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Saturday, February 17
OneCall Phone System
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Thursday, September 18
Fall 2008 - Weekend Highlights
Weekend One Recap – A Tale of Two GamesWhile at the end of the weekend, the Peppers were 2-0 in league play, the two victories came in drastically different forms.  On Saturday, the Chantilly Panthers were subjected to an onslaught of Pepper shots on goal in the opening half.  When the whistle blew for the break, the score was 2-0 with Chessy connecting on two rockets to the far upper corner of the goal from the right wing position.  The score could have been easily more lopsided as Jenny barely touched the ball in our goal and there had been several near misses and lost opportunities for additional Pepper goals.  In the second half, Maura treated us to a couple of scintillating saves before the Peppers settled back in.  A beautiful pass from Chessy placed perfectly at Gaites’ feet as she charged in from the midfield position was placed firmly into the net for the final goal of the match. Sunday’s late afternoon match up with Arlington Juventus presented the dual challenge of excessive heat and humidity and high grass.  While our opponent seemed to make the necessary adjustments to the conditions, the Peppers just couldn’t seem to find their groove.  Passes seemed to come up short or go right to blue jerseys and right from the start the ball seemed to be in front of our goal more than not.  But the Peppers fought on.  The Peppers scored first after a ball in the Juventus box – with several Peppers struggling mightily to get the ball over the line - finally found the goal with the help of a Juventus defender.  As the closest Pepper to the play – and one of those helping to wreak the havoc that resulted in the score – Michelle Green gets credited with the goal.  However, Juventus struck back before the half when an Arlington player took advantage of a well-played ball and then beat a Pepper defender to put a well-kicked ball past Jenny in the goal to make the match even at the half.  Relatively early in the second half, a Juventus player breached the Pepper defense again for a breakaway and score and Juventus led 2-1.  The Peppers evened the match when Chessy scored off a deflection and the Peppers had new life.  The Peppers had chances to take the lead but Gaites was called offside by a rookie Star and then, on a breakaway coming down the middle of the field – Gaites foresaw glory and shot the ball too soon allowing the Juventus goalie to collect the ball to thwart the threat.  But then, with only 20 seconds left in regulation time, it was déjà vu with Gaites with the ball at her feet again and no defender between her and the goalie.  This time, Gaites was patient and kept that ball on her foot until the time was right – and sweetly put the ball into the net for what would be the winning goal.  The Pepper defense stopped a Juventus push in a final minute of added time before the whistle finally blew. 

Tuesday, September 23
Weekend Two Highlights

The Chili Peppers emerged from their second weekend of league play still undefeated – but not with the perfect record they had hoped for.  The weekend commenced with the Peppers and their fans getting into their cars on a beautiful fall day and driving and driving and driving … to the lovely setting of Muldoons Farm in scenic Poolesville, Maryland.  As the Peppers warmed up, their coaches and parents tried to discern which of the other teams warming up would be our opponents – the Bethesda FSV.  One team seemed too big, another seemed too small, there were none that seemed “just right.”  Unfortunately for the Peppers, Bethesda FSV was the team that seemed too big – and would prove to be too big.  The Peppers struck first when Chessy launched a ball from an unbelievable angle on the right wing that appeared to be a beautiful cross but turned out to be an even more beautiful goal as it careened into the upper left front corner of the goal.  The giants evened the score when Jenny couldn’t react quickly enough to a well-struck low shot.  The Peppers continued to battle away.  Brittney slammed one at the right corner (with more force than we thought possible out of such a little person) but the Bethesda goalie was able to knock it down.  Then, with less than 2 minutes remaining, Michelle gave the Peppers the advantage going into the half when she lofted a high shot over the goalie’s outstretched hands.  The Peppers extended their lead to 3-1 when the Bethesda goalie slapped down a hard shot from Caitlin only to have a charging Chessy slam the rebound into the back of the net.  Then, David met Goliath and a defensive mismatch culminated in a Bethesda player who looked like she could have easily babysat for the Peppers scoring 3 times in about as many minutes.  A lot of teams would have given up after losing a 3-1 lead in such a short amount of time.  But Peppers don’t quit.  They kept the ball in their opponent’s box and tried desperately to even the match.  Then, a Bethesda player got called for a push (the ref was excellent – but he gave more warnings than the National Hurricane Center) giving the Peppers a free kick outside the 18 on the left.  Rachael was called up to take the kick and her father instructed her to “kick it at the goal” – and that she did  - and right into it – with barely an inch to spare thereby giving the goalie no chance of making the save.  The Peppers limped out of Muldoons Farm with tie – but a well earned one.  Sunday found the Peppers back at Kincheloe where they had started their season a few weeks ago.  Going up against a new team who are struggling in their first season together, the Peppers dominated the game from start to finish.  Jenny punted the ball only once in the first half, and Maura perhaps 2 or 3 times at the most in the second.  The final score was 4-0 but had the Peppers finished on all the beautiful crosses; had two goals not been called back because of offsides violations and had even some of the near misses gone in – the score could have easily been double figures to nil.  The first half started with the Peppers having so many missed opportunities to score that Laurie was running out of space on her shot chart.  Finally, Chessy smartly and skillfully walked thru a high cross from Caitlin but the goal was called back because Chessy was offsides. More chances came and went and then Olivia, after getting tripped up and falling, returned to her feet and found the back of the net.  Amber slammed one point blank at the goalie who made an amazing save (it was actually more of an act of self-defense).  Then we finally were able to finish on an opportunity when Gaites connected on a beautiful cross from Caitlin.  2-0 at the half.  The second half was almost a carbon copy of the first – a called back goal (this one by Gaites after Laura dribbled the ball to the mouth of the goal and passed off to the offsides Gaites at the last minute); lots of missed opportunities – and two Pepper goals courtesy of Chessy and Gaites.

