99 Boys Jones Soccer: Game Reports

Friday, January 16


By Team Reporter Ellen Kreamer


The ’99 Blue played a wild weekend of soccer in our Del Sol Tournament.  The boys performed well under pressure and crazy weather conditions but their hopes for a championship ended with a loss in the semi-final round which went down to sudden death penalty kicks.

Game 1

Our ’99 Blue Boys survived with a 1-0 win over the Inferno.  This game was not one of our better efforts against a team that we have beaten in the past and while playing with a man advantage.  We had several shots on the small goals; one shot by Andrew barely missing and one shot by Aaron that hit the post.  Grey was able to get the point we needed off a Penalty Kick that was beautifully placed getting by their very good goalie.


Del Sol had many more shots on goal than the Inferno but couldn’t find the mark and many opportunities were missed on the field.  Our second half was much stronger.  The boys played more aggressively with more energy.  Grey led with 6 shots on goal, Aaron had 2, Andrew, Josh, Logan, Lucas and Quinn each had 1 shot.  Brendan had 4 saves on the game; one save was a very gutsy cover up when lots of players were crowded in the box.  But a win is a win and we are on to Game #2. 

Game 2

Our ’99 Blue had shaken out all the cobwebs from the first game and came with lots of energy for our second game of the tournament and defeated Sereno ’99 Blue 2-1. 


This was a battle fought in the middle of the field with fewer than usual shots on goal by us and very few by Sereno as well.  Grey scored both of our goals in the first half, one was a solo effort and one was a free kick.  Quinn was the only other player with a shot on goal for del Sol in the first half.  Sereno had two shots on goal in the first half both missing wide. 


We were more active with the shots on goal in the second half of play.  Quinn, Lucas and Logan each had 1 shot and Grey had 2.  Sereno had two shots on goal in the second.  One was wide and the other resulted in their one score off a free kick. 


This was a great win with lots of teamwork.  It was a real boost for the boys going into the semi-final on Sunday.

Game 3

A very cold, winter storm provided the backdrop to Sunday’s semi-final against the Scottsdale '99 Blackhawks.  It had rained overnight and the city was ready to shut the park down but our persuasive tournament volunteer parents convinced the city official to allow 15 minute halves.  Conditions were very cold, windy, rainy and slippery on the field – in other words a perfect day in England.  The parents (myself included) were en masse under the EZ up or an umbrella trying to keep somewhat warm and dry.  The homemade coffee cake that was shared helped immensely.  Oh the life of a soccer parent!


Our boys took the field with their spirits very high enjoying the crazy weather conditions and embracing the intensity of the new shortened format.  The ’99 Blue controlled the play with a flurry of shots on goal, especially in the first half.  Many of them were so close but nothing hit the mark.  The Blackhawks only had 3 shots on goal.  They nearly scored early but a combined effort by Brendan and Danny to clear the ball off the goal line kept the game scoreless.  During the half time our parents held blankets around our huddled, wet players.  It was quite the sight.  Grey and Aaron had 2 shots on goal each, Danny, Nick and Quinn each had 1 shot.


The score stood at 0-0 after a hard fought, physical and frenzied 30 minutes of play and we went to penalty kicks.  Each team had 5 players up to kick.  We had Andrew in the net and he made some beautiful saves.  After a very intense round of PKs we stood tied again at 2-2.  Sudden death penalty kicks followed and that was what finally ended the match with the Blackhawks winning 1-0.  The pressure was intense on the sidelines.  One can only imagine what was going through our players minds. 


It was a valiant effort by our boys.  They rose to the challenges of the game and have nothing to hang their heads about.  We were all very proud of our boys!


Special thanks to Coach Marc, Coach Sean and our snack parents.  Very special thanks to each of us who worked during our tournament.  Some shifts (Sunday) were more challenging than others but we all managed.  Brian Beckwith turned in an impressive performance as Tournament Field Marshal and our fearless leader!  Thanks Brian and Denise for organizing all of us and putting up with all of the tournament craziness. 




By Team Reporters Joe & Ellen Kreamer 


The ’99 Blue played strong in last weekend’s CCV Tournament, winning every game but the first vs. Sereno which ended our chances of advancement.


Game 1

The boys lost a tough 3-2 game to Sereno’s 99 Blue team in the first game of the CCV Tournament.  Grey scored in the 4th minute, with assists from Danny and Quinn, to open the scoring.  Sereno countered with two unanswered goals to take a 2-1 lead late in the game.  Grey tied the game with a penalty kick with 6 minutes left, but Sereno scored the game-winner with less than 3 minutes remaining to secure the win.


Although it was a difficult loss, the quality of play by the boys in the first game was high.  The boys enjoyed an edge in possession, and overall had more scoring chances.  Aaron was particularly effective in mid-field, Josh had an excellent defensive game and Grey created several different scoring chances.  Brendan had four saves in the first half and Andrew had two in the second.


Game 2

The boys rebounded later in the day with a convincing 7-2 win over Gilbert Arsenal.  Grey scored three times within a 10 minute period in the first half, the first off a rebound from Aaron’s shot, and the second two unassisted.  Quinn followed with a goal off an assist from Nick, then scored again three minutes later unassisted.  Andrew finished the scoring in the final minute of the half off an assist from Cameron.


The 6-0 halftime lead allowed Coach Marc to experiment with players in different positions in the second half.  The boys lost a bit of momentum as Gilbert scored twice, while Logan scored our lone goal of the second half unassisted.


