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Thursday, March 6

Why 4 v 4 Soccer?

  • Promotes growth and appreciation for the game of soccer.
  • A high number of goals are scored which makes it great fun for children. 
  • Rules are simplified, emphasizes imaginative play.
  • Techniques are learned naturally so players can improve while just enjoying the game.
  • Recreates the “street soccer” of which many pro players refer.
  • Players are free to develop their play in a fun environment.
  • Provides more realistic challenges, cultivates soccer intelligence.
  • Increases player concentration as the ball is close at all times.
  • Develops skill quickly through increased frequency of 1 v 1 match-ups.
  • Improves fitness through the lively and dynamic tempo of the game (Fast Play!).
  • Results in more touches on the ball with more opportunities for decision making.
  • The size of the field makes for a fast paced game of soccer and one that players will think is great fun while it enlarges their soccer brain. 
4 v 4 Soccer Forces Player Development
  • Small field size forces players to learn what to do to score.
  • Players cannot hide or get lost in 4 v 4.
  • Attacking small goals requires swift passing to break defenders down and create scoring opportunities.
  • Pressure is the environment for developing players.
  • Pressure can be a defender challenging the player on the ball.
  • Pressure can be receiving the ball for a shot, receiving to attack space, or receiving to cross. 
  • Repetition allows the player to rehearse skills over and over in a fun environment.
  • Players are constantly switching from attacking and defending situations.
  • Ball contacts are increased by having fewer players and reduced space.
  • If players can do it in 4 v 4 they can do it in 11 v 11