Albion Hurricanes FC 93G Black Super II Team: Welcome

Monday, September 11


      Home for the Albion Hurricanes, FC 93G Black Super II Team in Houston, Texas.


      This team of fantastic girls formed as a recreation team many years ago. Over the years they've added a few players and said goodbye to others. Under the guidance of Danny Hill they formed a competitive team and won the Division 2 South Texas Cup in the Spring of 2005.

      They moved to the Super 2 level and worked with trainers Gregg Munslow & Kahlil Mathura for several years. They have consistently placed in the top of the Super 2 Bracket each year and finally advanced to the Division 1 level in the Fall of 2009. Glen Clark was assigned as their new trainer and after a tough season fell to Super II.

Goitom Abraham took over in Spring of 2010 and the team has made consistent progress to return to Division 1 play in their final season.    

      These are great girls with a lot of heart & desire. The parents that back them are awesome as well.