Game 3

We faced the Yavapai County Roughriders in a Consolation game on Sunday.  The ’99 Blue controlled the play throughout and won with a final of 6-1.  Things got started with an early penalty kick goal scored by Grey.  He later scored two more that half; one on a free kick and one with an assist by Andrew.  Logan also scored off a penalty kick in the first.  The Roughriders scored their one and only goal in the first half. 


The second half featured a game highlight goal by Cameron.  Our central defender had the opportunity to play in mid-field and Cam took advantage scoring off an assist by fellow defenseman Danny.  Aaron also scored in the second with an assist by Quinn.  Aaron had a stand out performance with great ball movement, passing and decision making.  Game Stats:  Shots on goal: Grey led with 5, then Quinn with 4, Josh had 3, Cam and Aaron had 2 and Nick and Lucas had 1.  Saves: Brendan had one save and Andrew had 4.


The boys showed well in a contentious atmosphere.  The Roughriders’ parents and coach had a lot of complaints against the refs (etc.) and that attitude was projected on the field.  There was a lot of weirdness including ice being thrown at our players but our team and parents showed composure and restraint. 


The overall finish for the ’99 Blue in the CCV Tournament does not accurately reflect how well they played all weekend.  Thanks to the snack parents, Coach Marc and Coach Sean who filled in on Sunday.









By Team Reporter Ellen Kreamer


The ’99 Blue took a well deserved First Place trophy home after a long weekend of tournament play at the San Tan Holiday Tournament over the weekend of December 12-14.  We opened up with a game under the lights on Friday night against Sereno ’99 Blue.  They are a big, physical team but the boys were ready to play.  Brendan was in goal the entire game and he and the back line of Cameron, Danny and Grey stood strong under almost constant pressure.  Brendan had a total of 9 saves.  There were many shots on goal for both sides but Del Sol got the better of the play with a 4 to 2 win.  Quinn had a solo goal, Grey scored 2 goals with assists by Logan and Andrew and Cole scored with an assist from Aaron.


Saturday’s 4 to 1 win over Scottsdale ’99 Blackhawks was made interesting with a strong, gusty wind that affected all kicks and throws.  Del Sol played against the wind in the first half.  The play was predominantly on our side of the field due to the wind but the Blackhawks could not really capitalize.  They managed to score their one and only goal in the first half off a corner kick.  The boys then shut the Blackhawks down in the second half with the wind in our favor.  We had many shots on goal with Cole leading the way scoring 3 of the 4 goals, one a solo shot, and the others with assists from Quinn and Aaron.  Aaron had a very good game and scored one of our goals with an assist from Cole.  Brendan was our goalie in the first half and Andrew was in for the second.  Andrew had one save.


The weather for Sunday morning’s game against AZ ’99 Thunder Gold felt like we were playing soccer in England with gray skies and cold temperatures that were dropping.  The ’99 boys and Coach Sean Sweeney, standing in for Coach Marc, were unaffected of course.  The Team had not lost any of the momentum that had been built up over the last two days.  They came out strong and focused with a flurry of shots on goal in the first half.  A total of 7 different players combined for at least a dozen shots on goal in this game.  The final score was Del Sol 6 AZ Thunder 1.  Aaron and Cole lead our scoring.  Aaron had one solo goal and one off a corner kick by Cole.  Cole had two unassisted goals.  Andrew scored in the first half off of Grey and Danny scored with a beautiful header from Cole’s corner kick.  Brendan had 2 saves in the first half.  Andrew had 4 saves in the second half.  The win secured a trip to the finals to play for first place!


Coach Marc was with us for this final match versus San Tan ’99 White.  The boys played this game as they did all weekend --as if they were on a mission.  They were tested early when San Tan took the opening kick and weaved through the defense for a goal.  The boys did not get their heads down, however and responded with a flurry of goals.  In the next two minutes Grey scored unassisted and Josh scored with an assist from Andrew.  San Tan had made their run in those early minutes with a few shots on goal, some hitting the post.  Brendan had 2 saves and held them to only 1 goal.


Our scoring was just getting started, however.  Grey came up with 2 more leading the scoring.  One was off Danny’s throw in and one unassisted.  Cole scored 2 unassisted goals, one was a beautiful corner kick goal and Josh had a solo goal.  There were many other shots on goal by our boys.  Notably our central defender Cam had a chance to play up front and had 3 beautiful shots that just missed.  The entire team was rooting for him to get one!  Andrew had 4 saves in the second half.  When the final whistle blew the score was Del Sol 7 San Tan 1.


What an exciting finish to a soccer packed weekend!  The boys and our sidelines erupted in celebration.  It was a great sight to see Pat Duffy bringing the box of giant trophies across the field.  Thanks to Marc for his coaching expertise and thanks to the weekend’s snack parents. 




By Team Reporter Ellen Kreamer

Our ’99 Blue were a step behind for most of the game that ended 4-2.  This was a match that could have been in our grasp; but it was a tough game mentally coming off our big tournament win and missing training all week due to rain.

There were some bright spots, however.  The boys made some very crisp passes that led to numerous shots on goal.  Grey led with 9; Quinn and Andrew were tied for second with 3 each.  Brendan had 2 shots and Josh and Danny each had 1.

Lucas had an incredible header which assisted a goal by Grey in the second half.  Grey scored our only other goal in the first half by following a shot by Andrew that rebounded back.  The Pros scored 2 goals in the first half and 2 in the second. Brendan had 3 saves in the first half.  Andrew had 7 saves in the second half.