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1992 Flint Icelanders AAA
1992 Flint Icelanders AAA  
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1992 Flint Icelanders
Mike Van Norman
12253 Margaret Drive
Fenton, Michigan


South Windsor Arena - 2001/2002 Season Opener
This website is dedicated to all the players, parents and coaches who had a part in the 1992 Flint Icelander Select teams (a.k.a. The Bombers). This team no longer exists but its players continue to be a major influence in the 1993 and 1992 ranks of USA amateur hockey. The team started in 1997 with twenty-eight boys. Our goal was to develop players physically and socially while preparing them for the highest level of amateur hockey (Tier 1 AAA). Winning games was never the priority and always placed a distant third to FUN and DEVELOPMENT. All players were born in the 1993 or 1992 calendar year and were members of the Eastern Michigan Hockey Association (E.M.H.A.). They played 5 seasons out of the Flint Iceland Arenas and traveled extensively in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, New York and Canada where they competed in games and tournaments against other Select, Super Select, All Star and Tier 1 teams.
It was a great 5 years but that is where it would end. Flint lost their Tier 1 AAA teams as a direct result of the 2002 collapse of the Michigan National Hockey League and with no place to play Tier 1 hockey the 1992 AAA Flint Icelanders were officially dissolved in March 2002. Over the 5-year period, thirty-nine (39) boys would play for this team. Nine (9) of the 39 would play all five years and nineteen (19) would move on to play Tier 1 AAA in Detroit. No Flint team has ever placed that many players into Tier 1 hockey to this date. Best of luck to all of the 1992 Flint Icelanders and continue to have fun wherever you play in the future.

Head Coach: Mike Van Norman (

Above: The 1992 Flint Icelanders hit the ice in Windsor, Ontario for their 2001 opener against the Windsor Jr. Spitfires.

Year One (1997 - 1998) - Tyke Select (The Bombers)

1992 Flint Icelanders Select Team
1st Row: Austin Giesey, Luke Conner, Tyler Merritt, Garrett Hudson, Antonio Schippono, Zach Makimaa, Dane Genord.

2nd Row: Casey Goward, Gavin Rustin, Andrew Lay, Dalton Hammond, Niles Owen, Alex Reno, Spencer Hill.

Coaches Brad Van Norman and Mike Van Norman

Year One (1997 - 1998) - Tyke Select (The Raiders)

1992 Flint Icelanders Select Team
1st Row: Vaughn Mortimer, Spencer Spurlin, Justin Fisher, Jonathan Barr, Lance Newman, Samuel Wilbur. Not Pictured - Nate Snyder.

2nd Row: Sean Swigert, Nikalus Keene, Zach Yee, Carter Foguth, Alex Jakubic, Danny Jordan, Josh Hosking.

Coaches: Rob Wishart and Mike Van Norman

Year Two (1998 - 1999) - Super Tyke Select (The Bombers)

1992 Flint Icelanders Select Team
1st Row: Spencer Hill, Josh Hosking, Danny Jordan, Zach Makimaa, Dane Genord, Nikalus Keene, Vaughn Mortimer, Nate Snyder.

2nd Row: Zach Yee, Luke Connor, Alex Jakubic, Andrew Lay, Carter Foguth, Spencer Spurlin, William Peltier, Dalton Hammond.

Coaches: Brad Van Norman, Mike Van Norman, Tom Reed, Rob Wishart.

Year Three (1999 - 2000) - Mite Select (The Bombers)

1992 Flint Icelanders Select Team
1st Row: Ivan Gaydayenko, Zach Makimaa, Dane Genord, Marcus Wojtkowicz, Spencer Hill, Nikalus Keene, Will Dawson, Vaughn Mortimer.

2nd Row: Danny Jordan, Matt Bowman, Dominic Gutierrez, Andrew Lay, Carter Foguth, Dalton Hammond, Alex Jakubic, William Peltier, Spencer Spurlin.

Coaches: Brad Van Norman, Ken Micketti, Mike Van Norman, John Wishart.

Year Four (2000 - 2001) - Mite Major Select (The Bombers)

1992 Flint Icelanders Select Team
1st Row: Zach Makimaa, Austin Giesey, Vaughn Mortimer, Spencer Hill, William Peltier, Dane Genord, Spencer Spurlin, Nikalus Keene.

2nd Row: Dalton Bates, Jared Trebtoske, Alex Jakubic, Andrew Lay, Carter Foguth, Matt Bowman, Ivan Gaydayenko, Danny Jordan.

Coaches: Brad Van Norman, Adam Keasler, Dominic Micketti, Mike Van Norman, John Wishart, Ken Micketti.

Year Five (2001 - 2002) - Squirt Minor AAA

1992 Flint Icelanders Squirt Minor AAA
1st Row: Dane Genord, Zach Makimaa, Spencer Hill, Ryan Thomas, Garrett Hudson, Ivan Gaydayenko.

2nd Row: Alex Jakubic, William Peltier, Dalton Bates, Andrew Lay, Carter Foguth, Brendan McLeskey, Dalton Hammond, Spencer Spurlin, Vaughn Mortimer.

Not Pictured: Christopher Zikmund

Coaches: John Wishart, Mike Van Norman, Ken Micketti Jr, Ken Micketti.

Brad (Hanson) Van Norman

Brad is a Girl !