Thursday, October 16
Weekend Five Highlights
Perhaps when Jenny was felled in warm ups by the cannon that is Chessy’s right leg, the SMU Rockets should have taken notice and marked #9 closely.  Or perhaps they tried.  But by the end of the match, Chessy’s howitzer (the orthopedic doctor who put the cast on Jenny’s arm this afternoon expressed surprise when he learned how it had been broken – “kids that age can’t kick it that hard”) would have found its target 4 times and both the goal post and cross bar could sympathize with the little red head sitting on the sideline with ice on her wrist.   But, let’s start from the beginning.  The Peppers and their fans traveled over an hour and a half to beautiful St. Mary’s County to face the Rockets.  Already down 3 Peppers, the squad suffered a serious blow when Jenny was downed by one of Chessy’s warm up shots (according to Jenny, the shot did not go into the net).  The injury came just minutes prior to the opening whistle, but Maura stepped forward immediately and volunteered to take the goal in the first half – and announced that she would play keeper the entire game if necessary.  Still stunned from the turn of events, the Peppers were buoyed when Michelle struck first with a high shot that sailed over the goalie’s outstretched arms.  But when two Pepper defenders stumbled momentarily leaving a Rocket unmarked, the match was momentarily evened.  Chessy would strike twice before the half was over – once from the left and once from the right to allow the Peppers to take a 3-1 lead into the half.  In the second half, although the Rockets would find the net twice, the Peppers would double that effort with 4 goals.  Chessy started the scoring bonanza volleying an incredible cross from Caitlin who had made a beautiful run down the left sideline including executing a step over move to leave her opponent wondering what had just happened.  Olivia scored next – starting to turn outward, a little voice in her head must have reminded her that she was supposed to go to the goal – which she did – turning back inside and striking a beautiful left-footed shot into the net.  Chessy tallied her fourth goal of the day from the left – the goalie actually got a hand on this one but Chessy knocked it home.  Caitlin finished the scoring with a shot from the left corner that got past the goalie.  Caitlin justifiably squealed with delight – the “assist queen” had finally notched her own goal.  What an effort by all the Peppers!  Rachael and Michelle played the whole game with Sabrina (just recently at full strength after her chest infection) and Amber only getting a few minutes rest each.  Ally and Jane helped Amber and Rachael anchor the Pepper defense – with Maura giving us her usual rock solid performance in the goal.  Final score:  7 to 3. At the end of the first half of Sunday’s game, one wondered if the Peppers had had too much fun at the DC United game the previous evening.  After a scoreless half, the visiting DSC Spirit team and fans were buoyed by the prospect of knocking off one of the teams tied for first place in the division.  But the Peppers, motivated by Coach Allshouse at the half, would have none of that.  The Peppers played hard right from the whistle in the second half – scoring 3 goals in the first 5 to 10 minutes.  Gaites started the scoring spree with a left-footed blast.  Then, Chessy rushed in to win a goal kick and smashed one home.  The third goal came from Caitlin on a nice strike from the left.  In the meantime, Sabrina, Brittney, and Michelle owned the midfield and Laura made several nice runs on the left including a shot on goal. Maura was incredible in the goal (played the whole game there again for us) with Jane, Ally, Rachael and Amber giving her tremendous support. Then in the waning minutes of the half, Amber cleared a nice ball out to Rachael who popped it to Olivia.  Olivia overcame a nice attempt at a tackle from a DSC player and then struck it into the net.  The minutes were waning but not exhausted and as Coach Randy turned to me and said “4 to 1 ain’t bad,” I was watching Chessy streak down the right sideline and replied, “It’s going to be 5-1” – and it was as that howitzer blasted again and the whistle blew. 

