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ACCYSL Field Host Program



The Field Host Program is intended to facilitate a positive game day experience for all participants at each field.  Field Hosts will help with procedures and transitions, provide support for referees, and encourage appropriate sideline behavior. 


The Field Host Program is under the administrative responsibility of the ACCYSL League Board of Directors. The ACCYSL Field Host Coordinator’s primary responsibility is to administer the league Field Host Program and coordinate Field Host duties with each Club.  Each Club will be required to have a Field Host Volunteer Coordinator to organize and provide volunteers for Field Host duties.  Each club will have responsibility for specific fields or a field complex.   


Field Host Description


General Duties:

1)      Sign up for 1-2 shifts per season, approx. 4 1/2 hours per Saturday shift, 8:00 am – 12:30 pm and 12:00 am  - 4:3 0 pm.

2)      Have cellular phone if possible. 

3)      Bring a folding chair. 


On Field:

1)      Wear appropriate attire provided by League, vest or armband.

2)      Set up a small table or chairs near entrance to field or at central location with Field Host kit provided by League. The Field Host(s) shall be roving during the games, but in between games should station themselves in their designated, visible area to be available to answer questions or offer assistance.  Note: they should remain alert for referee abuse or other problems at all times.

3)      Provide directions to fields for players, families, and referees as they arrive. Introduce yourself to coaches.  Greet referees and explain your role as facilitator and resource for problems.  Let them know that you are a resource and you are willing to offer them assistance and support.  This is especially important for youth referees and new referees.  Check in with them at half time.  See if they have concerns.  If they do, listen and solicit their suggestion in resolving the issue(s).

4)      Before games, verify that all goals are staked to the ground and that nets and corner flags are in place.  The Home Team and club are responsible for the proper set up.  Note any problems on the Occurrence Report which will be forwarded to the ACCYSL Fields Coordinator.  Note any other problems with fields, e.g. holes, wet areas, mud, protruding sprinkler heads, etc. The Referee is ultimately responsible that goals are properly secured, but the Field Host can assist and save time by working with the home team to ensure the goals are properly anchored.  Securing only the nets does not mean the goals are secured.  The goals themselves must be anchored with stakes.  The Laws of the Game do not require nets, only that the goals are properly secured.

5)      Make sure bathrooms are open or a key is available.  If there is no bathroom at the field, then have directions to the nearest bathroom.

6)      Games starting on Time: Encourage the teams to check in a timely fashion with the Referees.  Assist the Referees in ensuring that the games are started on time.  If only one or two referees are present, ask them to start the game on time and you will direct the third official to the game if and when he/she arrives.  The game should not be delayed due to the absence of one or two assistant referees. If no referee shows up, facilitate a solution with coaches and team managers. Usually, the visiting team has the first right to provide a volunteer referee.

7)      Give a copy of ACCYSL Sideline Behavior Guidelines to each coach or team manager and ask them to review them with all their parents before the game.  Stress that there should be no coaching from the sidelines except by the coach and that there should be absolutely no yelling or any comments directed at the referees.   Poor sideline behavior is one of the primary reasons we lose both adult and youth referees. 


During Games:


1)      Move from field to field and monitor sideline behavior.  Spectators should be at least 1 yard from the edge of the field and behind the spectator line if there is one.  There should not be any spectators behind the goal or the end line.  The referee should also enforce this.

2)      Coaches should be within the Technical Area.

3)      Encourage positive cheering, discourage sideline yelling at the referees. 

4)      Enforce the field rules (no dogs, no smoking, no alcohol, teams pick up trash, etc.)  All teams must pick up all trash, water bottles, etc. after the game, even if they did not bring it.  This is the responsibility of each team! 5)      Monitor coaches’ and spectator behavior.  Communicate directly with the coach to address a sideline problem (do not go directly to the spectators – this is the coach’s responsibility).   If the problem continues and is not corrected by the coach, then a “Field Occurrence Report” should be filled out.

