99 Boys Jones Soccer: Meet the 99 Blue

Thursday, October 9
Meet the 99 Blue!


By Ellen Kreamer

Erick's favorite sport is soccer.  He likes to play at the forward position.  He hopes to be a professional soccer player some day.  Erick's favorite team is Manchester United and Teves is his favorite player.

The scrimmage is Erick's favorite part of training and the warm up is his least favorite.  Social Studies is his favorite school subject because it's interesting.  Erick said that math is hard and his least favorite subject.

Erick has lots of pets; two dogs Lennox and Armani, two turtles and three fish.  Erick describes himself as a kid that likes to play sports and is sometimes grumpy.

Erick is our last player to get to know.  I hope you've all enjoyed learning a little more about our terrific kids!


By Ellen Kreamer

Nick describes himself as active, outgoing and sometimes silly.  His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite position to play is forward.  David Beckham is his favorite player.  Nick likes when they learn new dribbling skills or work on the current skills in training.  His least favorite part of training is the warm-up.  He has also played tackle football and baseball. 

Nick likes P.E. in school because of the exercise and the fun things they do.  He also likes reading because he can get good books out of the library.  His least favorite subject is Social Studies because "you have to learn about ancient people and tribes and there are a lot of them.  Then you have to take a test."

Currently, he has three pets; a German Shepherd named Ranger, a Boxer named Layla and a cat named Bella.  Nick says they've had lots of other cats that "have passed away or ran away."

 Next player to meet is Erick. 


By Ellen Kreamer

Josh's favorite sport is soccer.  He likes everything about the drills, except stop starts.  He prefers playing left defense.  Josh has also played baseball and been on a swim team.  Manchester United is his favorite team and Landon Donovan his favorite player.

Josh likes all the subjects in school but Social Studies is his favorite because, "It's fun to go in the past and learn about people who have done important things for the world."  Josh has one mix breed dog named Ginger.

He describes himself as social, funny or "laughable" and he added "I guess crazy."  Josh is not sure what he'd like to be when he grows up but he's considering a career as a contractor.

Next we'll learn more about Nick!


By Ellen Kreamer 

Brendan likes sports and has played baseball in addition to soccer.  His favorite sport to play is rugby!  His favorite professional soccer team is the Republic of Ireland and Robin Duff #10 (same as Brendan) is his favorite player.  

Brendan likes the drill with "jumping over balls" in training best and "one twos" is the drill he likes least.  His favorite position to play on the field is goalie (of course)!  When it comes to school Brendan's favorite subject is music because of band where he plays the drums.  He likes Spanish the least because "the projects are really boring and the teacher is really mean."   Brendan does not have any pets. 

"Smiley" is how Brendan describes himself, accurately I might add.  When I asked him what he'd like to be when he grows up he answered, "a mascot".  Any particular mascot? "For the U of A!" he answered.

Next player to meet is Josh! 



By Ellen Kreamer

Danny has been a part of many sports teams; soccer, baseball, flag football, swim team and his school's cross country team.  He says his favorite sport to play is baseball and his favorite sport to watch is college football.

When it comes to soccer Danny's favorite teams are:  Manchester United, Italy and Germany.  His favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo.  His favorite part of training is the scrimmage and the warm-up is his least favorite part. 

Geography is Danny's favorite subject.  Although they don't really have that as a subject in 4th grade he says, "Geography comes easy to me and I like maps a lot."  He said his favorite part of the school day is recess!  Danny says his least favorite subject is "English, essay writing, that stuff because you have to write a lot and it hurts my hand.  I hate writing and the writing part of the AIMS test drives me bananas!"

Danny has two Labrador retrievers; Blackjack and Captain "Cappy".  He also has a fish named "Brush".  Danny describes himself as a "random, crazy person."

Next we'll meet Brendan!


By Ellen Kreamer

Quinn's favorite sport is soccer.  He has also competed as a member of his school's cross country team.  His favorite soccer team is Spain and his favorite players are: Ronaldino, Torres and Henry.

Quinn likes the shooting drills best in soccer training and the warm-up is his least favorite.  Math is Quinn's favorite subject in school "because it's fun".  Social Studies is his least favorite "because it's boring".  

Quinn has a dog named Mollie.  She is an "Australian Shepherd mixed with a lot of other things".  He has 32 fish and 2 lizards.

When I asked Quinn to describe himself he had this to say with a big smile on his face; "I have a great personaility.  I am fast and obnoxious."  

Next player to get to know is Danny!



