Tuesday, September 24
Fullback Adrianna Green played well along the flank against Del Valley

No matter what your opinion is about the Alicia Keys' song lyrics that describe a flaming young woman with incendiary eyes who "burns" her way through the world, you have to admit that Emma Henzes is on a hot streak right now. This young lady has scored 7 goals in her last six games and has recorded 4 assists to boot! She currently sports an astounding .368 shooting percentage; if this were her batting average in baseball, she would get a million dollar contract--and remember, hitting a baseball is fundamentally a much higher percentage endeavor than finishing a soccer shot.

Again today, Henzes produced in a big way. When the team needed a goal in the second half of a 0-0 game, she found herself on the end of a seeing-eye pass from Izzy Clauss and delivered an authoritative goal that would become the difference in Abington's 1-0 win over a stubborn Delaware Valley side. Henzes had been active around the goal all day; in fact, the entire team was applying good offensive pressure.

The problem was the same as we have seen in recent games. The Lady Comets would penetrate into the opponent's defensive third, fire some solid shots, but just miss the frame. We have been talking about how the Lady Comets have been struggling a little bit recently in getting their shots on target, but we need to be careful how we employ our soccer imaginations here. We might, for instance, erroneously picture these off-target shots as flying way wide or soaring well over the crossbar--and indeed some of the shots have done these things. Yet, in all fairness, there are off-target shots and there are OFF-target shots. So, even if one can conclude from a poor shot-on-goal percentage that a team has not been perfectly accurate, one cannot assume that team is necessarily shooting wildly. Today, many of the 19 Abington shots missed the frame, not by feet, but by inches. Michaelina Holmes, for example, drilled a couple of beautifully struck shots that passed just outside the post. She deserved a better fate. 

The game today was much more physical than recent games, with a lot of shoulder-to-shoulder contact. The Lady Comets needed a game like this. When they take the field against Prep or Wallenpaupack, they are going to be facing teams that will use their bodies to control and secure the ball. Delaware Valley is capable of playing some good soccer when its players keep their focus. Indeed, one can honestly say that Del Val does have some "soccer players" and not simply some "girls who play soccer." They played a spirited game, although they did not do much to threaten the Abington goal. Blair Cacciamani had to produce just three saves--this was, however, three more than she had to produce against West Scranton.

Del Val came into this game with a 4-2 record. They are going to win more games this year. So, on a day when not everything was clicking for the Lady Comets, it was nice to come away with the razor-thin win. 

Coach Hunter was satisfied with the win, but he did say that the team will need to play a "cleaner game" against Wallenpaupack on Thursday.