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Thursday, January 31
Tryouts: Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  When are the YOUNGER AGE U10 - U14 Boys and Girls Tryouts for 2013?

Tryouts for the 2013-2014 Division I Boys and Girls U10 through U14 teams will be held during the January - February 2013 time frame.  Exact schedules and field locations have been established, RAIN or SHINE.  Please check the tryouts section of the Mavericks website (CLICK HERE) for updated information regarding schedules and field location for each age group.  For more information, you may email us at


Q:  When are the OLDER AGE U15 - U19 Boys and Girls Tryouts for 2013?

Tryouts for the 2013-2014 Division I Boys and Girls U15 through U19 teams have not been determined yet.     Please check the tryouts section of the Mavericks website (CLICK HERE) for updated information.   For more information, you may email us at   Tryouts will most likely be in the late February / early March time frame.


Q: Why tryout for competitive soccer?

A:  Everyone has probably heard about the competitive soccer life style – and often the perceptions are negative.  However, the ACCYSL Competitive Program (ACC Mavericks Division I) offers a strong, positive program that may be a good fit for your child. 

Division I Competitive soccer involves a higher level of competition, and does demand a higher level of time and commitment. More often, the coaches are professional, and come with an impressive depth of experience in soccer as well as effective and positive coaching. Children who decide to pursue the competitive route, and put in the time and effort, get many benefits. They tend to develop a high level of skill with the ball, and get to play with others who have similar drive and skills as they do. Quite simply, playing with more skills is more fun to most kids. But the Mavericks Club offers far more than advanced soccer skills. Children learn discipline and teamwork. They learn how to persevere when their team is losing, and not give up. They learn that hard work and commitment take you farther than innate talent. They have positive role models, and develop strong friendships. They develop physical self confidence, and learn how to be good leaders and how to support team members. As they get older, soccer is a wonderful support for the teen years, when they have a fun, demanding activity to counter negative social pressures. 

Division I Competitive soccer isn’t for everyone. Some children will fare better playing at the Division III level, or in Recreational soccer (Division IV).  Luckily, in our area, there are plenty of opportunities for children of all levels and ages.  Tryouts for the Mavericks Division I program (U10-U14) usually occurs in late February and early March of each year, while older age groups (U15-U19) tryouts will occur in late February and early March of each year.  Tryouts occur on an annual basis.

Q:  When will it stop raining and how will I know if the fields are open for tryouts?

A:  Even the weather people don't know!  For 2013, we will hold all U10-U14 tryouts on artificial turf fields, so the tryouts will be held, rain or shine!  


Q:  How do I know what age group tryout to attend?  Is there a birthday checklist?

A:  There are strict guidelines for your child's birthday and their participation on an age appropriate team.  Click here for the birthday checklist information.


Q:  How can I volunteer to help with the tryouts?

A:  There are many volunteer opportunities and much work is needed both leading up to and during the tryouts to insure that they run smoothly, and that teams are formed in an orderly and timely fashion.  We need volunteers to help check in players, set up & tear down  fields, act as field marshals for various tryouts, prepare or donate food for evaluators and coaches and much more.  Also volunteers are needed for the various stages of preparation leading up to the tryouts:  Planning, scheduling and organizing; preparation of the tryout boxes, creation and copying of handouts, flyers, mailing etc.  If you are able to volunteer, please email 

Your efforts will be much appreciated.

Q: Who goes to tryouts and how many tryouts should I attend?

A:  All interested players are encouraged to attend Division I and Division III tryouts. Players must attend
at least one tryout for their age group to be eligible to be selected for any Division I or Division III team.  Players are encouraged to attend as many tryouts as possible in order to have the best chance to show off their skills.


Q:  Where can I find information about U10-U14 Boys and Girls Division III tryouts for 2013?

The individual clubs of the Alameda Contra Costa Youth Soccer League are each holding their own Division III club tryouts after completion of the ACC Mavericks Division 1 tryouts.   You should
check each of the individual club sites at the links below for updated tryout information.  

El Cerrito - 510-414-1039 -

Mersey Berkeley - 510-232-4625 -
San Pablo - 510-222-7295 / 510-367-1454 -
Richmond - 510-691-2149 -
Albany / Berkeley - 510-558-0634 -

You may check the ACCYSL website at for more information.


Q:  What should I bring to tryouts?

A:  Players should bring a white t-shirt (do not wear a team jersey), shin guards, soccer shoes, a soccer ball (with your name on it) and water.  Registration/ Medical release forms will be available at the sign in desk, but to save time checking in, we encourage parents and players to fill out registration forms prior to arrival.  These are available on this site in the "Handouts" section. 
Click Here.