Season Finale: 1992 Flint Icelanders 10 - Ann Arbor 1

FLINT (IP) The 1992 Flint Icelanders defeated Ann Arbor on Saturday, March 16 in their final game of the season at Flint Iceland Arenas. The Flint players were really tested in the game, not by the Ann Arbor team, but by their own coach. In the lockeroom before the game, the Flint coach placed some heavy demands on his team asking each player to test himself by putting EVERYTHING he had been taught into this one final game. “Remember to use all your breakouts, the D to D, the BOARD, the QUICK and the CROSS. Forwards, use the pass and cross, set up the offensive zone Triangle, make sure there are 2 men on the A.T.S., and be ready to back-check. Goalies, cut down the angle, stay focused and be aggressive on the shot. Everybody, look for the weak-side pass and stay out of NO MAN'S LAND, remember the JERICO play, defensemen, be strong inside the offensive zone, close the gap at the blueline on the 1 on 1’s and keep your feet moving, use the net, passes are hard, quick and in the passing lanes, don’t forget to KEEP THE MOUSE OUT OF THE HOUSE.” To an outsider the terms may appear complicated and demanding but to these 8 and 9 year olds they were all too familiar. It did not matter who the opponent was, it could have been any team, no one in the lockeroom even thought about it. A challenge had been made and the 1992 Flint Icelanders would respond, out-shooting their opponents 43-8 in a 10 - 1 victory that would leave a lasting impression on their coaches.

In the opening period it was a shooting gallery with Flint out-shooting Ann Arbor 17-1. The Ann Arbor goalie was on fire in the period stopping everything, but at the 2:11 mark, Flint finally scored on a Spencer Spurlin shot set-up by Andrew Lay and Garrett Hudson. With 1:30 left in the period Flint’s Zach Makimaa put the Icelanders up by two scoring what turned out to be the game winner, assisted by William Peltier and Christopher Zikmund. First period score Flint 2, Ann Arbor 0.

In the second period, Flint picked up where they had left off, shelling the Ann Arbor netminder with 14 more shots, scoring 4 times. The first goal coming just one minute into the period on a shot by Christopher Zikmund with Andrew Lay and Dalton Hammond assisting. Flint’s William Peltier made it 4-0 at the 9:51 mark on a nice pass from Zach Makimaa. Captain Andrew Lay scored the last two goals of the period. The first at 6:03 on a nice set-up by Christopher Zikmund and the second goal with just 55 seconds left, assisted by Carter Foguth. Second period score Flint 6, Ann Arbor 0.

The Icelanders started the third period shorthanded with Garrett Hudson in for roughing, but Flint’s penalty-kill units worked hard keeping Ann Arbor off the scoreboard. At the 10:29 mark, Flint’s Ivan Gaydayenko scored on the powerplay with Vaughn Mortimer and Alex Jakubic getting the helpers. Flint made it 8-0 on Zach Makimaa’s unassisted goal, his second of the day. Andrew Lay scored on the powerplay at 3:46 to complete his hattrick with Ivan Gaydayenko assisting. The Icelanders scored their last goal with three minutes left in the game, a Zach Makimaa blast for the hat trick, helpers going to Spencer Spurlin and Garrett Hudson. The Ann Arbor team scored their only goal, a shorthanded tally with 16 seconds left in the game (16 from 44). Final score Flint 10, Ann Arbor 1. Ann Arbor’s netminder had a miraculous game turning back 33 of 43 Flint shots while Flint goalie Spencer Hill stopped 7 of 8 for the Icelanders. The 1992 Flint Icelanders really put on a clinic, demonstrating great passing, speed and teamwork. Only time will tell what is in store for these talented young men.

EMHA 17th Annual Awards Banquet

FLINT (IP) The Eastern Michigan Hockey Associations 17th Annual Awards Banquet will be featured in the September 4, 2002 issue of HOCKEY WEEKLY. There is more to hockey than winning games and Flint proves it by honoring 171 players who earned 3.0 GPA's or higher. The EMHA not only puts academics first but they reward the players for their efforts by honoring them and awarding scholarships. Not many associations can claim this kind of dedication. Congratulations to all the honorees. Check out the 1992 Flint Icelanders, winners of the Bob Perani Award.

1992 Flint Icelanders Win The Bob Perani Academic Award

FLINT (IP) The 1992 Flint Icelander Squirt Minor AAA team came away with their biggest accomplishment of the season on March 24, 2002 winning the "Bob Perani Award" for academics. The award named after Bob Perani is presented annually to the team with the highest percentage of players maintaining a 3.0 grade point average or above. The 1992 team placed 14 boys in that category including four who had a 3.5 or above and 4 more with perfect 4.0 GPA's. Congratulations to all the boys.
Pictured from Left to Right:
1st row: Spencer Spurlin, Dane Genord, Ivan Gaydayenko, Garrett Hudson, Dalton Bates, Vaughn Mortimer and William Peltier.
2nd row: Christopher Zikmund, Andrew Lay, Spencer Hill, Dalton Hammond, Alex Jakubic, Carter Foguth and Brendan McLeskey.
Back row: Coach Mike Van Norman, Bob Perani and Assistant Coach John Wishart.
Not Pictured: Zach Makimaa

Andrew Lay and Dane Genord Win the Gale M. Cronk Award

FLINT (IP) Captain Andrew Lay (Centerman) and Alternate Captain Dane Genord (Defenseman) were selected co-winners of the Gale M. Cronk Mite Award at the Annual EMHA Awards Banquet on March 24, 2002. The honor is awarded to the hardest working, most dedicated Mite player demonstrating leadership, sportsmanship and character on and off the ice. Congratulations to Andrew and Dane.

Coach Mike to Coach 1998 Flint Icelanders (click here)

For the lastest news & information on the 1998 Flint Icelander team. Checkout the "1998 FLINT ICELANDERS" website. Just click the icon above.

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1992 Flint Icelanders AAA
1992 Flint Icelanders AAA
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