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Tuesday, January 1
A Brief History of the Club

A.C. Baltimore got its start in the Fall of 2006 when various players from a weekly pick-up game in Druid Hill Park decided to form an indoor team to compete in the Baltimore City Indoor League at Myers Soccer Pavilion on Monday nights.  That team, originally called AEK Baltimore FC, competed at Myers from late 2006 through the end of 2007. 

In January 2008, the boys decided to play outdoor, so AEK Baltimore FC started off competing in the Howard County Recreation and Parks League for a year before joining the more competitive Maryland Major Soccer League (MSSA, USASA, USSF, and FIFA affiliated).  While the team competes in the MMSL from August through December, it competes in various Rec leagues in the Spring (the team abandoned the Howard County League after the Spring 2010 season due to deteriorating field conditions and low-quality match officiating). As ofSpring 2011, the teams Spring league is the Anne Arundel Recreation and Parks League.

Becuase in 2006 a majority of the team members were Greek-Americans, A.C. Baltimore was oroginally named AEK Baltimore FC after AEK Athens FC, the team supported by our founding member's late grandfather.  As the team has evolved, however, it has become an international squad representing more than ten countries.  Thus, in Febraury of 2010, the team was renamed A.C. Baltimore (Athletic Club Baltimore) to reflect its evolution into an international squad with an established presence in the Baltimore amatuer soccer community.  We have retained the original crest of AEK on our home jersey as a nod to our history.

From those original pick-up games in 2006 Mike Murphy and Justin Young have remained on the team for the club's entire history uninterrupted.