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2014 Basketball Registration forms

2014 Basketball Flyer2014 Basketball Flyer

2014 Basketball Registration Form2014 Basketball Registration Form

2014 Winter Spring Registration Packet2014 Winter Spring Registration Packet

Spring 8 Man Tackle Football Registration Forms

2014 ESYFL Registration Form2014 ESYFL Registration Form

2014 ESYFL Release Form - Football2014 ESYFL Release Form - Football

2014 ESYFL Release Form - Cheer2014 ESYFL Release Form - Cheer

2014 ESYFL Physical Form2014 ESYFL Physical Form

2014 Winter Spring Registration Packet2014 Winter Spring Registration Packet

AFA Fall Tackle Registration Forms

Online Registration reserves your spot on the team, however the following steps are required to complete registration:

1-Deliver completed paperwork to the football park. Please print and complete all Registration forms listed below.

2-All participants are require to provide an original physical completed since January of the current year. Please print the Official Pop Warner Physical Form from our website. Standard physical form will not be accepted.

3- All participants are required to check-in at the park by the next Park Registration Day. Call 904-744-0242 for dates and times. To finalize this registration,the participants must have their weight verified by an AFA official and provide a copy of their birth certificate and the last report card.

PLEASE NOTE: Players must meet the age and weight requirements in order to participate on the requested team. Team and coach requests are accepted but are not guaranteed.

Football Registration Forms

2013 AFA Registration Contract2013 AFA Registration Contract

2013 PW Player Contract2013 PW Player Contract

2013 PW Physical Form2013 PW Physical Form

2013 PW Age Weight Matrix2013 PW Age Weight Matrix

2013 PW Birthdate Checker2013 PW Birthdate Checker

Coaches/Team Moms Forms

AFA Volunteer ApplicationAFA Volunteer Application

2013 Book Check Error Form2013 Book Check Error Form

2013 Head Coach Affadavit2013 Head Coach Affadavit

2013 PW Background Check Form2013 PW Background Check Form

Scholastic Forms

2013 PW Scholastic Eligibility Form2013 PW Scholastic Eligibility Form

2013 Pop Warner Home School Form2013 Pop Warner Home School Form

2013 Pop Warner All American Form2013 Pop Warner All American Form

2013 GPA Conversion Calc Form2013 GPA Conversion Calc Form

Misc Form

These forms are not required for registrations.

2012 Pop Warner Parental Behavior2012 Pop Warner Parental Behavior

2012 Pop Warner Code of Conduct2012 Pop Warner Code of Conduct