'96 Scottsdale Fever: Fever Hall of Fame

Monday, April 25
Fever Hall of Fame

The list below reflects players that spent a portion or all of their club ball career with Scottsdale Fever. We are very proud to have played a small part in their achieving their goals. They will forever be a part of the Fever Family! 

Jen Schellenberg 2010 - University of Colorado @ Colorado Springs

Ashley Eaves 2010 - Florida State College, Jacksonville, Fl 

Ann Sautter 2010 - Wingate University, Wingate, NC 

Lauren Anderson 2010 - Chandler Gilbert CC

Tara Wright 2010 - Glendale CC

Leah White 2011 - Stanford University

Katie Appelbe 2011 - Harvard University

Stephanie Beuther 2011 - Purdue University

Bianca Vallejo 2011 - South Mountain CC

Jess Wilkinson 2011 - Darton College

Abigayle Kohler 2011 -

Ashley Hall 2011 - Howard College

Holly Twarog 2011 - Paradise Valley CC