98G Blackhawks Red 1: Peter's Place



Tuesday, January 29
Nineteen passes becomes Arabian artwork

Thursday, May 10
Messi & Maradona v Tevez

Thursday, April 5
Soccer Phenom - be sure to read the article as well as watch the video

Saturday, January 28

Friday, February 3
Erlan Mealla - What a goal!

Monday, December 5
Top 10 goals

Players please take a look at the top ten goals. Heather O Reilly makes it into the top ten !!

Thursday, November 10
Top 10 goals of the month

Please have the girls take a look at the footage (it only lasts 4 minutes).  It shows the top 10 goals of the month for October in the English Premier League.  There are some fantastic examples of how to strike a ball from distance and score (note: not all of these are just power - look at how many are struck with the inside of the foot and curled or placed into the goal).  Also, Bryan Ruiz of Fulham (goal #2) chips the Everton goalie Tim Howard with a sublime piece of vision and skill!  Minimal Power - just wonderful technique and accuracy.