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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch  
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69er Slo-Pitch
(306) 933-3511
Saskatoon, Canada


69ers 2015


Welcome to Saskatoons FINEST slow-pitch team...........The 69ers!

Do you like competitive ball, can you hit a home run every time you bat, do you work out more than 3 times a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please leave now, we're not that kind of team!

However.............if you like to have fun, enjoy playing ball, love cold tasty beverages and the socializing after the games, then your the player we're looking for!

We are a semi-competitive co-ed slo-pitch team and while we like to win, we're mainly out there to have fun.

Take a minute to visit our History and Roster sections to learn more about the team and it's players.


Financial Advice.......


Rant of The Week........


"A Team" Ball Parents.........

Just returned from watching my kid at Nationals in P.A. and boy, is that good ball to watch!  

Know what is not fun, watching the parents.....  While my kids team didn't do well, they tried hard and for the most part had a good week of ball.  As for the parents on our team, you guys should be ashamed.  One parent approaches the coach to bi#ch, loudly, that her kid shouldn't be sitting as he was MVP last game and another parent is behind our catcher telling him he should be pulled.  Grow the f#@K up people.  Last time I checked none of you signed up to coach and more importantly, none of your kids are going to be in the Major Leagues anyway so chill.


Monday, August 17
Latest Game Highlights/Lowlights!


The Road To The Playoffs:

Day 1:

With plus 30 temperatures and a cooler filled with beer, the playoffs are off to a great start!  First game was against the Pineapples and was another low scoring game with the 69ers getting the win and not having ot use our last at bat.  Tanner was "selfish" and smacked a stand alone home run however since this was the game winning run, all is forgiven!  Twas also nice to see the whole team out as its been a loooonnnnnnngggg time since we had enough players that we could actually sub in and out.  Oh yeah, Jeff V struck out again just to make sure no one would beat him in the strike out pennant!

Day 2:

I think the second day of 30 plus weather took it's toll on us cause yeah, twas not a stellar night!  The Other Guys played good defense and beat us quite handily after 4 innings.  The 69er bats we're mighty silent this night and as everyone knows, it is hard to score a run if no one gets on base!  Regardless, it was a fun game however the loss did knock us out of the A playoffs so onto the C final....

 Day 3:

The forecast for a day of rain was bang on and it was pretty wet and muddy in our game against the Thirsty Dozen.  Our bats finally came alive this game and in the 4th we were enjoying a ten run lead. THEN, defense went to sleep and after 4 the Thirsty Dozen were within 3.  Nordick, acrobat extrodainnaire, got the first out of the next inning with a running catch followed by a no hands somersault that was truly amazing to watch!  After letting a couple of runners in with 2 out and two on base, coach made yet another brilliant catch in outfield to retire the inning giving the 69ers a victory.  What was even more fun though was watching Tanner strike out with the bat on his shoulder watching the ball hit the plate!

In the afternoon we found ourselves facing the Ditch Pigs which is a team we should normally beat.  As you can guess, we did not, and the ball season officially ended at 5:00 pm Saturday night.  I blame the guys running the league for our last loss.  They know darn well that 6 hours between games means mucho beverages and team bonding which results in alot of the players being half in the bag or unable to play by game time!!! (or maybe its our own fault, who knows...)

Thanks to Sierra and Tanner for the afternoon entertainment and thanks also to Neil and Lisa for having us over in the evening.  I don't think anything got broken so for us, that was a good night!

Have a good off season everyone and I hope to see you back in 2016.



Slowpitch - 2015

Another season has come and gone and while we didn't win the finals, it was another great season with a lot of ball and many good times.

I hope everyone had fun and I for sure hope that everyone comes back in 2016..........

Beach Volleyball 2015

It took the team almost have the season to gel but we are finally on track and winning games! Can we keep this up for 6 more weeks, only time will tell ;)

V'ball schedule is online so click on the volleyball to see results and upcoming games.....

Monday, August 17
Strike Out Pennant 2015


Wall of Shame! 

It's baaaaaack!!

Striking out in Slo-pitch, yeah, not so good.....  Soooo, to help inspire the team, I will again be posting the names of all the people who strike out during the year. (god I love my job!)

Week 1 - Ang, Week 2 -Kevin, Week 3 - Carolyn, Carolyn, Week 4 - Megan, Megan, Week 6 - Jeff V, Jeff V, Week 7 - Sierra, Sierra, Carolyn, Week 8 - NIL, Week 9 - Mark, Carolyn, Mark, Carolyn, Week 10 - Sierra - Week 11 - Jeff V , Sierra, Week 12 - Sierra, Week 13 - N/A (but I feel confident Nordick would of struck out if the other team hadn't of forfeited!) Playoff Strike Outs:  Day 1 - Jeff V (I see a pattern!), Day 3 - Tanner

And the moment we've all been waiting for, our new Strike Out Champs for 2015.......................

Strike Out "Queen" - Sierra

Strike Out "King" - Jeff V

Congrats you two, tis quite the honour!  Only 363 more days until your name is replaced on the wall!!!




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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch
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