Welcome to the home of the 757 METS and Nick Boothe's 757 METS BASEBALL ACADEMY

757 METS BASEBALL ACADEMY is dedicated to introduce a do while learning experience of the basics of baseball.
 Directed to boys as they grow toward becoming young men. Our program is provided by honest, capable experienced and dedicated coaches and staff to teach the fundamentals of baseball. In addition to  teaching  good sportmanship, discipline and team work are incorporated into the total program. This will help your child to get prepared for the middle school, high school and college levels. 
While developing baseball skills, physical strength and good relational attitudes is our Goal, , our mission reaches beyond to prepare  young men to be all they can be. We offer intermediate baseball instruction for athletes ages 7-18. The main focus will be on developing each  hitting mechanics, fielding techniques, throwing mechanics, and game play knowledge.  All defensive position mechanics and fundamentals will be taught. With the long standing experience and success of Coach Nick Boothe your child  will recieve  top-notch baseball instruction and life lessons on and off the field.