Tuesday, July 28
Wicked Smart League Second Weekend Teams Announced

Wicked Smart Northeast League FINAL Round 4 is this weekend!
U16 on Saturday August 1 & U19 on Sunday August 2 BOTH AT UALBANY!
ROSTERS FOR THIS WEEKEND BELOW.  If for some reason your availability has changed please email Coach Jen at
Cost for the tournament is $40- for one day of $65- if you are on the roster for 2 both days.  Note: Some of our U-16 players are playing in both the U16 and U19 divisions.

WICKED SMART LEAGUE WEEK #4:  U16 August 1, 2015 and U19 Aug 2, 2015

ADK U-16

Saturday August 1st

ADK U-19

Sunday August 2nd

Eliza Branch

Lauren Brock

Lauren Brock

Allyson Burdick

Allyson Burdick

Maggie Conway

Maggie Conway

Emily Fraser

Abby Danson (GK)

Marisa Larkin

Lindsay Frank

Taryn Marra

Abby Harris

Melissa Nealon (GK)

Lilian Hickey

Carli Pelletier

Isabelle Kuzmich

Mallory Perry

Taryn Marra

Rachael Picchi

Liz McIntryre (GK)

Kelly Quinn

Katelynn Mello

Liz Ryan

Nat Metzger

Izzy Sericolo

Nicole Picchi

Morgan Van Epps

Liz Ryan (if back)

Sarah Winters

Renne Smith

Elise Zwicklbauer

Sarah Winters










Questions please email Jen Sykes at