By Ellen Kreamer

Logan has played several team sports; flag football, lacrosse and baseball but soccer is his favorite and forward is the position he prefers.  His favorite player is Ronaldo and favorite team is AC Milan.  His favorite part of training is the scrimmage and least favorite is the warm up.

When it comes to school Logan says his favorite subject is Science.  I asked him why it's his favorite and he said, "because it's closest to the end of school and we get to do experiments and stuff."  Math is his least favorite subject because "it takes a long time to learn."  

Finally I asked Logan how he would describe himself.  Before he could answer the group of teammates that were huddled around him started to chime in.  The general consensus was "wickedly cool".  Logan did want me to add "funny" and "likes to makes lots of friends".  "Social", Josh said.  I agree and I'll add to that list, well liked.

I enjoyed interviewing Logan.  Next up is Quinn! 


By Ellen Kreamer

Lucas likes sports.  He has played on a baseball and a basketball team.  Soccer is his favorite though.  Manchester United is his favorite professional team and Ronaldo is his favorite professional player.  

Lucas says he likes the scrimmage best in training and any defensive drills least.  His preferred position to play is forward.  

When it comes to school, Lucas likes science the best.  He says they get to do lots of experiments in class and they get candy in there too!  He does not like math because "it's too hard."

Lucas describes himself as energetic and fast; but he says he's always tired.  He says his Mom has to work to get him up every morning but he's NEVER late for school!  

Lucas has a dog named Peanut.  Peanut is a Yorkie.

Next I'll visit with Logan! 



By Ellen Kreamer

Grey's favorite sport is soccer but he has played basketball on a team too.  He likes playing at center mid best.  His favorite soccer team is the U.S. Team.  His favorite player is Eduardo.  

In training Grey likes to scrimmage the best.  His least favorite drill in training is "passing through cones".  

I asked Grey what his favorite subject was in school and he said he didn't like any of them because, "they're all boring."  Grey prefers to be active and playing.  He describes himself as loud and nice.

He has two dogs, a Golden named Ace and a Chocolate Lab named Mocha.

Next, we'll get to know Lucas! 


By Ellen Kreamer

Cameron's favorite sport is soccer and his favorite position to play is central defense.  He has also played flag football.  His favorite team is the L.A. Galaxy and David Beckham is his favorite player. 

Cam's favorite soccer drill in training is "the one where they seperate into teams and pass through gates."  Warming up before training is his least favorite.

When he grows up Cameron would like to be a professional soccer player.  His second choice for a career would be working with animals at a zoo or a pet store.  Cam has pets at home; 8 lizards and one dog.  His dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback named Eli.

His favorite subject in school is Science beacause Cam says, "I like learning new things and getting to experiment."  His least favorite subject is Math.  Cameron said, "I have a bit of trouble with math.  It takes a while for me and I don't like that."

Cameron describes himself as quiet at first until you get to know him.  He said that when you know him you see the funny side of his personality.

Our next player to feature is Grey!


By Ellen Kreamer 

Andrew says he likes to have fun!  He also describes himself as thoughtful, kind and energetic.  His favorite sport is soccer.  He has played a couple of other sports on teams, one season of flag football and one season of baseball.  His favorite soccer team is Arsenal FC and his favorite player is Eduardo. 

Andrew wants to be a famous soccer player when he grows up; but his back-up plan is to be a teacher.  He likes all the drills in soccer training but his favorite part is when they scrimmage. 

His favorite subject in school is Social Studies.  Andrew says he likes it because it's fun to learn about new stuff and figure out history.  He says, "It's like you're going back in time when you study it."  Andrew's least favorite subject is Math because "it takes a long time to learn all the stuff."  He added that it's hard with some math teachers because if "you don't get things right the teacher might yell and I don't like that."

Andrew has a dog named Balien.  His dog is a Labrador.

Our next '99 Blue Player to meet is Cameron!


BY Ellen Kreamer

Aaron describes himself as funny, able to make people laugh and helpful.  He has three dogs at home; a terrier named Harley, a German Shepherd named Chocolate, and a mix breed named Trooper. 

His favorite subject in school is Math because "it's closest to dismissal".  His least favorite subject is Social Studies.

Soccer is Aaron's favorite sport.  His favorite team is Mexico and favorite player is Ronaldo.  Aaron's favorite position to play is forward.  Aaron's favorite drill in training is 'Overlaps' and his least favorite is 'Stop Starts'.

Aaron would like to be a professional soccer player when he grows up, but if that doesn't work out his second career choice would be an artist.

It's nice getting to know a little more about Aaron!  Next player to learn about is Andrew!