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Additional Information For U10 and U11 Class I Tryouts




Everyone has probably heard about the competitive soccer life style – and often the perceptions are negative. However, the ACCYSL Competitive Program (Mavericks Division I) offers a strong, positive program that may be a good fit for your child.

Division I Competitive soccer involves a high level of competition, and does demands a high level of time and commitment. The coaches are professional, and come with an impressive depth of experience in soccer as well as effective and positive coaching. Children who decide to pursue the competitive route, and put in the time and effort, get many benefits. They tend to develop a high level of skill with the ball, and get to play with others who have similar drive and skills as they do. Quite simply, playing with more skills is more fun to most kids. But the Mavericks Club offers far more than advanced soccer skills. Children learn discipline and teamwork. They learn how to persevere when their team is losing, and not give up. They learn that hard work and commitment take you farther than innate talent. They have positive role models, and develop strong friendships. They develop physical self confidence, and learn how to be good leaders and how to support team members. As they get older, soccer is a wonderful support for the teen years, when they have a fun, demanding activity to counter negative social pressures.

Division I Competitive soccer isn’t for everyone. Some children will fare better playing at the Division III level, or in Recreational soccer (Division IV).  Luckily, in our area, there are plenty of opportunities for children of all levels and ages. If you are interested in seeing if the Mavericks would be a good fit for you, then please attend one of the tryouts. Please see  or for exact times and locations.