50 Plus Baseball League, Inc.: Welcome

Tuesday, April 29

The 50 Plus Baseball League, Inc. is an Ohio non-profit organization.  For the 2016 season we have 18 teams from Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and West Virginia make up the league.   Our season runs from early May to Labor Day weekend.   Many of our teams then prepare for national tournaments held throughout Florida, Nevada, New York and Arizona. 
Our players are passionate about the game.  The league is committed to providing the player who is age 47 and over the opportunity to play real baseball at a competitive level, on a regular basis, in a professionally-run environment.

Lastly, our organization fosters local, regional and national baseball competition for under-privileged youth and teenage athletes.  We provide instruction, renovate facilities and provide monetary support to help these individuals purchase their own equipment, uniforms and supplies.  One hundred percent of your donations go directly to youth charities.

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50 Plus Baseball League, Inc.