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Tuesday, March 22
ACC Mavericks Injury Policy


 ACC Mavericks InjuryProcedure


Injuries. Coaches mustuse extreme caution when assessing an injury. Any player shall not be allowed to participate further in a game or apractice after the following injuries:

·      Bleeding, until the bleeding has been stoppedand cleaned from the person

·      Head or neck trauma

·      Severe leg or other bodily injury


A Coach should call for medical assistance when necessary or if indoubt.  All injuries should be reportedto the player’s parent(s) by the coach or the team manager as soon aspossible.  If possible, the Coach shouldfollow the recommendation of a medical professional when determining if aninjured child is ready to play again. When making this determination, the player’s safety takes precedenceover the team’s needs and the player’s desires. In the event of a significant injury to a player, attention to theplayer’s medical condition must be the Coach’s primary focus, not the remainderof the game.


The Coach shall use extreme caution and sound judgment when decidingto transport a player from the field for medical attention.  For example, if a broken leg or significantneck injury is suspected, call 911.  Ifpossible, such transport shall take place under the supervision of a trainedmedical professional.


Coaches should follow up (by phone or in person) with a player’sparent(s) no later than 24 hours after the occurrence of an injury.