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Friday, February 22
Mavericks Uniform Order and Equipment Information


NEW Uniforms for the 2013 season will be supplied by our official team supplier, Soccer Post.  Teams are required to purchase the new uniform kits when they become available.

Players are required to have:

  • 2 Adidas Campeon 13 Jersey (one home jersey black color / one away jersey white color) with Mavericks patch
  • 1 Adidas Campeon 13 Shorts (black)
  • 1 Twin City Cushion Sock (black)
No other colors are accepted as part of the official uniform for the Mavericks (no exceptions).

Training t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts are also available on the order form and are eligible for a 20% discount if you order 10 or more.

Each team should consolidate their uniform ordering into one order. Teams should specify one person to handle all uniform ordering or they can make each person responsible for getting their own uniform.  The second option to have each player be responsible for their own uniform is sometimes easier as players can then go to the store with their order form and get sized.


10 Soccer Balls (8 Practice Balls / 2 Game Balls)
Ball Bag
Set of Disks
2 Sets of Different Colored Pinnies

When Laura receives confirmation from the registrar that your team registration is turned in (paperwork and fees), she will issue via email a voucher to the Team Manager or Coach for equipment from Soccer Post.  The Team Manager or Coach will need to contact Tom Matson at Soccer Post to arrange for pickup.  Please call / email Tom in advance to ensure that he has adequate inventory for your team equipment needs.  Remember to write your team's name and phone number on your equipment for a chance to get it back if it is lost.


2203 South Shore Center
Alameda, CA  94501
Tel: 510-523-5700
Contact: Tom Matson, Owner

Soccer Post is down the walkway to the right of Trader Joe's at South Shore Center in Alameda.