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All schedules have been posted. To view your team schedule, please click the "teams" button on the menu to the left. 
Find your division, then your team sponsor and that will take you to your team page.  Once you get to your team page, click on Schedule to see only your schedule. 

Sorry for the delay in posting this... I was a very busy volunteer for the past month!!

Friday, December 6

ALL of the referees for this league are volunteers, and there is a great need for new referees each year, as some choose not to return after their children no longer play in the League.  There are 800+ games over the next three months in six gymnasiums, and no game can take place without a volunteer referee!  We need more than 50 referees to be able to cover all games during the season.  Volunteer referees can commit as little as one day every two weeks, although we encourage referees to volunteer one or more days per week if possible.  Each assignment is a 2 or 3 game “block” that is scheduled completely around your availability and interest.  Some volunteers choose to referee 2 times a week and even continue to referee after their children are out of the program.  Many of our referees are also coaches and most of them have had no prior refereeing experience.  Weeknight games start between 5:15 and 8:15, and Saturday games run from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Refereeing is a good way to get a little exercise, and in many cases is an enjoyable interaction with the young participants.  The League provides training, a whistle and even has referee shirts to “borrow” at game sites if you do not want to purchase your own.  You can even choose to referee only those age groups you feel comfortable reffing.

John Rogers
Director of Recreation Services
City of Arroyo Grande, 1221 Ash Street, Arroyo Grande, CA  93420
805-473-5478 ph / 805-473-5479 fx

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