ACC Mavericks: Fees

Thursday, January 31
2013-2014 ACC Mavericks Fee Summary

Club, Team Fees and Expenses

Division One soccer is the highest level of competitive play available with the biggest time commitment for players and families.  The competitive program requires more games, more practices, more travel and more field time. Because of the higher level of activity and use of resources, the annual fees to join a competitive program is usually higher than most recreational teams and programs. The ACC Mavericks welcome all soccer players who have the skills, commitment and determination to play at the competitive level regardless of ability to pay.  To facilitate this philosophy, the ACC Mavericks offer a partial scholarship for the annual fees for families who meet the financial criteria.   The ACC Mavericks strongly encourage each team to also offer scholarships for eligible players.


Categories of Fees and Expenses:

  • ACC Mavericks Annual Registration Fee – paid to ACC Mavericks
  • Individual Team Coaching Fees – paid to ACC Mavericks or to the coach
  • Individual Team Fees – paid to the team manager / treasurer
  • Combined team and coaching fees vary from $320 - $2,000 per year for all ages.  These fees vary for each team depending on team activities and coaching fees (if applicable).   Please be sure to check with the team manager or coach to get a sense for your team’s annual fees before joining the team.


ACC Mavericks Annual Registration Fee:

The annual registration fee is paid directly to the ACC Mavericks.  The fees pay for fields, equipment, skill training academies, keeper training academies, mentor program, referees for games and various fees paid to the affiliated soccer organizations in Northern CA.  These fees are due when a player agrees to join a team, and must be paid before a player pass can be issued – that is, payment of the ACC Mavericks Annual Registration fee is necessary before a player can play in a game.

The ACC Mavericks Annual Registration Fee is broken down by age as follows:

  • U10 to U11 players = $350.  Scholarship eligible registration fee = $160.
  • U12 to U19 players = $420.  Scholarship eligible registration fee = $235.

Additions and Transfers Registration Fee Summary:

The official soccer season begins March first.  During the season, after initial team formations have been completed, some teams find it necessary to add new players or transfer players from other clubs to the ACC Mavericks. All additions and transfers regardless of which club they come from must pay the ACC Mavericks annual registration fee as it is stated on the fee schedule noted above.  Exceptions to the annual registration fee amounts are:

  • Joining a team August 15 through October 15:
    • U10 to U11 players = $275.  Scholarship eligible players fee = $160.
    • U12 to U19 players = $325.  Scholarship eligible players fee = $235.
  • Joining a team October 16 or later:
    • U10 to U11 players = $160.  Scholarship eligible players fee = $160.
    • U12 to U19 players = $250.  Scholarship eligible players fee = $250.
  • Joining a team as a guest player registration fee is $125 and is valid for two calendar months and no pro rating is allowed. (i.e. Sep 12 to October 31 is considered two full months).

ACC Mavericks Individual Team Coaching Fee:

Coaching fees vary by team and age group.  Coaching fees are paid directly to the ACC Mavericks or directly to the coach and are due at time of registration.

The ACC Mavericks Individual Team Coaching Fee is broken down by age as follows:

  • U10 to U11 players = $300.  Scholarship eligible coaching fee = $160.
  • U12 to U14 players = $430.  Scholarship eligible coaching fee = $280.
  • U15 to U19 players = Fees vary by team

Individual Team Fees:

Team fees are typically paid to the team treasurer or team manager.  Team fees are managed and handled by each team independent of ACC Mavericks.  Teams in consultation with the ACC Mavericks technical director and coaching coordinator, decide on the team’s soccer activities for the season. There can be considerable variability in costs between teams.  Examples of expenses covered by team fees may include:

  • NorCal Premier and NorCal State Cup registration
  • Team Camps – traditionally held in August before the Fall season
  • Indoor (Bladium or Futsal) registration
  • Tournament registration fees – (1-10 tournaments in a season)
  • Coach travel expenses for out-of-town tournaments
  • Additional equipment, such as goal keeper gloves, over and above what Mavericks club provides
  • Trophies or photos



The ACC Mavericks have only one official style of uniform, and require all Mavericks teams and players to purchase and wear the current Mavericks uniform style.  Teams are responsible to ensure that all players wear the current Mavericks uniform.  Parents are responsible for the cost of uniforms.  The minimum uniform that all players must have:

  • Shorts
  • Two jerseys
  • Socks

Uniform sets typically change every 2-3 years.  Average current cost for the uniform set for U12 to U19 players is $100.  U10 to U11 players typically  use lower cost uniform sets (t-shirts) averaging $60 for the full set.  Optional accessories available for purchase include Warm Ups (with embroidery), Ball Bag Backpacks (with embroidery), or sweatshirts (with club logo).



Scholarships for the ACC Mavericks Annual Registration Fee and for the Team / Coaching Fees are available.   If you are interested in applying for a scholarship, please fill out the ACC Mavericks Scholarship application available in the Handouts & Forms section of the ACC Mavericks website.  Forms are available in English and Spanish. 

Limited funds are available for scholarships.   An annual income test / tax return review will occur for all scholarship applicants.


ACC Mavericks Club Refund Policy:   

If a player notifies the Mavericks Registrar that they are withdrawing from a Mavericks Team, for any reason, prior to June 30th, then the refund amount will be any coaching fees paid in excess of half the annual coaching fee.  Registration fees are non-refundable.   After June 30th, no refunds will be issued for any reason.