TJ Dreelan
What a roller coaster this weekend! At his in house game Sat., on his first AB he cleared the bases on a double with a blast over the left fielder, went to third on the throw in, 2 rRBI's!(everyone called it a triple1). His 2nd AB, he blasted another one to left center that HIT the fence on three hops!(192feet!), cleared the bags, again, 2 more RBI's! By this time I literally had to walk away and scream into my arm! Now, mind you, no one was hitting the ball at all, it was so friggin cold! I had mentioned to a couple of people that he had a lesson the night before, so I mentioned you and how well you worked with TJ and how you'd probably get a ton of referals! On his 3rd AB hit hits ANOTHER ROPE into center field for a 1B! I was almost in tears! He scored the first 2 times but the 3rd time he was on third with bags loaded w/ 2outs and the batter hit a chopper to the mound and the pitcher threw home, the catcher played TJ instead of the force out and TJ knocked the ball out of the catcher mitt, but he thought he was out and broke off towards the home dugout but tryed to make it back to touch the plate as everyone was screaming and laughing but he got tagged out! He also caught again and applied his new found skills, with the help of his Dad before and after every pitch. Now for his Travel team games(!) on Sunday....By now TJ's hitting prowess made its way to the other coaches, as his in-house head coach is an asst-coach on the travel team.In a nutshell, a complete 360 from Sat! his AB=3K's, 1looking, a HBP,a walk and a decent grounder for a single! I was real happy with the grounder until he got doubled off first. His 3 ABs came with the bags loaded and, man, he wasn't getting his first move towards the mound, he wasn't bending his knees, his nose was pointing to the mound like he did the day before,, boy....In the field, at 3rd, he had 2 chances, one a can of corn, another he had to charge and barehand, looked great, but pulled the first baseman off both times! In right he watched the ball rolled past him on a single, he caught real well, except at a play a the plate he went down on a short hop throw, the ball got behind him and since he still had his mask on, he couldn't locate the ball, and the runners moved up. the coaches gave him a hard time about it, but where were they? As I told you before, there's not much instruction going on in the Instrucitonal League, especially the catcher position...He was extending, framing, getting the ball back better, (of course I was right behind him)...he wasn't getting up in his crouch to well, as his legs were pretty tired by then, with more experience, though....oh, yeah, he got a game tonight!......I'll check our schedule this week, definitely, hitting, catching, and STRONG ARM!! Maybe some fielding, outfield for sure.....

Timothy P. Dreelan

Saturday, May 2
Devan Martin Girls Fast Pitch Softball Pitching

Thank you!!  She's has improved 100%.

 Jacque Martin

Thursday, February 12
Katie Ristau Strong Arm Lessons
I'm so glad Kate is starting to show improvement with her catching!!! Last year it was a little hard to tell how well she did with throwing overhand b/c in the level she was in they didn't get the ball hit too often . Most of the stuff with Katie came from her sister working with her and our neighbors. So I am so glad you have these clinics and work so hard with Katie.
I would like to continue on with Katie's lessons up to the start of the softball season.
Thanks again for everything!