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69er Slo-Pitch
(306) 933-3511
Saskatoon, Canada

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Mission Mexicanna III 2002 - Trip Highlights
Fat Bastard
"EVERYONE" will remember him!
Our ball playing might of sucked but we definately made our presence known in the beer gardens on Saturday. The trip from start to finish was a ton of fun and everyone had a great time. Rather than talk about the trip from start to finish I will just mention some of my own personal highlights of the trip:

1) 60 beer drank between four people from Saskatoon to Calgary
2) Almost getting booted out of our hotel rooms in Calgary
3) Going to the "classy" strip club in Kelowna. Nothing says class like having a trough in the mens room for the guys to pee in!
4) Going to the "scuzzy" strip club. Hells Angles, curtained off rooms, $8.00 shooters.......nice.
5) Watching the gals reactions after they saw the male strippers at Flashback. Us guys were all feeling a little inadequate at the description of the one male stripper!
6) Derek in the beer gardens with his classic saying "show me your nips".
7) Al getting hit on by yet another fat girl
8) Derek telling the taxi cab driver that it was a long way home to pakistan (had to be there)
9) Trevais and Derek ditching poor single Denise at the bar.
10) Al telling one girl, "your not going to the bar dressed like that are you?"
11) Trevais heckling the security guards at the beer gardens and "accidently" dumping a beer on one of the other teams players.
12) Denise and Al having to get the security guard to let them into the hotel room after the rest of us had passed out and didn't hear them knocking.
13) Dereks "Carlton" dance (Fresh Prince of Bel Air) at the lounge in our hotel.
14) Al desperately trying to get the one girl to show him her t_ts!
15) Kevin getting pantsed at the beer garden
16) Vanessa being so drunk she wanted people to tickle her feet
17) Trevais tripping and falling with Denise around the third pilon in the beer race
18) 10 pee breaks between Saskatoon & Kindersley
19) Derek asking the cabbie why there were so many lesbians in Kelowna
20) Sweet innocent Ashley coming over to the dark side as she to started asking people to show her their "nips".
21) Vannessa hurling out the window
22) Trevais and Derek harrassing the security guards in the beer gardens. Apparently they didn't like the sayings "hey baldy" and "comeon, your just rent a cops!"
23) Beer gardens in general on Saturday night. Twas mayhem!

As I said, it was a great tournament and we would go again. The "non" A & B player rule was a huge joke however, we did enter on the competitive side.

Oh well, such is life and next year we'll definately being going into the rec side.

For those who came and had some fun thanks, and for the dork named Fred who cancelled out at the very last minute, sucks to be you!

Drive Home
Twas a long ride home!

69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch
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