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Get Directions to A1COMilton Local Weather
Benny Fermo
822 Mckay Cres
Milton, Canada

A1CO winter League
A1CO 2005-2006 FCAA Winter League ( Top Picture)

Domenic Legaspie-Center                     
Randy Fermo-Forward
Benny Fermo-Guard
Roger Ramos-Center
Dennis Matias-Forward
Roy Ovejas-Shooting Guard
Rey Badua-Guard
Ronald Jualinco-Playing Couch
Larry Ladines-Point Guard
Edwin Cuevas-Center Forward
Doy Bantay-Point Guard
Adie Dela Cruz-Guard
Dario Panganiban-Forward

A1CO 2006 CFC Summer League ( Bottom Picture)

Domenic Legaspie-Center
Toddy- Center
Allan- Point Guard
Rollan- Forward
Ruben Despabiladeras- Forward
Rommel Fullent- Forward
Zaldy Magzila- Shooting Guard
Benny Fermo- Guard
Edmund Deloso-Guard
Garry Angeles- Point Guard
John Abrajano-Forward
Randy Fermo- Forward

Centre Position

The center is one of the standard positions in a regulation basketball game. The center is normally the tallest player on the team, and they are generally preferred to have a great deal of muscle and body mass as well. A typical NBA center is 6'10" (2.08 m) or taller.

In many cases, the center's primarily role is simply to be very large, and to use his size to score and defend from a position close to the basket. A center who possesses size along with athleticism and skill constitutes an unparalleled asset for a team.

Power Forward

Power forward is a position in the sport of basketball. Power forwards play a role similar to that of center, playing with their back to the basket on offence and positioned either on the low blocks or against the opposing power forward on defence. However, in most instances, the power forward is asked to shoulder more of a scoring role and somewhat less of a defensive role than a center

Small Forward

The small forward, or colloquially "the three", is one of the five positions in a regulation bsketball game. Small forwards are typically somewhat shorter and leaner than power forwards and centers but, on occasion they are just as tall. On offence, they are often well-balanced between power-oriented and shooting-oriented; on defence, they will seek steals and rebounds.

Point Guard

Point guard is one of the standard positions in a regulation basketball game. The point guard is normally the smallest player on the team and has perhaps the most specialized role of any position. Essentially, the point guard is expected to run the team's offense, by controlling the ball and making sure that it gets to the right players at the right time. After an opponent scores, it is typically the point guard who brings the ball down court to begin an offensive play. For this position, passing skills and court vision are essential. Great point guards are often measured more by their assist totals than by their scoring. Still, a first-rate point guard should also have a reliably effective jumpshot and should be a scoring threat from long distance.

Shooting guard

A shooting guard (SG) is one of five traditional positions on a basketball team. They are often shorter, leaner, and quicker than forwards. Therefore, one of their major tasks is to lead the team in scoring during fast break situations. In half court situations when the shot clock is going to expire, the team will pass the ball out to the shooting guard to set up a long range jumper. Besides these majors tasks they can bring up the ball as well, and thus they are sometimes called "off guards". Shooting guards are also known as "2-guards", since they are represented by the number 2. A player who can switch between playing shooting guard and small forward is known as a swingman.

They are often the best jump shooters in the game, but can also drive to the basket. Many shooting guards can also play small forward. A shooting guard should be a good ball handler who is a good passer.


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