4SRYLax: Welcome

Tuesday, February 8
Welcome to the future home of 4S Ranch Youth Lacrosse!

On February 2nd, 2011, I applied to US Lacrosse for the establishment of a new youth lacrosse association in 4S Ranch.  The primary intent is to provide the 4S Ranch youth, in general, and Oak Valley MS students in particular, with greater, more convenient  access to a high quality youth lacrosse program, under the auspices of the San Diego County Lacrosse Association.  


I see the initial goal of the 4S Ranch Youth Lacrosse Association as being,

1)      To establish itself as a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt organization

2)      To field one MS Girls team in the Fall of 2011 - provided the SDCLA conducts girls league play again this Fall - and then,

3)      To  field both Boys and Girls MS Teams in the Spring of 2012. 


I will not be attempting to field a team this Spring (2011).  I want to do this right, and will not rush to throw something together.  Kids wanting to play lacrosse this Spring need to pursue ongoing opportunities with either, RBYLA, PQYLA, or Marantha.  Longer term, we’ll want to see younger and younger kids from our community, picking up lacrosse as there Spring sport of choice.


What I need help with – Recruiting, developing, and retaining good coaches!!!  I’ve got Field Space and Goals.  I can get equipment, storage and will take care of the other logistics including advertising and financial support, but this effort doesn’t get off the ground without strong, reliable volunteer coaches.  It may seem extremely early for a Fall Girls season, but I want to have some names lined up to coach ASAP.  I want to do this right.


Lacrosse Parents of 4S Ranch - Please contact me with your thoughts and opinions of what you'd like to see in a new Youth Lacrosse Association.


Thanks in advance for your support,

John Sieger