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Friday, December 28
2013 Birthday Checklist - For Tryout Age Group Determination / Team Assignment

Players should try out for the appropriate age-level team.  Division 1 teams are generally a single year age level and players should try out for the team at their age-level according to the 2012 playing year chart below.   Match up birthday ranges with the appropriate team.

Teams play at the age bracket of the oldest player on the team, if more than one age bracket is included among the players on the team.

If a player wishes to play "up" to an older age group team, see the Mavericks policy noted below.  



Single Year Brackets = ACC Mavericks Division 1

Birthday Range
   Team  Birthday Range
U10 Aug 1, 2003 - Jul 31, 2004
  U15 Aug 1, 1998 - Jul 31, 1999
U11 Aug 1, 2002 - Jul 31, 2003   U16
Aug 1, 1997 - Jul 31, 1998
U12 Aug 1, 2001 - Jul 31, 2002   U17
Aug 1, 1996 - Jul 31, 1997
U13 Aug 1, 2000 - Jul 31, 2001   U18
Aug 1, 1995 - Jul 31, 1996
U14 Aug 1, 1999 - Jul 31, 2000   U19 Aug 1, 1994 - Jul 31, 1995


CLICK the team name or birthday range for specific tryout schedule info or CLICK HERE for main Tryouts page with all the information you'll need for the 2013 ACC Mavericks tryouts.




The ACC Mavericks Board has adopted the following policy on players playing up into an older age group:

A) Players may petition the Technical Director to play up into an older age group team and following consultation with the two coaches involved (regular age group coach and older age group coach), the Technical Director will make a decision on the petition.  The decision will be reported to the ACC Mavericks Board, and the Board in its discretion, may review the decision.


B) Notwithstanding a player's intention to play up, each player MUST TRY OUT in his or her OWN AGE GROUP (as referenced by the birthday range noted above) AS WELL AS THE AGE GROUP in which he or she intends to petition to be allowed to play.