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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch  
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69er Slo-Pitch
(306) 933-3511
Saskatoon, Canada




Welcome to Saskatoons FINEST slow-pitch team...........The 69ers!

Do you like competitive ball, can you hit a home run every time you bat, do you work out more than 3 times a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please leave now, we're not that kind of team!

However.............if you like to have fun, enjoy playing ball, love cold tasty beverages and the socializing after the games, then your the player we're looking for!

We are a semi-competitive co-ed slo-pitch team and while we like to win, we're mainly out there to have fun.

Take a minute to visit our History and Roster sections to learn more about the team and it's players.




Rant of The Week........


 Construction season in Saskatoon, all roads closed!  Need I say more?!

Saturday, August 12
Road To The Playoffs................


With the season coming to an end, we say goodbye to another fun year and are looking forward to kicking some butt in the playoffs!

In our first match up we played our friends the "Hillbillies" who seem to have had our number the last couple of years.  For the most part the game was pretty close but in the end we managed to pull our sh*t together for 7 innings to shut them down in the seventh for the victory.  Twas a good game with some entertainment as well when Brian and the Hillbillies pitcher got into it after a close call on third.  Brian, aka Mr Stubborn, made it very clear to the pitcher that the batter was out followed by a "so shut up".  While it was heated for a couple of seconds, nothing much came of it and I personally was killing myself at the witty banter going on! 

In the next match up we faced "The Other Guys" and I knew the ball gods were on our side when not one ball went out to Jeff and Brydon in field.  Sure they likely would of caught anything coming their way but hey, why chance it!  This was another close game however TOG made it even closer as we blew it defensively in the fourth inning taking our 8 run lead down to 1.  In the end however our bats came alive and we did manage to get the win to move onto the A final.

For the A final we met our old rivals the "Thirsty Dozen" and were encouraged by the amount of liquor they seem to have consumed.  Feeling good after keeping it close after 2 innings, it was in the third when the dream ended............. The Dozen started hitting hole after hole in the field and we started making error after error.  So rather than go into anymore detail just know that in the end we did NOT win the final and in fact got our *sses handed to us in royal fashion!  Did we have fun, no.  Losing sucks at all levels!

There were however a few highlights from the tourney such as:

- Ang snagging a ball that was hit at her so hard it almost ripped the glove off her hand.  Not to mention the monster hit she had over the left fielders head

- Justin was a force to be reckoned with at shortstop and made many amazing plays and catches in addition to his all star batting

- Tanner again pitched his heart out managing to hit dingers at will throughout the day

- while Lorne may be the old guy on the team, you would never know it from all the lightning fast catches he made on third

- Brydon was a wildman out in field catching anything his way and even ran over to center field to take one of Jeffs catches ;)

- Although Jeff prayed for Lorne to strike out, it was not to be and Jeff became the team strikeout champ......................................AGAIN


Thats it thats all, till next year! 


Saturday, August 12
Slowpitch - 2017

We say farewell to another ball season and I hope everyone had a great year. As always, we played a little ball, had some laughs and I hope to see ALL of you back in 2018!

Thanks again for a fun season..............Coach

Wednesday, July 19
Beach Volleyball 2017


Season is 1/2 over and we are hangin in there with a .750 average.  Now if only my team would learn to text me when they are going to miss a game then life would be outstanding. (you know who you guilty parties are!)  Nuff said, click on the volleyball to check out our upcoming games............................


Saturday, August 12
Strike Out Pennant 2017


Wall of Shame! 

As you can see below, it was a very close race this year to see who would be the teams STRIKE OUT CHAMPIONS for 2017.  This year the dubious honour goes to, wait for it.......................JEFF NORDICK for the fellas and SIERRA WAGNER for the gals!!!  Congrats you two, only 180 more days until the new season begins and your shame is erased!


Striking out in Slo-pitch, yeah, not so good.....  Soooo, to help inspire the team, I will again be posting the names of all the people who strike out during the year. (god I love my job!)

Week 1 - Jeff N, Sierra, Week 2 - Courtney, Week 3 - Lorne, Meg, Courtney. Week 4 - N/A, Week 5 - Sierra. Week 6 - Jeff N, Sierra, Week 7 - Meg, Week 8 - Lorne, Week 9 -  N/A, Week 10 - N/A, Week 11 - Courtney, Sierra, Week 12 - Jeff N





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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch
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