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Thursday, July 15
Appalachian Fall Festival


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2009 Appalachian Fall Festival

October 16-18, 2009     




- High quality bermuda grass playing venues at Eastman Park at Horse Creek and Domtar Park

- Nearby lodging and restaurants

- $50 Early Entry Registration discount!!!

- please note that no pets are allowed at either the Eastman Park or Domtar Park venue


Team and Referee Applications are available at 'Forms' link on left or using 'Handouts' link below.


Hosted by Sullivan County Soccer Association and Holston Valley Futbol Club

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2009 Sponsor

Handout: Applications

Thursday, October 15
2009 AFF Cancelled

from the Director...

The primary AFF Committee has determined that there is no choice but to cancel this year’s AFF. Our scheduled venues have all been closed through the weekend due to the incredible amount of rain that has them waterlogged. At roughly $1M per field, the decision to close them is an appropriate one. We lack sufficient backup facilities to put on a quality event given the loss of all our primary venues, and we would have destroyed those venues in the process. While the rain has stopped for the day, the lack of sunshine and cold weather have made recovery by the weekend impossible, hence the closure decision on the venues.

I have notified the teams registered for the event.

We are issuing full refunds.

If you were coordinating something with others such as food donations, etc, please let them know of the cancellation.

I appreciate all of the hard work that you have all done. I am confident that we were poised to put on the largest, best tournament in the Tri-Cities area in at least a decade. Mother nature simply had other plans. I cannot express how hard it was to send the cancellation note.

Jim Stuart

Sunday, May 17
Refund Policy

While there has not been a rain-out in the 24 prior AFFs, we guarantee that should the full event be canceled due to weather, we will refund at least 75% of your application fee. In the event of a partial cancellation, we will refund all budgeted expenses that were not incurred. We do not believe a tournament should make more money by canceling games than they would have made if those games had been held.

Tuesday, September 8
Host Hotel Offer

Quality Inn in Kingsport is the 2009 AFF Host Hotel and is offering special rates for AFF visitors. See this link for details.