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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch  
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69er Slo-Pitch
(306) 933-3511
Saskatoon, Canada


69ers 2018


Welcome to Saskatoons FINEST slow-pitch team...........The 69ers!

Do you like competitive ball, can you hit a home run every time you bat, do you work out more than 3 times a week?

If you answered yes to any of these questions please leave now, we're not that kind of team!

However.............if you like to have fun, enjoy playing ball, love cold tasty beverages and the socializing after the games, then your the player we're looking for!

We are a semi-competitive co-ed slo-pitch team and while we like to win, we're mainly out there to have fun.

Take a minute to visit our History and Roster sections to learn more about the team and it's players.




Rant of The Week........


Much as I love the hot weather, to many "weight challenged" guys are out and about without t-shirts!  Come on fellas, save all that "sexyness" for that one you love, at home, with all the blinds closed........................... ;)   

Thursday, July 5
Coaches Corner!


69ers vs Pineapples

Another fine evening where our team of 8 dwindled to 11 come game night.  Regardless, the "right" people definately showed up for the game as we finally won 2 games in a row, a sad first for this season!  Catch some of the game highlights below...............

- Cristie failed in her wifely duties as she neglected to bring Devans shoes to the game.  This caused young Devan much stress but in the end, he went home and go the shoes himself.  No worries Devan, she'll be better trained in 20 years or so, NOT!

- Shelbie, after telling coach she was not going to listen to him anymore, ledd off on a pop fly and was tagged out at second.  Gotta luv Karma!

- Nordick played well this evening right up unitl he lipped off one to many times and was punished with a ball rolling right through his legs to the fence......................  We laughed and laughed.

- Brian was a force tonight snagging many a ball that usually goes flying right by him.  Carefull B, we may start expecting that sort of play out of you all the time.

- Justins reflexes are second to none as evidenced by the numerous times he jumped out of the way of the balls coming at him on first!

- Courtney was a machine at second and came close to making a couple double plays.

- Jodi sturggled through the night with a pinch runner which explains why she was unable to move over the 3 feet in field to catch the ball that dropped beside her!

Overall it was a pretty fun evening with lots of laughs and for a change, half decent ball playing!  Til next time...........


Thursday, August 2
Slowpitch - 2018

After staring the year at last place somehow the team finally pulled it socks together and finished the year mid of the pack. Twould appear we are peaking at key playoff time, keep it up!

Monday, May 14
Beach Volleyball 2018


Sad news this day, Sutherland has been sold ending for me what is 27 years of volleyball fun.  Others will replace it but it won't be the same!  Thanks Scuz for many good times over the past 27 years!!!!


Thursday, August 2
Strike Out Pennant 2018


Wall of Shame! 

Striking out in Slo-pitch, yeah, not so good.....  Soooo, to help inspire the team, I will again be posting the names of all the people who strike out during the year. (god I love my job!)

Last years King and Queen of strike outs has been erased and the new season of "shaming" begins! 

Week 1 - Shelby, Devin  Week 2 - Shelby, Courtney  Week 3 - N/A , Week 4 - I forget , Week 5 - Courtney, Week 6 - N/A, Week 7 - N/A, Week 8 - Jeff V, Shelby, Week 9 - Brydon, Cristie, Week 10 - Cristie, Week 11 - Cristie, Week 12 - Devan, Week 13 - Cristie, Week 14 - 





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69ers Slo-pitch
69ers Slo-pitch
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