'96 Scottsdale Fever: Welcome

2011 ASA Nationals Opening Ceremonies


Day Three

Mariah throws a complete game seven hitter taking a 3-1 lead into the bottom of 7th. Fever gives up two in the seventh and the game goes to an International Tie Breaker. Good guys can't scratch one across in the top half and the Athletics get one to send Fever to the loser's bracket. Ash adds a couple hits as does Brit. Danae, Mariah, Jaymee and Tegan gets hits as well but it wasn't enough.

A tough road ahead but the girl's are still capable of making a run.

Stay tuned!

Day Two

Last night we celebrated Alex's Birthday with a Fever Camp like only Fever knows how to do. While the girls waited to play at the hottest time of the day, we got in a round of golf at the Odessa Country Club where the birthday girl's dad taught us a lesson in humility on the links.

Morgie (Renyer) took the circle and battled a tight zone for 6 innings to get the win. With the exception of one blink in the 6th, the defense was sound and the sticks came alive. Morris, Valencia, King and Hinkle all had multiple hits! Astorga, Wambold and Delaney all had bingos as well! Mo Brown came in and finished them off in the seventh.

 Day One 

The girls donned helmet stickers and ribbons in honor and memory of Megan Griffin, their friend who tragically lost her life in a car accident last week. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her family!

 Fever leaves 8 on base losing to Power Surge 6-0 in Game One of the 14U ASA National Championship. Hinkle goes 2 for 2, Mariah throws a strong 5 innings and Mo Brown finishes them off in the 6th when game time expires. Britni is the tieing run at the plate in the 5th and lines a shot to short and they get out of the inning with a double play as the timely hit eludes Fever. Closer game than the score would indicate. Texas Ballaz tomorrow at 5PM CST!

See Fever Family Album/2011 ASA Nationals for Pics!

For the fourth time in five years, Scottsdale Fever has qualified to represent Region 13 and Arizona at ASA Nationals. Stay tuned here for daily updates! 

If a College/University Coach and/or Recruiter and you would like additional information on Scottsdale Fever or any of their players, please contact Coach Hinkle at 480.748.5947 or at scottsdalefever@cox.net. The Program will forward you updated bios and/or coach's guides with player contact info. 

Scottsdale Fever is a Junior Olympic, ASA registered competitive fast pitch softball team that is part of Scottsdale Fever Fast Pitch Softball, Inc. A 501(c)3 organization formed to provide girls passionate about the game the opportunity to prepare for the "next level"- our CORE PURPOSE.  We will do this by never compromising our three core values:

1.  Always tell the truth (trust)

2.  Do your best (commitment)

3.  Treat others as you would like to be treated (sportsmanship)

If interested in joining the Fever Family, specifically the '96 Scottsdale Fever for the 2010/2011 Season, email Coach Hinkle at scottsdalefever@cox.net to arrange a work out or learn about private try outs.

Tournament History:

2011 16U Colorado Sparkler, Westminster, CO 1st Seed - 7-2 Record, 7 All Stars, 4 All Americans

2011 ASA/USA National Qualifier, Tucson, AZ Champions - Qualified for ASA Nationals 

2010 ASA/USA Western Nationals, Ft Collins, CO 17th Place

2010 ASA State Championship, Phoenix, AZ Fourth Place

2010 ASA/USA 14U Hall of Fame National Qualifier, Oklahoma City, OK

2010 ASA/USA 14U National Qualifier, Phoenix, AZ Fourth Place

2010 ASA/USA 14U National and ASA Hall of Fame Qualifier, Greeley, Co Third Place - Hall of Fame Qualified 

2009 ASA Nationals - Normal, IL - 33rd out of 88 teams

2009 ASA State Championship - Runner Up 

2009 ASA Hall of Fame National Qualifier - Oklahoma City, OK - Qualified for ASA Nationals 

2008 ASA Western Nationals - Phoenix, AZ - 17th Place 

2008 ASA State Championship - Runner Up

2007 ASA Nationals - Auburn, AL - 9th Place 

2007 ASA State Championship - AZ State Champions



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