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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch  
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69er Slo-Pitch
(306) 933-3511
Saskatoon, Canada


69ers 2015


Welcome to Saskatoons FINEST slow-pitch team...........The 69ers!

Do you like competitive ball, can you hit a home run every time you bat, do you work out more than 3 times a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please leave now, we're not that kind of team!

However.............if you like to have fun, enjoy playing ball, love cold tasty beverages and the socializing after the games, then your the player we're looking for!

We are a semi-competitive co-ed slo-pitch team and while we like to win, we're mainly out there to have fun.

Take a minute to visit our History and Roster sections to learn more about the team and it's players.


Diamonds are Forever.......


Rant of The Week........


Posted Speed Limits......

Ok guys and gals, the signs on Circle Drive that say the posted speed is 90 does in fact mean drive 90.  Not 80, not 85 but 90.  Get it together people!

Monday, May 4
Latest Game Highlights/Lowlights!


69ers vs Hillbillies

First game of the year and pretty much everyone made it out so very impressive.  

Sadly, that was the highlight of the night as the Hillbillies defeated us easily both games!  No worries, we'll just consider this our "tune up" game and of course we will put on a much better showing next week.  Perhaps............

Highlights and Lowlights of the games are below:

- very first strike out of the year.........Ang!  Congrats, always good to get that out of the way!

- the bats this evening my friends were very silent and I don't know how many times we left 2 or 3 people standing on base while the batter went out.  tsk, tsk

- Mark and Sierra, new blood to the team this year, played very well and we look forward to more good things to come!

- Brennan, with his cannon of an arm, almost killed Sierra with a throw to home but luckily the ball missed her head so she managed to survive her first game.

- Neil avoided catching a ball with his junk and instead used his glove which really seemed to help getting people out at first base.

- Paulie, on IR for the year, still came out to have a couple beverages and cheer on the team.  Unfortunately he just didn't cheer loud enough!   

Although it was 2 losses to start the year, a good time was had by all and we'll see everyone next Tuesday.




Slowpitch - 2015

Although its hard to believe, this year the team will be playing without long time 20 year old veteran, Mr.Paul. Paulie and Brian are both out for the year with injuries and while they will be missed, we welcome newbies Gord and Sierra.

Also coming back after a 10 year hiatus is Markie Mark who like wine, only gets better with age!

First game is on May 4th, bring your "A" game and for those on the team over 40, also bring your A535!

Beach Volleyball 2015

The 2015 season starts the week of May 11th and I am happy to see the bulk of last years team returning. (even Ian!) After last year we have no place to go but up so I'm looking forward to a fun AND winning year! Schedule to be online shortly......

Monday, May 4
Strike Out Pennant 2015


Wall of Shame! 

It's baaaaaack!!

Striking out in Slo-pitch, yeah, not so good.....  Soooo, to help inspire the team, I will again be posting the names of all the people who strike out during the year. (god I love my job!)

Week 1 - Ang, Week 2 -Kevin, Week 3 - ,Week 4 - , Week 6 - , Week 7 - ,Week 8 -, Week 9, Week 10 -Week 11 - , Week 12 -, Week 13 - 



Please take a moment to sign our guestbook and let us know what you think.


69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch
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