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Sunday, January 13
Referee Training Classes - Feb/March 2013

ACCYSL Grade 8 Referee Class Returns - February/March 2013

Dates:  Feb 25, Feb 28, Mar 4, Mar 7, Mar 9 (8am-11am), and Mar 11

Time: 7:00 pm-10:00pm (except Mar 9)

Location: Blue Barn, 4th+ Harrison, Berkeley

Very Important :   On Mar 9, there will be NO night  session. Instead, there will be field training  from 8am-11am. Location to be announced.

IMPORTANT:  This is a 6 meeting class. California North Referee Association policy requires that you attend every session.  

Open to adults and to youth at least 14 years old (not just playing U14).

To sign up,  each person must email Jack Wagoner individually confirming they can attend all six meetings.  Please include birthdate and phone number.  Email Jack Wagoner at:


Jack Wagoner
ACCYSL Referee Development




Wednesday, February 18
Mavericks Affiliated Referee Program

Mavericks Club Referee Policy

Meeting the ACCYSL Affiliated Referee Program requirement of each ACCYSL competitive team providing three affiliated referees who cover at least five games each is necessary to being a Mavericks team.  

  ACCYSL Affiliated Referee Program Requirements 

  • Competitive teams must provide three referees who cover at least five games in the fall season
    • It does not count if, say, two referees cover 15 or more games
    • Rained out games do NOT count
  • Referees must have a current Grade 8 license issued by USSF
    • No grade 9s or AYSO licenses
  • Only games scheduled on count toward meeting a team’s affiliated referee requirement
    • Games must be confirmed by ref sending in verification form for each game
  • Affiliated referees must have internet and e-mail access
    • If a referee doesn’t have internet access, we recommend getting an e-mail “buddy” who does and who can give the referee e-mails, and schedule the referee for games on


                                     Incentives for meeting 3x5 requirement

**Each affiliated referee who is affiliated with a team which meets the 3x5 requirement, gets $25 from the Mavericks club**  


                                     Consequences for not meeting 3x5 requirement

1.  Team pays $250 fine by December 15 of that year (after December 15, teams will be black listed for State Cup and NorCal play until fine is paid).                                                                   


2.  Team loses priority for practice fields and times for Spring and Fall of the following year.




Note: This policy was originally adopted by the Mavericks Board on October 7, 2008.


Wednesday, February 18
Referee Pay and Incentives


Referee Pay Summary!

Mavericks Incentives for Covering Fall ACCYSL Games!

Earn a $25 bonus from the Mavericks club as an affiliated referee who covers five games in the fall (and team’s other two affiliated referees cover at least five games)

Examples of What You Can Earn*:

$125 – First Time Affiliated Referee (cover five U 10 class 4 centers)

$275 – Intermediate Affiliated Referee (cover five U12 class 4 centers; and five class 3 U16 ARs)

$425 – Experienced Referee (cover five U16/U19 class one ARs; and five U16/U19 class 3 centers)


Examples include $25 Mavericks incentive.



Age & Class

Center Referee Assistant Referee
U19 Class 1 U16 Class 1 NRP $35
U19 Class 3 U16 Class 3 $45 $30
U19 Class 4 $40 $30
U16 Class 4 U15 Class 1 $40 $25
U14 Class 1 $35 $20
U14 Class 3 U13 Class 1 U12 Class 1 U12 Class 3 U11 Class 1 $30 $20
U14 Class 4 U12 Class 4 U10 Class 1 $25 $15
U10 Class 3 $25 $10
U10 Class 4 $20 $10
U9 Class 4 $15 $10


*Note: Only games scheduled on and verified with a signed Payment Verification Form qualify for pay from ACCYSL or incentives from Mavericks*


Download the pdf version of pay scales and incentives here:

Handout: Referee Pay and Incentives Flyer