6)      At halftime, approach referees and ask if there are any problems you might be able to address.  Work with coaches and team managers to resolve any problems.  Touch base again at end of game with referees.

7)      Document concerns/problems on the Field Occurrence Report. Be as specific as possible and note the time, the field, team names and club, coaches’ names, names of individuals who are causing a disturbance, exact nature of  problem and how it was addressed or evolved.  Submit the Occurrence form to your club volunteer coordinator or to the ACCYSL Field Host Coordinator.  There will be follow up at the league level for all serious issues.  Hopefully, the Field Host can resolve issues before they escalate.  If there are problems, do not be confrontational.  If the situation is beyond your ability to control and it is escalating, then a League Board Member should be contacted, or in the extreme and rare case of physical abuse, law enforcement should be called.


8)      Act as a representative of your league.  Be friendly, professional, and courteous. If parents want to complain, be courteous in your dealings with them and provide them an opportunity to fill out the “Field Occurrence Form”.  This will usually handle the situation and avoid escalating it no matter how upset the parent may be.  Don’t let your emotions rule your thinking.


Remember, at all times, the referee is in charge on the field and is fully authorized to manage the games, players and coaches as she or he sees fit.  The Field Host is to lend his or her support to the referees as needed.  Referees are trained to deal with coaches, players, and parents, as well as instructed in the rules of the game. 

U-10 plays 25 min halves               If a game starts late, the referee can shorten the halves so it ends on time

U-12 plays 30 min halves                  (Class IV ONLY – Class III and Class I play the whole game).  If there is no

U-14 plays 35 min halves                  game scheduled next, it is not an issue.

U-16 plays 40 min halvesAll have 5 minute halftime breaks 

Field Host Tool KitEach Field Host shall have access to a “Tool Kit” that should contain:

Required Items:Field RulesPen/PencilsGame SchedulesMaps to HospitalAccident/Injury FormField Occurrence ReportLeague Rain-Out procedure with rain-out #Phone Lists:-         Local Police/Fire/Ambulance-         Field Host Coordinator-         Club Field Host Volunteer Coordinator-         Club Presidents and Managers-         ACCYSL Officers List  Optional Items:Game CardsSend Off ReportsReferee ScheduleInstructions for SprinklersDirections to restroom (if off-site)Extra plastic trash bagsFirst Aid Kit Suggestion Box 


The Field Teams are to set up in the designated HOME or VISITOR technical areas.  The coaches/players are to remain in the technical area and the spectators behind the spectator line or at least one yard from the field. Ø      Technical area: 3 yards from the touchline and extends 10 yards on either side of the half line                            Field Set Up #1                                                          Field Set Up #2


  HOME                                                                         VISITOR                                                                                               VISITOR



Reported by                                                                                          Email                                                                      


Date of Incident                                                   Time                                       Field                                                      



Pick One:

  1. Field Conditions                                                                   Team Name:________________________
  2. Side Line Behavior                                                               Coach: ____________________________
  3. Unsporting Conduct                                                          
  4. Dangerous Play                                                                    Team Name: _______________________
  5. Coaching                                                                               Coach: ____________________________
  6. Referees              
  7. Scheduling
  8. Other
 Summarize the Problem:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Details:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

This report form is for use by the entire soccer community - parents, coaches, referees, and players. The purpose is to enable you to let us know of incidents or conditions in serious need of remedy so that they may be addressed by the league in a timely fashion. If you see something at a game that you think is seriously out of line, please report it here. Your comments will be channeled through the league, and your name will be kept confidential if you request it.


Your information will be relayed to the appropriate person(s) for action and resolution of the matter. Examples of issues we would like to hear about include improper behavior by coaches, referees, parents, or players, as well as seriously unsafe field conditions.


Please include as many specifics as possible, including:


1. Date, Time and Field Location

2. Teams involved

3. Names of parties involved or descriptions of each individual.

4. Brief description of what you believe is in serious need of attention.

5. Tell us what you think should be done to correct the problem.


We thank you for taking the time to help improve the soccer experience for our children.