Q:  What can I expect at tryouts?

A:  The tryout format usually includes a warm-up, a few drills, some small-sided games, and a full field game.  A single tryout may last up to two hours.  There are plenty of opportunities for players to demonstrate their soccer skills.  Coaches and other neutral evaluators will be on hand to assess the ability of the players.

Q:  What will the tryout evaluators be looking for?  What are the criteria for ratings?

FIRST TOUCH AND BALL CONTROL:  Use of outside, inside and top; left and right; ball close while dribbling.


GAME SENSE:  Understanding of game tactics and strategy; intelligent expenditure of energy. 

PASSING:  Good choices; accuracy; flighted distance. 

SPEED:  Execution at top speed; quick accurate, creative decision making. 

VISION:  Anticipates play; reads game; positions well for turns, fakes, trapping and shielding. 

SHOOTING:  Accuracy and power. 

QUICKNESS:  Gets off the mark and comes up with the ball. 

WORK RATE:  High level of effort and productivity.  


ENDURANCE:  Efficient performance for entire game. 



STRENGTH ON THE BALL AND PERSEVERENCE:  Forcefulness and initiative in carrying the ball against opponents.  

LEADERSHIP:  Effective communication with teammates.




Use your time playing at the tryouts to demonstrate any or all of these skills.

If you are interested in playing goalkeeper, let the coach and evaluators know. 


Q: How soon after the tryouts will players be offered a spot on a team?

A:  Coaches are encouraged to make all their Division I selections by the end of the week after the last tryout takes place.  Depending on the coach, this could happen earlier (after the first or second tryout), or in some cases a coach may ask a couple of players to "callback" sessions at the team's regular practice time to get another look.  Division III teams will take a bit longer as they need to wait until the Division I teams are selected before finalizing their rosters.  Notifications of "acceptance" usually take place by phone from the coach of the team or the team manager.  Letters of "non acceptance" are sent out after the Division I teams have made their selections.  Players may accept or decline the invitation to play on a Mavericks or Division III team based on personal preference.

Q:  How will I be notified if I did not make a Division I team?

A:  After tryouts are completed and teams chosen, the coaches will contact each player that has attended tryouts to inform them of their decisions.  Contact will be made via phone call or email to each participant. If you have further questions about your status, please send an email to:

You can also contact the ACCYSL Clubs forming Division III teams directly to find out about Division III teams that are forming. 
For more information visit:

Q:  What if I want to tryout for a team that is an older age group from my tryout group indicated on the birthdate checklist?

A: Players may petition the Technical Director to play up and, following consultation with the two coaches involved and a tryout, the Technical Director will make a decision on the petition.  The decision will be reported to the Board and the Board, in its discretion, may review the decision.  Notwithstanding a player’s intention to play up, each player must try out in his or her own age group as well as the age group in which he or she intends to petition to be allowed to play. 

Q:  How will we register if invited to join an ACC Mavericks Division I team?

A:  New for 2013, online registration will be offered.  All registration materials will be filled out and submitted via our online registration system.


Q:  Do you have more background information on Division 1 and Division 3 soccer tryouts?

A:  T
ryouts for the 2013 Spring and Fall Season are being organized by the ACC Mavericks.  Tryouts are open to all boys and girls soccer players who are willing to attend practices and games in Alameda and Contra Costa.  Based on the assessment of skill and aptitude by ACCYSL evaluators, boys and girls will receive offers to join Division I teams that will compete in games and tournaments during the Spring 2013 season and against other teams from  the NorCal Premier Soccer League, a US Club Soccer sanctioned league providing teams in Northern California Premier Competition.  These teams offer the opportunity for serious and dedicated players to compete at the highest levels of youth soccer.

Robert Sackey (510-697-2392), an A-licensed coach, is the Mavericks Technical Director and will oversee training for all Mavericks teams.
Division III teams play at a slightly less competitive level, against other teams from District IV, and team membership may span more than one age group. 

Players on ACC Mavericks Division 1 competitive teams develop strong soccer skills and achieve high levels of success within CYSA and high school soccer programs, often qualifying for the Olympic Development Program and moving on to play at Division I, II and III university programs.


If you would like to submit a FAQ, please send your question to

For general information about the ACC Mavericks, you may leave a message at 510-666-4949.


Handout: 2013 Tryouts: Required Registration & Medical Release Forms