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August 24,2016 ~ 58+ Update
From 8/23: Springfield 13, Warren 5
Springfield plays Girard Thursday 8/25 at 5:30 in Girard 
58+ American tourney bracket is available for viewing in the handouts section.
August 22, 2016
50+ American and National Tournament brackets can be viewed in the handouts section to the left.
1st game in 58+ lower division tournamant is Warren at Springfield next Tuesday, 8/23 at 5:45.  Winner goes to Girard Thursday 8/25 5:30-5:45. 
August 5, 2016
50+ National tournamant bracket is shown in the 2016 Tournamant Brackets tab on the left side menu and at the bottom of this page.  Note that Eteamz software cannot create the first two rounds of the loser's bracket exactly as drawn by the league officials.  Eteams shows it as L1 vs L5 in game 3 when we are actually playing L1 vs L2 in game 3.  Game 6 will be L4/L5 vs winner of game 3.  I will attempt to make the corrections as we progress.  Game numbers and times are all correct.  Winner's bracket is correct as shown. 


League officers for the 2016 Season  

  1. President, Dave Smercansky
  2. Secretary, Jack Hay
  3. Treasurer, Jack Lewis 
  4. Vice President American 50+, Don Christian
  5. Vice President National 50+, Moe Meissner
  6. Vice President 58+, Mark Elston

Website Updates

Any scores, schedule changes, contact information and league news should be emailed to Ron Thomas at rthomas1@atlanticbb.net or call/text Ron's cell at 814-779-0565.

 2016 Teams 

American 50+ Division: Boardman, Chester, Greenville, Hubbard, Jamestown & Youngstown

National 50+ Division:  Crestview, Girard, Niles, Salem, Springfield & Warren

58's Division:  Girard Classics, Youngstown Classics, Ohio Bucks, Springfield Classics, Warren 58+ & Boardman 58+  



Tuesday, April 12
50 Plus Baseball of Youngstown

Recent Games
Date Event Time Location
Wed 8/17 Baseball Boardman at Greenville, make up from 5/7 6:00 PM Greenville (Packard Park)
Wed 8/17 Baseball Hubbard at Girard, makeup from 5/15 6:00 PM Girard Liberty Park
Thu 8/18 Baseball Springfield at Boardman, Make up from 6/14 6:00 PM Boardman High School
Sat 8/20 Baseball Jamestown at Girard, Makeup from 6/5 10:30 AM Girard Liberty Park
Sat 8/20 Baseball Jamestown at Springfield, Makeup from 6/5 12:30 PM Girard Liberty Park
Sat 8/20 Baseball Hubbard at Youngstown, makeup from 5/1 2:00 PM Pemberton Park #1
Sat 8/20 Baseball Columbiana at Niles, makeup from 5/1 2:00 PM Pemberton Park #2
Sat 8/20 Baseball Warren at Boardman, Makeup from 5/1 2:00 PM Boardman High School
Sat 8/20 Baseball Springfield at Girard, Makeup from 7/24 2:30 PM Girard Liberty Park
Sat 8/20 Baseball Boardman at Chester, make up from 7/31 4:00 PM East Liverpool HS
Sun 8/21 Baseball Niles at Girard, make up from 8/14 TBA Girard Liberty Park
Sun 8/21 Baseball Salem at Columbiana, Makeup from 5/15 2:00 PM Pemberton Park #2
Sun 8/21 Baseball Youngstown at Greenville, make up from 6/5 2:00 PM Greenville (Packard Park)
Sun 8/21 Baseball Hubbard at Columbiana, make up from 6/18 2:00 PM Firestone Park
Sun 8/21 Baseball Warren at Chester, Rescheduled from 6/5 4:00 PM East Liverpool HS
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