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Tuesday, January 21
Chiropractic Services

We would like to continue to have Dr. Marc as a convenience to our team and our organization, please continue to communicate with him directly to secure your Monday appointments. 




Dr. Marc Sakoda
I have been a  chiropractor for 14 years.  I have always  been heavily involved with athletes.  I work with a lot of athletes working out of a CrossFIT in Corona, Ca.   You can think of me more as a physical therapist that does chiropractic adjustments.  I look at the whole body not just the spine.   I have worked with athletes from elementary school to the professional level. 

There are three main dysfunctions that occur in an athlete and these are the techniques I use to treat each dysfunction. 

1. Soft-Tissue Dysfuction - Active Release Technique (activerelease.com)and/or IASTM(Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization)

2. Joint Dysfuction - Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy

3. Movement Pattern Dysfuction - Functional Exercise and/or McKenzie Technique(this is for when someone has a disc issue)

If you would like to see more about me you can go on www.crossfitproper.com/about-us/marc-t-sakoda-dc

As far as pricing goes.  If there is no fee for me to be there, I pass on that savings to the softball team and family, which is what I charge you guys. 

$40 for ART, Functional Exercises, and Chiropractic Manipulation.   
$20 for just a Chiropractic Adjustment 
I take most insurance companies. 

If you have any questions, or would like to secure an appointment for monday night, please call me at any time.

Thanks again,

Dr. Marc