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Saturday, January 12
ACC Mavericks Scholarship Application and Information



The Mavericks soccer program strives to make competitive soccer available to all players of ability and commitment for competitive play.  A financial commitment is also part of competitive play; however, we recognize that this can be a barrier for many families.  The Mavericks program has a long tradition with our scholarship program to help ease the financial commitment for families who need this support.


Registration fees for U12 to U19 teams are $420 per player or $235 with a scholarship.  Fees for U10 and U11 teams are $350 per player and $160 with a scholarship. This is also the minimum fee each player must pay to join a Mavericks team. It is the expectation of the ACC Mavericks that players and families receiving scholarship assistance make extra effort to give back by committing themselves to be active and frequent volunteers in resonse to requests from the ACC Mavericks Club and individual teams.  Assistance can also be provided to the club and our league by becoming a referee.


We have a monthly income test for our scholarship program that is similar to income tests for some government programs like the school lunch program.  To apply for a scholarship for the Mavericks program, please answer the questions below.   A committee of Mavericks Board members will review, and decide on all applications for scholarships after a team has submitted all the registration materials including the player’s registration form, picture and birth certificate.  In addition, you can appeal the committee’s decision to the full Mavericks Board.


We have a limited amount of funds for scholarships, and your honesty in completing the questions below will assure that these funds are really used for those most in need.  The committee may need to ask for more information from the family, such as tax returns, to verify your income.  All information, including this form, will be kept confidential.


Name of the player:


Name of parent/adult to contact:

Phone number:  E-mail address:

How many people live in the player’s household?

What is the total monthly income of the player’s household?

Mavericks Club Refund Policy:  

If a player notifies the Mavericks Registrar that they are withdrawing from a Mavericks Team, for any reason, prior to June 30th, then the refund amount will be any coaching fees paid in excess of half the annual coaching fee.  Registration fees are non-refundable.   After June 30th, no refunds will be issued for any reason. 


Please click on the link below for a downloadable PDF version of this form in the "handouts" section of this site, or ask your team manager or club representative to provide you with the Scholarship Application in English or Spanish.




Handout: Scholarship Application