Tuesday, October 21
Peppers Sit Alone at the Top
The Peppers and their fans traveled to Westminster, Maryland to take on the Lady Wolves for sole possession of first place in the WAGS U12 A Division.  On a cold and blustery early afternoon, the Peppers grabbed the early lead.  Chessy, roaming the right wing position, collected a nice thru pass from Jenny, beat her defender, headed to the goal and blasted one into the net.  A little later into the first half, Caitlin let one fly from the left wing but it was deflected by a Westminster defender (or was it the goalie - I can't remember) -but what I do remember is little Sabrina standing amongst the tree-like Westminster players, as the deflection came at her and she used her amazing footskills to pop that ball into the goal.  The Peppers found themselves with what Coach Randy has told them is very dangerous in soccer - a two-goal lead.  Enough to relax a bit - but not enough to be safe from a comeback.  And indeed, the Lady Wolves took the offensive and started to be consistently first to the ball.  The Peppers almost struck again when a streaking Brittney did her best flying Wallenda imitation to try to head a beautiful cross from Chessy into the open net - but alas she was just a couple inches too short.  But, with only three minutes to go in the first half, a Lady Wolf crossed one from the right goal line and when a Pepper attempted to clear it, it spun back off her cleat for an own goal.  The Peppers' lead was down to one at the halfway mark.
At the half, the Peppers were reminded that this game, this half, was the reason they had worked so hard with Edith since mid-August - this was why they had done so many situps and push ups and sprints.  And the Peppers responded.  They came out strong and about 10 minutes in to the final half, Gaites popped one in from the midfield position to give the Peppers a 3-1 lead.  But, what's a 3-1 lead? - a two goal lead which Coach Randy had warned them about it.  And that's why he gets paid the big bucks - because he was right.  A miscommunication between Peppers led to a moment of hesitation which was long enough for a Lady Wolf to pounce on the ball for their second goal.  Then, a ball cleared across the middle landed right at the feet of a charging wolf who one-touched it over Maura's head to tie the game at 3-3.  Could the Maryland curse be working again?  On the Peppers' first trip to Maryland, they squandered a 3-1 lead and trailed 4-3 before salvaging a tie.  On their second trip to Maryland, Jenny fractured her wrist.  What now?!  But, when I turned back to the field after my slow, head-down meander away from the sideline, I saw a determined Pepper squad that was going to use every last minute of the waning match to try to secure the victory.  And not even a cleat to the head could suppress Chessy's grin after she punched the ball into the far right corner of the net for the decisive goal.  The Peppers held on for what seemed like never-ending added time for injuries and left the now non-cursed state of Maryland with a 4-3 victory and sole possession of first place.

Friday, January 9


All I can say is, despite the fact that I can walk to Chapel Square from my house, I hope all the Pepper home games are at Holmes in the spring – the Peppers play SO MUCH BETTER at Holmes than at Chapel Square.  The Peppers certainly did put an exclamation point on an incredibly successful fall campaign with an impressive shut-out victory against the Seneca Red Hornets.  Gaites started the scoring in the first half, slamming home a rebound off a shot by Olivia.  Then Michelle went coast to coast weaving and dodging her way down the field going all the way to the goal line before cutting it back off the goalie and into the goal.  Caitlin finished the first half scoring with a beautiful high loft from the left into the upper right corner of the goal. With the 3-0 lead, Maura was able to emerge from the goal and played an incredible second half as sweeper.  And, Amber was equally as impressive in the goal.  In fact, Amber assisted on the first goal of the second half with a booming punt which Gaites astutely recognized would go over all the defenders heads.  She calmly collected the punt and skillfully chipped it over the goalie’s head and into the net for the Peppers’ fourth goal of the afternoon.  Laura struck next on a well-placed shot from the left wing.  And then with only a minute left in the fall season, Olivia knocked in the Peppers’ 38th goal of the Fall WAGS season.  The Peppers finished with an impressive 8-0-1 record.